what to give to dad for his birthday Fifteen years ago at the standssupermarkets and on ordinary newspaper layouts, special cards appeared. They already had not only a ready congratulation, but also an addressee. True, it meant a kind of generalization, for example, the inscription "Beloved Mother" on such a personified message pointed not to a specific mother, but was suitable for congratulating any of them. But postcards, conventionally addressed to the Pope, among the entire mass of color products of modern printing was negligible. Of course, after all, a present for a father on his birthday refers to things unnecessary. Men find it difficult to reproach with resentment, especially if it concerns their own children. And what special gift can make a paternal holiday a real event, like a personal visit of a son or daughter to dinner? Agree, in this regard, from the children, it seems like there is nothing terrible, if not one but. Let's make a little digression into your childhood. What is remembered first? Of course, a merry celebration of the next birthday with a delicious mother's cake and an indispensable surprise gift from the pope, often not even one. And now let's look a little deeper and remember those wonderful days when we ourselves, with some inner trepidation, prepared congratulations for my mother and father. These touching homemade cards, knitted scarves and embroidered inept hand napkins are still carefully kept in the home archives. So why now, with the onset of adulthood, do we become selfish enough that we minimize the importance of regular dates in the life of our parents? It would seem that right now we have a great opportunity to thank them for the wonderful moments of childhood, giving a sense of the little magic created by the hands of their beloved children. Let's try, huh?

We focus on the mind and character

And it's worth starting to be more carefultake a closer look at my father, because it is about how you can congratulate him and will be discussed in this article. After an endless series of fussy everyday life, we sometimes miss the main thing - the interests, habits and desires of relatives. But the person to whom each of us owes his appearance to the light, with age requires special attention. Of course, you can consult your mother or brother (sister) about what to give to your dad on your birthday. Together, it is always easier to decide which is better to arrange a birthday party, and collective congratulation is always pleasant. And however, it is not so important, whether you prefer a joint option or an individual one. Just try to make sure that Papa's celebration was a real event in your family and made it possible for his culprit to feel loved and still a very significant person in the lives of already grown-up children. Think about it, what kind of father is your mind and character? What does he do? How to get used to leisure? If your dad was or is a technician, that is, he works or worked as an engineer, a teacher of exact sciences, and so on, modern technologies will not leave him indifferent. Therefore, safely choose as a gift the following things:

  • smartphone
  • the tablet
  • portable TV
  • computer accessories and so on

Your parents live outside the city or have a dacha,which became the second home? You can choose for a dad lawn mower or a super modern brazier with a bunch of "bells and whistles." In any case, pay attention to the gift, which the father will have to learn for a while, - this will surely be to the taste of a person with a technical mindset. Does the pope have a penchant for the humanities, likes to read, attend exhibitions, theater premieres and museums? As a congratulation you can give him:

  • home planetarium
  • books according to his preferences
  • picture
  • telescope
  • tickets to the theater, ballet or opera
  • hammock and so on

what to give for the birthday of the pope

If the dad is a keen nature

You can say that you are lucky if your fatherhas a passion for collecting or he has a favorite thing to which every free minute is dedicated. What kind of a daddy does not appreciate the attention shown to you from this side to this aspect of his life? Therefore, in advance, spend a little secret audit of what has recently been giving the father special joy. Tactfully ask him or her mother, but do not rush to immediately choose a gift in accordance with new hobbies, because the father can be disappointed in them as quickly as finding others. Therefore, show more patience and tact, and do not acquire any trifle according to the hobby that has just appeared. Men are generally indifferent to all sorts of souvenirs and useless things. Therefore, it is better to stop your choice on a useful subject. If the pope has an old passion, interest in which never disappears, then we can confidently assume that the idea with a gift for him is a decided thing. Numismatists will really like a rare coin, the philatelist will be delighted with unusual brands, the amateur photographer will not remain indifferent to the new modern camera. If your father likes to fish, give him the appropriate kit with a backpack, fishing rods and a folding chair. Does not miss a single hunting season? Update your father's wardrobe with a new camouflage suit. Suppose the pope with pleasure stroking, sawing and making all sorts of shelves, stools or something else in the same spirit. You can watch for him a set of carpentry tools. Passionate father is the arrangement of the suburban area? He will be pleased with unusual lanterns, original garden furniture or a subscription to a thematic magazine. The car enthusiast will have to taste everything that is connected with his car. Therefore, you can give a set of new cases, and an acoustic system, and a GPS-navigator, and radar, and a video recorder. Do you want to hit the heart (in the good sense of the word)? Then buy your father a coupon for buying seasonal rubber in a specialized outlet. Such a birthday gift will bring to the utmost delight. By the way, if an automobile exhibition is planned in your city, you can also invite your father to congratulate him on his birthday.

Dad is vigorous, full of strength and not averse to experiencing the thrill?

In this case, please the father with collective departurefor paintball. May all members of your family, perhaps even children, take part in this improvised battle. Active outdoor activities, cheerful shooting and the joy of victory - all this will make Dad's birthday truly unforgettable. After this main part of the holiday is over, you can arrange a picnic with shish kebabs in honor of the birthday, if the time permits. What a holiday without a feast? Even more exciting, in terms of extreme, a gift is the possibility of flying in a double helicopter or an airplane. But this will suit still quite young and perfectly healthy fathers who have no problems with the cardiovascular system. Therefore, one should not rely solely on the father's assurances of good health - you should not take risks in vain, because your mother will not thank you for it. But riding a buggy or quad bike is a much safer exercise, if, of course, you are careful not to get licked. After a while thinking over what gift the birthday girl will like, you can organize horse riding or even pay horse riding lessons. Active dads will be delighted with the opportunity to learn tennis or playing golf. And if your father has a passion for culinary arts, arrange for him a master class on cooking sushi, Italian pizza or chocolate sweets. Your dear daddy is preparing to celebrate a serious anniversary? In this case, you can give him a trip to a good resort in warm countries or, conversely, to where you can ski, mastering picturesque mountain slopes. The father will certainly like such a concern from the children, and what kind of person will refuse to change the way of life? If you are allowed finances, then you can send your parents to a tour of Europe so they can see the main capitals of the Old World. This is a great way to expand the boundaries of their horizon. In general, try to come up with such a congratulation, which will leave a significant mark on your father's soul and express all the power of your love and respect.

Gift in the style of retro

With the onset of retirement age, many peopleare experiencing an acute nostalgia for the young years that have sunk into oblivion. And there is nothing wrong with that, unless the very relevant regrets go into a real melancholy. Therefore, birthday is an excellent occasion to make a small trip with the father to the places of his "military glory". In advance, tell the parent that they would like to see the city through the eyes of his youth, visit his favorite places, hear stories about young years and especially memorable events. In this simple way, you will give your father the opportunity to move for a short time to several decades in the past and relive his wonderful moments again. Therefore, on the birthday of the pope right in the morning, go for a joint walk along a pre-arranged route. Start from the place where he spent his childhood, studied, quadrille girls and so on. Perhaps, at first the father will be somewhat confused, but gradually he will be carried away and lead you in the right direction, accompanying the excursion with interesting comments. Such a walk promotes unity of generations, mutual understanding and strengthening of the indestructible bond between fathers and children. Ask the birthday person to pay special attention to the place where he met his wife. Reliving romantic feelings fill his eyes with the warm light of love, and it can be confidently asserted that your mother is guaranteed flowers from a happy spouse. To finish such day it is necessary behind a festively laid table where only the closest members of a family will gather. Warm toasts, addressed to the birthday, home decor, native people - what kind of gift is needed for a mature person to realize the integrity and correctness of the life path in which there is an achieved goal and so many more horizons? Believe me, father will never forget such a holiday and will forever be grateful for you. The material gifts in the retro style include: a video projector, through which it will be possible to arrange a viewing of family slides; a lamp with an old lampshade, muffled with light, which once illuminated my father's child's; grandmother's samovar, tea from which seemed the most delicious in the world; wall clock with a cuckoo, then hurrying, then lagging, with smooth knobs on chains; some tapestry with deer or swans, adorned most of the apartments in the Soviet era, and so on. birthday present for dad

Papa, let's play?

No, it's not about children's hide-and-seek games orlambs. This is another thing. On the burning question about what to give a dad for his birthday, you can answer in terms of entertainment presents or those that come from childhood. In other words, present your father with a toy or game. It can be a radio-controlled model of an airplane, a railway, a ship or a set of rare small cars. Think about what kind of kindergarten? Is this a worthy gift? Oh, what another! After all, it often happens that the age is reflected in the person only externally, and in the soul the gray-haired man is still a provocative cheerful fellow, who, with the excitement of chasing pigeons on the roofs, is hampered only by the status and fatigue in his legs. Therefore, give your daddy his childhood dream of a new toy, especially if he already has grandchildren with whom it is always possible to fall into childhood with enthusiasm, without looking ridiculous and ridiculous. An active pensioner will enjoy the bike, scooter, football and skis. A self-taught musician will play with pleasure the melodies of youth on a gifted new guitar. A father who prefers a more passive rest, happily shuffles into the evening, sitting in a comfortable wicker rocking chair. And if you decide to give him chess, checkers, backgammon or dominoes, then for sure you will often hear the offer to arrange a family tournament with a prize for the winner. A gambling father can be given a set for playing in a home casino, however, even a monopoly so beloved by us will also be a good way to spend a Sunday evening together. In any case, if your family is preparing in the near future to celebrate an important holiday in the life of its head, then do not rush to type in the search resources such a popular question: "What to give to the Pope for others?". Why live with the mind of others, adapt the ideas of others to themselves, lost in conjectures and doubts? After all, we are talking about a person close to you, whom you have known since childhood. Therefore, do not be lazy once again and in advance to think about what gift will give him a particularly pleasant emotions and tell about your feelings without words. We advise you to read: