The old adage "with a nice paradise and in a hut" is alwayswas controversial. But what if your lover does not have a hut, but a modest dwelling and incomes, but did not offend you with money? First, you have to transfer the onslaught of friends who will say that he is not a couple. Defend your opinion is, only finally deciding that you need this person, and you really love him. If the relationship becomes serious, you will have to moderate your requests. Try to set aside luxurious clothes and jewels. Jeans can also look beautiful and be expensive, but they will not catch your eye and scream to everyone about the income of their owner. A young man will be uncomfortable to realize that you are wearing a dress costing his annual income. Let him not gigolo, he regularly pays for you in the restaurant and gives you flowers and gifts. But he can not afford to give you diamonds and baskets of roses. Be ready to meet with a smile, even a modest bouquet of chamomiles or a souvenir made by himself. Your former guys were thrown in money and never considered surrender? Do not rush to compare them. Mental qualities are always more important than material values. Going to restaurants and vip-clubs is certainly a pleasant thing, but even if you're willing to pay for both of you, your lover can hurt and even hurt. And will it still be of interest to you, if you make the gigolo of it yourself? Try to choose institutions with democratic prices, a campaign in which will not lead a poor young man to bankruptcy. Spending time together is so wonderful! And expensive hobbies are not necessary. It's so nice to walk around arm in arm with the darling in the park, sit in the park on the bench, eat ice cream or just go to the movies. If you are sure that you are interested in the guy, and not your wealth, it will all work out. Just need to listen to your heart and believe in love. And the desired "green" you can then earn together.