Every woman knows that to attract a man to onenight is not difficult. However, it is not so easy to ignite the desire to marry in it. What do men want? Of course, sex! 25% of all women do not marry just because they do not know what qualities they should have so that men want to marry them.

Let's try to figure out what kind of woman a man dreams about?

Most men, getting to know what they likea woman, do not ask how long the relationship will last: this whole night or the rest of your life. After tying up relationships, he does not set himself the task of finding a wife. The appearance of the chosen one is still the main criterion for the representatives of the stronger sex. At the same time, each of them has his own idea of ​​beauty. Most men mean by this the presence of taste, the ability to present themselves and take care of themselves. At the same time a woman does not have to be a beauty, the main thing is that she should be charming. Beauty is important for almost every woman. However, in reality she does not give any guarantees for getting married, is not a determining factor of successful marriage and a happy marriage. For men, attractive appearance is important only in short-term relationships. After acquaintance with active communication, other indicators related to traits of character come to the fore. Therefore, men need not only beautiful, but intelligent women. Although they are not sure that they are. A man is interested in the woman who corresponds to him in development. From the point of view of a man, that he wanted to marry a girl, she must have the following qualities:

  • Love for a man. It turns out that for men sincere feelings are as important as for women. Therefore, every man wants to find a companion of life who will love him just because he is with her, not for his status, character or achievements.
  • Sexuality. For a man, sexuality and sex are inseparable. A smart man always chooses a sexual partner, to whom he is constantly physically drawn.
  • Women's self-confidence is extremely attractivemen. A man dreams of a financially independent and strong spirit companion, so that she knows how to not only make money on her own, but also solve all your problems.
  • The ability to get along with his family and friends. Every man dreams of a companion of life who would be interested and never quarrel with his family, and found a common language with his friends.
  • Sense of humor. Every man appreciates this quality in women, because laughter brings together.
  • Equally important are qualities such as the ability to create coziness, and to cook.

But what men simply can not tolerate: indifference, importunity, greed, hysteria and squealing. We advise you to read: