It's hard to find a free place in my fridge. Not because our family prefers to stock up on products ahead of time. I just recently found out about other, not less useful, advantages of the refrigerating chamber. For example, such as ... storing cosmetics.

Why is the cream bad in the bathroom?

Girlfriend cosmetologist has long been telling me thatIn no case should creams be stored in the bathroom, as this is a humid and hot room with ever-changing temperature. But you can not imagine a worse atmosphere for natural components. But also a bedside table for skin care products and cosmetics in this case, too, the solution is extremely wrong if it is exposed to bright sunlight, and in the bedroom itself there is no climate control system. My shelves near the shower were noticeably emptied when the moisturizing face and eye creams moved to the refrigerator. But beforehand, you should still check: suddenly on packages from cosmetic products there are additional instructions for storage.

How can I replace "thermal water"?

During a protracted crisis, I came up with a goodan alternative to French thermal water is green tea (but not packetized, which usually includes dust, but leafy). I brewed it with chamomile, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. After the finished tea must be cooled and poured into a small spray. Prepared in this way, the tonic I sprayed on my face, both in the morning and after removing makeup - in the evening. And only after a while I was told that such home-made tonics are stored in the refrigerator for no more than two to three days. Needless to say, at room temperature all the useful properties disappear much faster. And remember, the best place for refreshing water and home tonics is the refrigerator wall, where the standard compartment for bottles is located. In this place, just about +8 degrees, which are the highest temperature there.

Right ice

Everyone has long known that cold water narrowspores. Therefore, during the holidays, I always prepare a special ice "for the beauty of the skin." In small molds (suitable for a well-washed container from a small yogurt or special disposable packages for making ice), it is necessary to pour chilled pure water with rose water or lemon juice. I rub my face and neck every morning with this ice cube, and sometimes my décolletage does not avoid it either. Believe me, your skin will remain firmer longer. And by the way, do not worry if you notice red marks on it. It's just an instantaneous reaction to the cold. Such redness will be a few minutes later.

Whom to send "for the winter"?

There's nothing to be done, but the skin in winter is due toIntensive heating becomes drier and begins to peel off. Therefore, we change the cream for it. But what about the cream with which I was friends all summer days? On the shelf next to the heater, he managed to spoil a few weeks - on top of the cream appeared water, and at the sides of the jar a crust formed. But now I store a new cream of the same brand in the department, where usually there are fruits and vegetables. And this position is more to his liking. Natural masks for hair and face also like the temperature below the room Everything, probably, tried the mask, sold in small packages? This bag, as a rule, is enough for me three times. And so that the mask does not spoil, I open the opened bag immediately in the refrigerator. And, mind you, the masks that we cook at home can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. For oily and problematic skin, tonics and creams based on cucumber are good, and dry skin will like creams with beeswax. You can also indulge the fading skin with a cream that includes rose water and honey. We advise you to read: