that you can not tell a man We all love our men, we value them. We look for unusual culinary recipes, we knit warm socks, share his sorrows and joys. But there are times when we ourselves destroy our happiness, throwing a careless word after it. Men, though strong sex, sometimes react very acutely to some of the things that we tell them. So, what can not be said to a man never, under any circumstances?

1. Stop whining, be a man!

Even the strongest and most confident manafter these words will feel disgusting. His self-esteem, man's dignity will be trampled into the mud. Telling him this is like calling a rag and henpecked face in one person. From the earliest times, the leader among men was the one who will first kill the largest mammoth, drag it to the cave and put at the feet of his woman. Calling him a whiner, you inflict huge damage on his "ego", proving that he can not achieve real man's goals. Think about how you would feel if he called you not a woman, but an "old stupid galosh." Surely the effect would be the same.

2. Oh, you! But my ex ...

This is exactly what you can not tell a man. Never compare it with your ex-men, especially in their favor. It is not very pleasant to realize that you are not only not the first love, but also worse than the one who was before you. With these words, you only wake up the spirit of male competition, and, more, you lose than you gain. Any man needs confidence that for you he is the only, the best and the most unique. Having admired former admirers and humiliating his dignity, you are tearing up the thread connecting your relations with your own hands. And if your also jealous, then the troubles can not be avoided. Such husbands do not tolerate rivalry, even imaginary. You are exposed to the danger of becoming an object of continuous control and suspicion.

3. Yes, your hands do not grow from that place!

Perhaps your husband would not have been admitted to the club"Skillful pens," but this is not a reason to offend him. All people are different, one is fine to repair the faucet, and the other is writing wonderful stories. And not always these two faces intersect. It is good already that your husband undertakes to do something with their own hands. Even if it did not work out, you should praise him and be glad for success. Men, like children, are waiting for our praise for any act, and silence is taken for criticism. If you yourself completely suppress all his attempts to pohozjasnichat in the house, then be ready: soon you will have to do everything yourself! what can not be said to a man

4. Who did you call?

It is these words that cause in the man the strongestirritation. It seems that he is obliged to report about any trifles - who called, with whom he spoke, etc. No matter how jealous the man himself is, he will not tolerate totalitarian control over himself. This behavior from the female side keeps husbands in a heavy strain, they seem to be constantly waiting for slovenliness. And, undeserved. Before calling for an answer about the call, imagine the opposite situation. The husband asks daily: who called, where was, with whom walked, why, why, how much, etc. etc. Now do you understand?

5. Your mother got me!

Mother is the most sacred and the most precious thing that there isin humans. If you are not lucky with your mother-in-law, this does not mean that she is a bad mother for her son. Nature is so arranged that psychologically men are connected with their mothers for life. If even in the heat of anger the husband says something bad about her, then in an hour he will regret it and suffer with remorse. Even if you manage to tune your husband against his mother-in-law, he will later accuse you of this. Do you need superfluous tragedies and is it not easier to make friends with his mother? By the way, in relation to your mother, that is, to the mother-in-law, the husband will copy your behavior. Perhaps one day you will hear: "Your mother got me!"

6. Yes, I always pretended to be in bed with you!

Carcass. A curtain. Bullet in the temple. It does not matter who your man - whether he owns oil plants, the ruler of the universe or mere mortals, you just completely trampled his pride. Spit into the soul. The strong sex is very sensitive to its masculinity. Especially to the part where it manifests itself physically. Tell him that he is no good in bed - it's like accusing him of being sexless. What man does not dream of being the most passionate, most untiring and inventive lover? The glory of Don Juan does not give them peace, mentally they want to outdo him in the ability to shake a woman with his love of art. With your own words you not only originate complexes in it, but also beat off the desire to share your bed with you. Think, how well will this affect your family life? phrases that can not be said never

7. Tell me, do you love me?

There is nothing surprising in the fact that womenA love affair is always required. After all, we love with our ears and we want to constantly hear about the feelings of our chosen one. And if he is silent about them, then we often ask this question ourselves. Such a gentle, touching voice. Believe me, these words terribly annoy men. Especially if you speak them five times a day. In their opinion, the fact that they live with us is already a proof of love, and there is nothing to talk about. You know, as in a joke: - Dear, do you love me? - What do you think I'm doing ?!

8. Why would I need this gift?

What would you dream about on the 8th of March or for a daybirthday, hold the tongue when receiving a gift. No negative, irritation and indifferent views - try to sincerely rejoice in the presentation. Even if you did not get what you wanted, respect your man's choice. He must have been tormented for a long time with the question of what to give and ran around a lot of shops. Remember your last gift on February 23 and think what kind of reaction was expected from the husband for present? Try to meet your own requirements and thank for attention. You know, some women are not given gifts at all. You do not want to be among them?

9. Am I fat?

Oh, it's like stimulus number seven, butmultiplied several hundred times! Men simply kill these daily stupid questions, on which there is no answer. If he says yes, you will be mortally offended and will lead him with critical remarks. If he says no, then you still will not believe it and ask this question a hundred more times. Of course, you have to watch your figure, but the gloomy words "dear, you are not fat" will not slow you down a single kilogram. This question serves as an occasion for anecdotes about women's logic. So why should you fall into the category of fools and irritate your lover? All nine points are phrases that can never be spoken to by any man. No matter how much you were not sure of his love, do not make him suffer and be nervous. There is a great power in the word, it is capable of destroying any, most tremulous relationship. We advise you to read: