matras Nothing is eternal under the moon, mattresses are not eternal, alas. Their term comes and it's time for them to give way to new ones, which can be ordered from us on the site. But what to do with old mattresses, especially if they are relatively still in order? Let's try to figure it out. The first and simplest at first glance: to throw out, that is, to take and carry to the trash. It seems to be nothing, but there are a number of "buts." A mattress, if it is whole, can be picked up by someone - it certainly will not fit in the garbage can, besides, for construction, large garbage there is an additional "extension" to the local garbage dump where the summer residents can recruit these unfinished materials and make them out of them on a summer residence a hothouse, a bed and so on. But, in addition to them, there is still such a problem as local propoits and persons without a specific place of residence. It often happens that these guys grab these mattresses and arrange near the houses of the couch and loudly make a noise. Therefore, mattresses and sofas people prefer or disassemble or give away. When disposing of the mattress, if you are afraid of the above, it is better to gently tear it open and, shaking out the contents in a bag (beware of springs), throw it into the garbage can. The second is to give it in good hands. This works only in one case: the mattress should be relatively whole. I would not want the springs of him to suddenly scratch a good man. When you give the mattress, try to clean it before that, so that the amount of unpleasant smells decreases and you are not thought that you are a slob. If the mattress is in good condition, you can try to sell it to someone by an offer. The third is to restore it / extend its service life / turn it into an extra bed. You can cover the mattress with a sturdy cover, sew an additional layer of foam rubber or something else, you can tighten the springs, wash and lay it on another, less rubbed side. Only honestly, is this a desire? Probably not. But, if you are a fan of gear in the style of "crazy hands", then the tools in hand and forward. You can throw it on the floor and sleep on it, putting something strong on top or spending it on the cover. The fourth is to give to the children. Those will make of it a hut, a sleeping place or a trampoline for "jumping". But before that, it's better to cover it with something - the mattress can have old sharp springs, so it's dangerous. If the mattress is non-spring, then children, of course, do not hurt, but you do not jump. The fifth - to give it to shelters for homeless animals or to the village for the same purpose you there will be grateful and they themselves will sew these mattresses properly. This is a good and socially useful thing. As soon as you give back the old mattress (or even better - before that) - buy a new one. How to choose what to choose, why to choose and what for - everything on our site is in the form of articles and catalogs with quotations. Be healthy! Supported by