How to disaccustom a child to fall asleep with a breast

If the baby does not eat breast milk orrefused to feed at night, he absolutely does not need to fall asleep near my mother's breast. This will allow a woman to sleep better at night. But the formed habit of falling asleep, sucking on the chest, can not be eliminated in one day, because the child feels more to disinfect a childTo omit the child to fall asleep with a breast helps dummyPhoto: GettyHelp such tips:

  • The easiest way is to replace the breast with a pacifier. To the child easily agreed to such a replacement, shortly before sleeping it should be well fed. You can put it next to you, instead of offering a pacifier. When the child falls asleep, he is transferred to his bed. If the baby does not fall asleep for a long time, you can shake it a little on your hands.
  • If the kid has already turned a year or a year and a half, healready quite conscious, you can ask for help from relatives. Let him put to sleep a father or grandmother. The ritual of going to sleep can be supplemented by reading a book, singing lullabies.
  • In order for a child to go around without breast during a day's sleep, the meal-sleep scheme must be replaced with food-game-sleep. This will allow him to distract himself.
  • It is necessary to stop using the breast as a means of calm. If the kid is naughty and cries, you can offer him a pacifier, distract toys.
  • The child will be easier to get used to the new order,if he has a strict regime of the day, and the process of laying down to sleep occurs at the same time. He may be preceded by other evening rituals, for example, quiet games and bathing in the bath.

Understanding how to wean a child from thishabits, will have to show perseverance and patience. After all, for a long time the breast was for him a kind of security guarantor. Therefore, in the daytime, you need to give your child as much attention and affection. He must constantly feel parental love and attention. If the baby continues to demand a breast, do not be irritated. Children catch the emotional mood of the mother and the nervous situation makes going to sleep longer. Also it is not recommended to spread nipples with something bitter or repellent to taste. Softness and consistency of parental actions will help the child learn to fall asleep independently. See also: