how to sew a clutch The present century (however, like the previous one) is gloriousnot only the rapid development of technological progress and digital technologies. This is also the time of emancipation and feminism. But we, women, are contradictory. Without abandoning our irrepressible ambitions in the pursuit of independence and the struggle for equality of the sexes, we try to emphasize in every way our femininity. And we continue to cherish the subjects of the wardrobe and accessories that allow it to be done. Among these, very feminine, accessories is clutch - evening elegant handbag without pens. Today clutch is not only a lady's companion at solemn events and social events. The clutch can be bulky and perform the function of a casual bag. Ideally, a clutch must be present in the fashionable arsenal of any modern woman. But if for any reason you can not buy it, or you want to have something special and original, or just like sewing, then you can make a clutch yourself. How to sew a clutch yourself?

Stylish tips

The clutch is considered an almost ideal accessory to any one (except the sport style). But in taking on its manufacture, remember the laws of fashion, the rules of etiquette and the requirements of the dress code:

  • clutch for a business suit should be concise: restrained forms and calm colors;
  • Evening clutch can be bright and extravagant, with decorative finishes, sequins and rhinestones;
  • The everyday clutch for winter should be different from summer and be made of dense (winter) materials: leather, drape, wool or fur;
  • materials for the summer clutch should be light: silk, satin, velvet, velor;
  • The clutch must blend in with your overall style and mood;
  • The clutch must be of reasonable size and carry out the function of only a handbag, but not a purse or cosmetic bag, beach bag or shopping bag.

And now, having understood fashionable wisdom, start the most creative process - making a clutch. how to sew a clutch yourself

Manufacturing process

How to sew a clutch at home? First, decide on the size. So, for example, for a rectangular handbag 15x20 cm you will need a little more than half a meter of fabric and as much material on the lining. In addition, prepare cardboard for the pattern, chalk (or a piece of dry soap), a button (button, Velcro) for fastening and a sewing machine. Before sewing a clutch with your own hands, cut a rectangle of 17 by 22 cm from the cardboard (the dimensions of the clutch, plus the allowances for the seams). Lay the fabric upside down and so that the cardboard pattern can fit on it three times. Put a carved rectangle on the fabric and circle it with chalk. Above him, close to the already outlined line, one more, and once again higher. As a result, you should "draw" a large rectangle (22x51 cm) consisting of three bricks, identical to the cardboard pattern: front, back and valve for fastening. The upper brick form a triangle (which should be the valve pocket). Just make the same pattern for the future clutch and on the lining fabric. As a result, you will get two patterns, similar to the unfolded envelope. On the pattern, fold the lining fabric face inward so that an envelope is obtained. Stitch the sides of the future clutch and process the edges. Do the same with a cloth that goes to the "front" side of the purse. Turn both pockets inside out (that is, on the face of the purse). Now fold the main and back fabric to each other with the sides and stick along the valve line and along the line of the opening opening of the clutch. Then put the joined pieces together: lining in half inward face, the main fabric as well. Align the seams that connect the lining with the bag. Stitch both parts in a cut (do not forget to leave the hole for turning). Turn out the clutch, sew up the hole. It remains to make a clasp. To the clutch, sew a button, and on the lid valve make a neat hole for it. Your clutch is ready.


After you sew a clutch yourselfIt was possible, it can be decorated. How to be your clutch depends on your age, style and purpose of the purse itself. For decoration use satin and silk ribbons, decorative braid and laces, sequins, crystals, beads, bugles, lace, fringe, ready-made applications, buttons, and much more. This is only a matter of your taste and your imagination. And you can do without additional decorations (if you prefer). The main thing is that the resulting handbag should be to the soul, so that you like it so that it performs not only a utilitarian function, but also delivers aesthetic pleasure. So that with a clutch in your hands you feel like a true lady! We advise you to read: