curls ironing As practice shows, girls with curlstry to straighten them, and straight lines to curl them. How can I please both? For this, you do not need to spend money on expensive chemical perm, as many girls think that such a hairdo can be done only in the salon. To do this, there is a universal device - ironing! In appearance, the iron looks like a ploy, but carries much more functions. So how to wind hair with an iron?

Preparing for a wave

No matter how good the curls are with the ironing, in any case, it causes irreparable damage to the structure of the hair, so it is necessary to prepare in advance to properly protect them.

  • First, wash your head well;
  • apply balm or mousse;
  • treat with a thermal protective agent;
  • if necessary, apply foam or gel for styling.

All of the above will help to mitigate the harmful effects of temperatures and protect your hair. how to wind curls with ironing

How to wind hair with ironing: we do everything correctly and quickly

So, you have properly protected your hair fromadverse temperature effects and now you need to determine what kind of styling you want to get, because there are many different ways how to wind hair ironing. Let's consider in detail all the options. Classic curls

  • Make strands of medium thickness;
  • Having retreated 10-15 cm from the roots, clamp the strand straightener;
  • Twist the strands so that the tips look outward;
  • Unroll the iron forward and pull down;
  • Repeat this operation with all strands.

Such a hairstyle can be quickly done, for example, before work or a date. She will give your image of elegance and mystery. Curly in the style of Carrie Bradshaw

  • Divide the hair into very small strands;
  • Twist the strand into a bundle and tighten with a straightener;
  • After you curl up all the hair, shake them and use a little varnish.

With this hairdo, you can safely go for a walk, a movie or even a beach, because they look pretty natural and beautiful. Luxury curls

  • Divide the hair into strands;
  • Each string is wound on the finger and secure at the roots by the invisible;
  • Clamp each harness alternately with an iron;
  • Spread the curls with your hands and sprinkle with varnish.

Correctly made curls will give an incredible amount of hair and look very beautiful. Curls from the 80's

  • Form very thin strands;
  • Armed with a comb with a thin metal rod or spoke (the rod must be made of metal, otherwise it will melt);
  • Screw each strand on the comb;
  • Screw the strands between the ironing plates and hold for 5-7 seconds;
  • Spread your hair with your hands;
  • To get the effect of insanely lush hair, comb them with a small comb.

Such a hairstyle enjoyed immense popularity among young girls and women in the 80's and 90's. hair ironing at home

Some tips on how to keep your hair beautiful

  • Do not use a straightener for wet hair. Water from the effects of temperature boils and the hair becomes lifeless.
  • At a temperature of 180 degrees you get tight curls, if it is below 180, then the curls turn out to be hardly noticeable.
  • If you spend ironing on strands quickly, you get a fashionable "careless" hairstyle.
  • To get the effect of vertical ringlets, hold the iron, respectively, vertically, and to obtain classical curls - horizontal
  • Now you know several ways how beautiful,correctly and quickly you can make curls with ironing. Do not forget that it is recommended to repeat this procedure no more than twice a week and your hair will remain lush and natural.