Garlic on protection of immunity And now, soon summer - swimming, walking, heat, anda constant waste of energy. What would this summer look like one hundred percent, we need to prepare our body for an active waste of energy. The weather is spring now - but it does not mean anything - it is more unstable and dramatically changing. This weather should not be trusted. Immunity decreases, but there is a way out - what to do with spring immunity? I would like to begin by recalling any recipe for folk medicine. Almost every person who somehow encounters such a treatment knows not by hearsay about the medicinal properties of onion and garlic. Garlic destroys pathogenic microbes, also heals the microflora of your intestines, and of course, plus everything has a beneficial effect on your cardiovascular system and helps fight against atherosclerosis. And this, not to mention its properties in the fight with carcinogens and free radicals in the body - garlic really struggles with the aging process of the body. Garlic is very useful and doctors advise to use it not only in the spring, but all year round. If you use one clove of garlic every day, and in the spring time double the dosage - then practically no illnesses threaten you and your immunity is safe! When you consume it, thereby restoring the balance of microelements in the body. Another natural and useful micro additive is honey and bee products. These are excellent natural and very useful products, which should also be consumed daily. It is impossible not to mention the spring tan, which is an excellent supplier of vitamin D, the formation of which occurs under the influence of sunlight. A natural vitamin significantly exceeds the effectiveness of its effects on the body than its artificial counterpart. However, do not abuse garlic. Garlic - a pledge of healthy immunity! Material provided by