how to improve memory at home If you are worried that with age yourmemory can significantly weaken, then we are ready to calm you down. There are several ways in which the work of your brain can be significantly improved right at home, without seeking the help of specialists. You do not have to spend too much time on this, you do not have to buy any expensive tools. Everything will be very simple! The main thing is to set a goal and go to its fulfillment. Well, let's get everything in order.

When you need something to remember quickly

It happens that the memory is still not weakened, but withremembering there are problems. In this case, you need to learn how to properly organize the process of memorization. There are some methods that will help you quickly remember and then just as quickly recall the necessary information. With one of them you must have encountered in life, just did not know that this is the same method. The essence of it is that the information that you need to remember, put on some specific images, and then bind them together. Let us explain how this looks in practice. For example, you are sitting in line at the hairdresser's. In order not to be bored, you flip through the magazine, and with the edge of your ear you hear a song singing on the radio. A few days later, you hear the same song again, and the lines and pictures from the article you read in the hairdresser during the sound of this melody involuntarily pop up in your mind. And, you were not even going to remember it - the picture surfaced in your head by itself, without any effort on your part. Just automatically the associative memory worked. The same principle is also used for conscious memorization of necessary information. Let us give an example. Let's say you want to send an e-mail congratulation on your friend's birthday, but, being at work, you can not remember her email address. And to miss her holiday, leaving a friend without congratulations, you really would not want to! But you are afraid that after returning home after work tired, you simply forget to send a congratulation. Do the following: imagine your acquaintance, as if you were looking at her picture: her eyes, her smile, her dress. Drawing in the imagination a bright picture, mentally place it on the computer monitor that is in your home. Try to "see" the photo on your monitor as clearly as possible. When you return home and take a look at your computer, in your memory immediately pops up the picture that you mentally drew in the afternoon, and you immediately remember your friend and the need to congratulate her on the holiday. Remembering the numbers is also not at all difficult. Simply visualize the desired number as an image. For example, you need to remember the number 249. Imagine this number mentally, as if it were written in a 3D 3D font. Add coloriness: imagine, as if the numbers do not just have volume, but also rotate around their axis, and each digit has its own color. Or maybe they are illuminated or they themselves shine with neon light. Or shined with flowers. In short, think of the picture that you like most, and firmly associate it with the memorized figures. When you need to reproduce them, you first remember the picture, and then the figures themselves will appear in front of your mind's eye. In such simple ways one can quickly improve memory and facilitate the memorization process. how to improve memory at home

How to improve memory in general

There are simple, literally three-minuteExercises that you can do at home to improve your memory. Here, for example, the first exercise: take eight playing cards, put them on the table face up and carefully look at them for one minute. Then turn them upside down with "shirts" and try to remember which card of what color was - where the tambourines, where the peaks and so on. When you learn to remember without mistakes, complicate the task: remember not only the suit, but also the "value" of the card - the five worms, the lady of the crosses, the ace of diamonds and so on. With the passage of time, increase the number of cards - take six, ten, sixteen cards. Believe us now or not, but if you do this exercise every day, you can significantly improve your memory! Another very effective exercise is the calculation in the mind. We greatly diluted our brain, completely ceasing to load it with work. Sometimes, in order to add, for example, twenty-one to fifteen, we immediately grab the calculator. Try simple calculations to do in your mind, tickle the cells of your brain! This is very useful for activating memory. how to improve memory at home

A few home ways to strengthen memory

What else can you do to activate the brain and, accordingly, improve your memory? Remember our tips:

  • Avoid alcohol It is a widely known fact thatalcohol kills brain cells. The more you are addicted to drinks containing alcohol, the more brain cells you can destroy. And it does not matter what it will be - a noble wine or a light cocktail. To maintain brain health, it is preferable to stay away from alcohol altogether. It is better to choose non-alcoholic beverages as an alternative, because their range is also unusually wide.
  • Quit Smoking About the dangers of smoking, probably, tooeverybody knows. This is not only unhealthy in all respects, but it also prevents you from improving your brain. And, nicotine is harmful not only for the brain, but for your entire body as a whole.
  • Oppress the whole body and other toxins,so it's worth doing an occasional bowel cleansing. It's very useful for your body! And the brain will "enjoy" the results of the cleaning as well as the rest of the organs. It is best to choose for our method of purification the days when you can stay at home, because your body will begin to actively get rid of excess. And this means that you will often have to go to the toilet, so be ready for it.

First, prepare a special solution:

  • One full glass of warm water;
  • One tablespoon of honey;
  • Two tablespoons of lemon juice;
  • One eighth of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper.
  • Mix all the ingredients together and drink a whole glass. Repeat this should be at least three times a day, preferably one to two weeks in a row.

    • Take Vitamin Supplements Vitamins arean integral part of a healthy lifestyle. They are important for improving memory. B vitamins and vitamin C are especially necessary. For example, vitamin B6 deficiency can be a direct cause of memory loss, and taking pyridoxine (one of the forms of vitamin B6) by elderly people leads to a significant improvement in their memory. And those elderly people who took vitamin E, significantly increased the rates of short-term memory, as shown by numerous studies of specialists.

    Use foods that promotememory improvement. Fresh fruit (especially oranges!) And vegetables, especially green leafy (such as spinach) very well stimulate the brain. Here are also useful products that can strengthen your memory:

    • Blueberries These juicy berries are the richest source of antioxidants, which is useful for the brain; and recent studies have shown that blueberries can also help improve short-term memory.
    • Carrots It contains carotene, which bringstangible benefit to our brain. Eat it raw or stewed, but with the addition of butter or sour cream (so that your body can metabolize carotene).
    • Eggs They contain lecithin, which preserveshealthy brain cells. Lecithin is also found in sunflower and soybean oils; you can buy it in a pharmacy in the form of capsules. Experts say that taking lecithin up to seventy grams per day can significantly improve memory.
    • Wheat germ is a good source of vitamin E, which can help with age-related memory loss.
    • Herbal infusions Sage, rosemary, marjoram,Basil - any of these herbs will help get rid of weak memory. Take half a teaspoon in a glass of boiling water. Brew for five minutes, then drink. (These herbs generally act on the brain in a remarkable way! The infusion or essential oil from these herbs can be mixed with olive oil, and with the mixture obtained, massage the neck and forehead .You can make and healing baths by adding to the water five drops of essential oil of one of the named herbs .)
    • Ginseng and ginkgo biloba are truly magical means for our brain;
    • Very useful fish of fatty varieties - salmon, trout, tuna, herring - because it contains omega-3 fatty acids.
    • Omega-3 fatty acids are found in nuts. Almond, as you know, perfectly restores bad memory. Will handle this task and walnuts. It is advisable to eat these nuts every day, and they will resist the weakness of the brain and will help improve memory. There is a very good prescription for feeding the brain: take in equal parts walnuts, almonds, dried cranberries and raisins, mix all this and reinforce instead of snacks. This will not only enhance your memory, but will quickly provide you with energy when you need it.
    • Train your body The more you train,the better your blood circulation. This, in turn, leads to a better supply of your brain with the oxygen it needs so much. And this in itself will be an excellent factor for increasing memory.
    • Exercise your brain This is just as necessary asbody training. We have already told you what exercises you can do. Agree that they do not represent any complexity, rather, it's entertainment. And you can also buy crossword puzzles, they also very well "stir" our brain - this is such a kind of "jogging" for brain cells. Learn by heart the poems, remember the melodies of the songs. The main thing - do not let your brain be lazy, load it with work!
    • Meditate The more you worry,that, perhaps, you begin to lose memory, the more you will inspire yourself that this has already happened. Relax and think about other, more pleasant things. The calmer you will be, the better your brain will work.

    Of course, to use these simple and effectivemeans for improving memory need not just one, but all together. After all, for good brain work, they are all important - and proper nutrition, and body health, and training the brain itself. So do not forget to perform them in the complex. And your brain will thank you for this quick and precise work for the rest of your life!