1 Wardrobe rooms in our dwellings in the lasttime is becoming more prevalent. They are convenient, because in such rooms you can remove all clothes and shoes and expand, thus, the space of living quarters. We will talk about how best to equip the dressing room, so that it becomes as comfortable and beautiful as possible. In the dressing rooms often not enough light. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure that the room is well lit. Do not hang in it low lamps: they can be hooked on the door of a high cabinet or hooked with your hands when changing clothes. Therefore, it is better to make high comfortable lamps. In the dressing room must be a mirror. They allow you to transform the room and see yourself in the reflection when changing clothes. It is desirable to arrange them around - then you can see yourself from all sides. Optimum option in this case will be cabinets with mirrored doors - they will perform simultaneously the functions of mirrors and wardrobes. And if you do this for some reason you can not, you can put one big mirror that reflects a person in full growth. When adjusting the dressing room, there is often a desire to make in it only shelves. However, this is impractical: on the shelves of small things - handkerchiefs, jewelry, socks, etc. - it is difficult to keep in proper order. Therefore, at least one cabinet must be installed. In the event that the dressing room is quite large, it can make a small private corner by placing a dressing table and an armchair in it. And to make the interior of the room the original handbags, hats, scarves, scarves, hanging on the doors of the room will help to make the room original. They will not only create a kind of entourage, but will also be a kind of hint in which cabinet and what is. If the cloakroom is used by all household members, you can buy a screen, behind which it is convenient to change clothes. Today in the market are offered screens that can harmoniously fit into any interior of the dressing room. But if the dressing room is small, the screen in it can not fit, so the room for changing clothes will have to be used alternately. By equipping the dressing room, it is necessary to observe in all practicality. This applies to the position of the doors. It is advisable that they go into the bathroom or bedroom, and not into the dining room or the living room. As for the color of the dressing room, it is better to make it light and smooth, without decorative elements. This will not distract attention from your own image in the mirror. We advise you to read: