how to become a perfect girl What do you think, than the modern head is hammeredwomen? Projects, reports and documents? Shoes, dresses and bags? You are mistaken! At least a quarter of our free time we give to thoughts on how to become an ideal girl. Let's try to figure out where the fashion for the ideal came from and how much it is achievable in reality.

What do men want?

Surely, each of you had unsuccessfulrelations. Of course, it's easier to blame men for this, to say that they are all bastards and go to the monastery. But something I do not want. Sooner or later, any girl thinks about what is wrong with her. Indeed, if for a long time you have something that does not add up, is it possible that the root of the problem is in you? It is believed that modern girls are very picky. Say, we want to have a smart, handsome, rich, kind, cheerful and caring guy. Well, or something else after - every one has an ideal. It's the same with men. Naturally, each of them has its own ideas about the ideal, but they are quite amenable to generalization and classification. If you combine the dreams of modern men in a harmonious portrait, then you will understand how to become an ideal girl. She is…

  • Beautiful

Yes, yes, guys love the eyes and this they do nottake away. Of course, for most men this is not the only requirement for a girl (although there are those who have a puppet appearance), but you can not ignore it. And if the length of the legs and facial features are practically not subject to correction, then all the rest is a matter of persistence. A man wants to have beside him a well-groomed girl with a beautiful body and hair, and not to give him this would be a big mistake.

  • Feminine and sexy

No romantic relationship between the sexesit would be, if not a mutual attraction. For a guy is very happy, if his girlfriend in the company behaves uninhibited, but not vulgar. Some part of openness and perseverance in sexual terms is simply necessary for him to feel like a man. The girl must be moderately thin, vulnerable and weak, to want to give her flowers, open the door and give a hand when leaving the transport.

  • Host and calm

No man will like it, if everyoneday will "rinse brains" and "tickle your nerves" with constant quibbles and groundless accusations of all sorts of mistakes. In the end, he will feel tortured, worthless and will run away. The ideal girl will calmly accept the man's shortcomings and not treat him with trifles. She is sufficiently caring, but does not turn into a hen-hen. He does not want to live with his second mother for the rest of his life!

  • Clever and intelligent

You should be interested in each other, and forthis must have an outlook of a certain latitude. In addition, your interests must overlap, and otherwise after a while you just do not want to spend time together and talk. A certain level of literacy and culture is also very important, because a curse and spitting girl can cause a normal guy only disgust.

  • Loving and respectful

This is one of the most important items in the entire list. The ideal girl respects herself and her partner, and that's why she will not sink to some unacceptable things. Some women initially refer to men as lower-class people, and in turn they feel it and demonstrate the appropriate behavior model. Therefore, a sincere and positive attitude towards your partner can truly make you ideal.

  • Independent

Many girls misunderstand this concept andbehave as if they do not need anything from men. For example, categorically not allowed to pay for themselves in a restaurant. This is fundamentally wrong, since it is important for a man to feel himself a conqueror. But this will not happen if you hang yourself on it for any reason and without, be paranoid jealous, call a hundred times a day - in general, to show obsession in all its glory. Dependent relationships do not interest the guys, so you must have your own personal life and your interests, which will make you even more attractive in the eyes of the strong half of humanity.

  • Accurate and practical

Not the most important qualities, but very useful inlife together. Such a girl keeps herself and her house clean and knows how to prepare a festive dinner from the remnants of the food in the fridge. And it's very cool, because men want a pleasant and comfortable life. And by default the woman is at home. Checking this list, you may be horrified: "I'm not at all like that!". This does not mean that you need to urgently reshape yourself and become like a portrait described by us. I want to believe that every guy has his own ideal girl, with whom he will be happy. However, the general trends are such that it is these qualities that men value most in women. So you can think about how to combine what you have and the expectations of men. to become an ideal girl

How to become an ideal?

You probably already know that the relationship is notjust a beautiful fairy tale with a happy ending, but also a delicate and painstaking work to build mutual understanding. Unfortunately, most of this work often falls on the shoulders of girls. Although this is unfair, but the future of relations depends on our thoughtfulness and efforts. So try to become an ideal girl for your beloved! And we will reveal a few small secrets to you. The most important thing to remember about - do not cut your favorite guy. This means that if you have any complaints about it, then it is worth discussing them in a relaxed manner and come to a common opinion about possible changes. Instead, many girls prefer to "drip a man for brains day after day." And he should satisfy one complaint of the girl, as there and then there is another. Naturally, no normal person can withstand such treatment. If you have a lot of complaints, then you should ask yourself: why are you at all with someone who does not like you on so many points? It is possible that this is simply an excuse to avoid responsibility and serious relationships. By the way, about the changes. Do not try to change your beloved. No, you can, of course, encourage him to make a career, but do not expect that a calm and unambitious guy wants to become a leader. Many girls, starting a serious relationship with the guys, hope that they will change. This can happen. However, as a rule, this does not apply to stable personal traits, values ​​and trends. Or is it the result of an event that has shaken all life. Watch your boyfriend carefully. For someone an ideal girl is the keeper of the home, and for someone - a relaxed and cheerful party girl. But most often the needs of a man vary depending on the stage of your relationship. Therefore, it is normal, if at the very beginning you will have a good time, and then, over time, begin to think about the family and children. Although cooking, of course, it is worth learning: yet it is not for nothing that they say that the way to the heart of a man lies through his stomach. Believe in your man. The ideal girl will never tell her boyfriend that he is a loser or a "rag". Even if his previous ten attempts at self-fulfillment failed, this does not mean that the same will befall the eleventh. It is clear that this can be difficult to do. However, for true faith in his man, no reason is needed - only love. Although not, not only - you will also need respect. This is the quality that an ideal girl has. She considers her boyfriend a real man, good and worthy. His interests and occupations do not seem stupid to him, like his friends. She is sympathetic to his desire and needs. This is based on the acceptance of the fact that another person may be different from me, which is normal - I can accept his differences and even treat them with sympathy, because without them he would not be my favorite. The ideal girl is tuned to the world, not to the war. It so happened that the traditional women's function is peacekeeping and the smoothing of sharp angles in the relationship. To this, too, it is worthwhile to be ready, and not to rush each time to prove something and find out the truth. Yes, perhaps, then you will achieve it, but the relationship will be destroyed, and the guy will flee from you with horror, where his eyes look. You can achieve your own female wisdom and cunning. A man likes to think that he is right about everything, and the ideal girl will gladly support this illusion in him. And, of course, give freedom to your boyfriend. Without it, the men wither, wither and begin to look with longing at the will. That's why you should not surround the guy with increased tutelage and total control. Do not look at his phone and find out what he had with "this girl" - in the end, what do you want to know? As a rule, your anxiety comes from your insecurity, and this should be done. Your boyfriend should have his own interests, friends and personal space, separate from you - that's where he will rest and gain strength for true intimacy with you. Such a girl wants to show off to friends and keep her with him always. Do not take our advice literally - these are only guidelines that will help make your life with your beloved man calm and happy. However, if any of the above does not fully correspond to your worldview, then do not actively use the acting skills: in the relationship the falsehood is very well felt, and nothing more than a rupture in the future this will not give you. Just love your man and try to make him well with you - and then you will be the perfect girl! We advise you to read: