how to become feminine The twenty-first century is the time when femininity,sexuality, gracefulness and other similar qualities are pushed into the background. Girls try to become independent, they get several formations, they strive to work on par with boys. They dress in strict suits, make short haircuts and try to look manly. The concept of "unisex" is increasingly entering our life, erasing the line between a man and a woman. Sometimes it seems that in a society the strong and weak sex are reversed. Now the head of the family are strong and confident ladies. They managed to develop such qualities as rigidity, power and determination. Having achieved unthinkable heights in career and position in society, many beauties lose that important feature that distinguishes them from males - femininity. Turning into a commander in a skirt, it will be difficult to find that softness and charm, which is just appreciated. And without such qualities it is simply impossible to build a personal life. How to become feminine, despite the established image and nurtured sense of leadership? How to make others see in you not only a "workhorse", but a thin, vulnerable soul?

Fatal woman: why not believe glossy

Unfortunately, many young girls considerfemale ideal such a bitchy beauty, cold, strong and rational. This image is promoted by modern mass media. They advertise this style, as the only possible for a successful woman. In any fashion magazine you will find cool beauties with a predatory facial expression and a blank look. It seems that the photographer must first properly anger the model to make a similar picture. But the staff with a soft, feminine face and shine in the eyes - a unit. Not surprisingly, the younger generation seeks to imitate the image of a female vamp, and only to please fashion. Consciously depriving themselves of femininity, the girls build relationships with the opposite sex on scraps of knowledge, drawn from Western films and magazines. It is there that the standard of attractiveness is considered to be a female boss, capable of crushing under herself any man. And then they wonder why their guys do not want to see in them a weak woman who needs protection and understanding. Instead of waiting for a man to see in you a subtle and vulnerable nature, try to understand how to become more feminine and gentle. With your war paint and the image of fatal beauty, you are unlikely to attract those men who want to have a normal family and children. With such girls it is customary to spend time, get married on the calm, gentle and tender. By the way, the representatives of the fair sex abroad have brought men to such a state that they are even afraid to look at the ladies. So they can sue. It is not customary for them to skip ahead, help or carry bags to a stranger. If a guy is traveling with a girl in an elevator, he should never talk or look at her. And any compliment is considered sexual harassment. Unfortunately, emancipation has reached our country. But do you really want to be like Western beauties who do not excite, but frighten men? how to become a feminine girl

Why you need to be feminine

God created man and woman in order that theycomplement each other, not replace. Emancipation and feminism are good in moderation. But in their personal lives, these principles do not bring happiness to the fair sex. However high you value your acquired qualities of a strong woman, men dream of a gentle and soft friend of life. This does not mean that for a normal marriage you will have to become "smeared." Femininity is not weakness, but strength that helps make a man firm and confident, a defender and a getter. In a word, by whom he is supposed to be by nature. Let's imagine a situation where a wife earns money, and her husband sits at home and drinks beer in the evenings. In the end, the couple divorce, he leaves for another. And then something unusual happens! The guy who did not hit his finger before, now opens his business, carries a new passion to the Bahamas, asks her gifts and does not allow working. Why did he change so much? Yes, just the second wife (the bride, the girl) did not take on her shoulders the burden of responsibility for family and finances, but behaved exactly like a real woman. She awakened his masculinity in him. But this does not mean that you must constantly push the other half to action. Many ladies absolutely misunderstand the notion of "femininity". In personal relationships, they are proud of the role of the neck, which turns the head of the man in the right direction. Accustomed to being a leader in society, they transfer this quality to the family, wanting not just equality with men, but also complete supremacy in the relationship. Such wives seek to compete with a man for the right to make decisions. They want to put the last point in any dialogue. The ladies simply wrest the position of leader and head of the family from the hands of the stronger sex. Proud of the opportunity to manipulate and provoke a man, they blame their husbands for lack of love and tenderness.

Woman: the goddess or the fatal beauty?

Let's look at the explanatory dictionary and see,which means the word "femininity". What will we see? "Tenderness, softness, grace." And it's not the ability to make everyone dance to their tune. Do not believe it - read it yourself and understand what the opposite sex is waiting for you. If you are trying to make a henpecked husband out of your husband, it means that you are trying on a male role in family relationships. And no matter how much you dream of a strong companion or a guy, it is unlikely to attract him with such behavior. Real men do not need commanders in the house, they are looking for feminine, soft and gentle women. how to become more feminine

How to learn to be feminine and gentle

Many modern representatives of the beautifulsex, trapped in the image of the emancipation, can no longer inspire others to think that they belong to weak and defenseless people. They are not expected to be soft and lenient, they are not given flowers and sweets, they are not pleased with gifts. The chance to meet a man of his man evaporates like smoke. And if the family already exists, then the rule "I and the horse, I and the bull, ..." acts in it. Continuation you know. And why should a husband patronize a woman, if internally, she is stronger than him? Remember the wonderful film "Office Romance"? The heroine survived the betrayal of a friend and fenced off from the outside world with her work. Nothing but a career, she was not interested. And gradually it turned into a robot. And how can you love the creature of wires and steel? The fact that there was one desperate representative of the opposite sex that made her feel feminine is a miracle. For this we love such fairy tales, where the impossible is possible. In real life, everything is quite different. In order to change internally, you need to want it. It is not enough to understand how to become feminine and desirable - you need to go to this goal. What you know in theory, you need to be able to apply in practice. Understand yourself and find the reasons that prevent you from being a real and great woman. And there are enough ways how to come to this. If you just want to, you can turn mountains.

  • Look at yourself from the other side

This quality, like femininity, hides ineach of us. Do not doubt this. Remember once and for all: this is foreseen by nature. Look inside yourself. Try to find something that so stubbornly hides from yourself and others. Perhaps you are afraid of something? You can not deceive yourself - in each of us, even in the strongest and most uncompromising outwardly, there lives a small weak woman who dreams about a strong shoulder nearby. And once inside it is, why not take a chance and not let it out? Your shyness, gentleness and shyness have a right to exist. Do not be afraid to show these purely feminine qualities, they will appreciate you much more.

  • Stop being the leader

Do not be too assertive in dealing withthe opposite sex. Remember, the strength of a woman is in her weakness. Do not play into the competition, achieving the position of the leader, and do not turn the family into a wrestling ring. Having achieved incredible success at work, you can be disappointed in the result. Pay attention to the male psychology, in which there is still a little logic. Once instead of femininity and softness you feel power and authority, a man has no need to protect and pamper such an Iron Lady. Is not that what any woman secretly wants?

  • Tune in to the positive

Radiate positive, be merry and playful. Believe me, it's hard not to notice a cheerful coquette or to blame her for lack of femininity. Why should you envy other women who are able to smile and flirt? Good nature and innate femininity will help to cope no worse. Plus, learn to smile with your eyes.

  • Love yourself

Falling in love with yourself and your appearance, you will find the answer,how to become feminine. The pursuit of fashionable accessories and haute couture clothes - such efforts will not do anything. If you do not feel light from the inside, your vulnerable nature no one will notice. Surprisingly, some of the fair sex can stay masculine in a pink dress. But you can be feminine and gentle with a "boy's" haircut. Only your inner self will help to discern the female nature around them. Get rid of complexes and raise self-esteem. After all, you are a unique woman, and it's time for everyone else to find out about it.

  • Go to the beauty salon

As much as we do not want to, but men love eyes. Whether the girl is three times clever, overgrown roots, hair gathered in a bun, a face on which there is not a drop of makeup - all this repels. To become feminine, will have to change not only from the inside, but also from the outside. First, update the haircut. If you do not have time for complex laying, ask the master to give you a haircut that you could handle in five minutes in the morning. Do not forget to dye your hair in bright, juicy and saturated color. Dreamed of being red, but afraid of experiments? Why not take a chance? Hair will always grow back. But then there will be something to remember, even if everything turns out badly. With cosmetics, things are more complicated. In our time, only a few can use eyeliner, shadows, powder, foundation. The solution is to enroll in the courses of makeup artists. And, of course, train in front of a mirror. By the way, do not forget to wash off make-up for the night so that you do not wake up with circles under your eyes in the morning, like a panda's.

  • Update your wardrobe

Each of the fair sex inthe closet should have a small black dress. But do not forget about light sundresses, pumps, sandals flirty skirt, negligee and beautiful underwear. How, you never wore stockings? Try it! By the way, men suma go, when they see that a woman wears no pantyhose, and delicate stockings.

  • Do women's sports

Do not know how to become feminine? Sign up for the dance. Rumba, waltz, salsa - all this is taught for the fair sex in all cities. Such activities are suitable for different age categories. So you will not only be liberated, but you will also bring the figure in order. Do you want something more sexy and exotic? Great, oriental dances, Pole-dance, etc., will suit you. And somehow in the evening show erotic movements to the second half. Believe me, the result will surpass all your expectations. "Femininity is kindness, wrapped in tenderness" - the wonderful words of Alexei Filatkin. This phrase accurately describes the essence of what men want to see us. Find the answer, how to become more feminine - does not mean making concessions to their desires. In order to find personal happiness, we must not forget about ourselves. You only need to regain your essence and enjoy all the advantages of the position of women that Mother Nature has given us. We advise you to read: