how to attract the attention of the guy you like No matter how our men puffed, believing thatthe initiative in dealing with the weak sex belongs to them, we manage relations with a strong gender yet we, women. It is we who decide whom to get acquainted with, and who to refuse, whether to continue acquaintance or to stop, whether to allow a man to come closer to him or keep him at a distance. In this matter, one thing is important: not to let a male representative know that he is a slave. Let him feel leading! And he is flattered, and we are calmer. Here, for example, how to attract the attention of the guy you like, so that everything looks like he himself turned it on us? There are a lot of ways to attract this attention, but among them there are several methods that have already been tested on experience and fully justified themselves. Let's see, what are these tricks.

How to get the guy's attention?

The most popular way to attract yourselfattention, - flirt with a guy. How to flirt with a young man depends on the situation. The main thing is that it is unobtrusive, natural and attractive. First of all, of course, the girl needs to think about her appearance. It is not necessary, thinking about how to seduce a guy, choose a provocative outfit and impose an overly bright make-up. Such appearance can expose us in an unseemly light, and you are a guy, we, perhaps, will be interested for a while. But his attitude towards us, at the same time, will not be what I would like to see. Therefore, we dress and paint ourselves in such a way as to emphasize the dignity of the figure and face, and not be struck. After all, for flirting with a guy does not necessarily have to openly show off their legs, shoulders and chest. It's enough just to hint at the presence of beautiful forms, and then let him fantasize and draw himself. This is a great way to attract a young man. Since it is possible to seduce a guy seriously only when he becomes interested in knowing what is there under his clothes, in fact. And if he practically sees everything at once, then his interest in our appearance is short and superficial. Therefore, we should look neat, simple, but stylish. And to smell subtly, unobtrusively, hardly subtle, but fragrant. For this, you can use a light good perfume, deodorant or aroma oil from a series of aphrodisiacs. Its image does not hurt to complement with low-key accessories. Of course, the appearance when flirting with a guy - that's not all. Since to achieve the love of a guy, if we intend to do this in the end, with the help of one only appearance is impossible. Flirting with a guy, you need to remember that it is necessary to win his steady sympathy both by his behavior and by his inner qualities. Otherwise, we will not be able to call ourselves anything other than sexual interest. However, if we do not need anything else, then we will not bother with any internal qualities. A brief acquaintance for intimacy does not oblige us to be attractive in everything, just one appearance. But if we are concerned about how to achieve the love of a guy, we'll have to work on ourselves. First of all, we will correct the behavior. One of the most effective methods of flirting with a guy is the right look. The girl's eyes should be concerned and, at the same time, slightly playful. Do not know how to do this? We'll rehearse, we're women! We go to the mirror and train a look that can express shyness, surprise, mystery, light irony. Repeat the expression of the eyes until it begins to appear without much strain on our part. And then we try to apply the skills of owning a glance in practice, slowly looking up at the guy you like or looking steadily at his face. Only inseparably to look the guy in eyes it is necessary invocatory, and not haughtily or disdainfully. With such a glance we will certainly push him away from us. Another of the proven tricks, very effective in the matter, how to get the guy's attention - waving his eyelashes. They, too, can be rehearsed in front of the mirror according to the scheme "looking down at the corner, at the object." You can think of some other way, the main thing is that we do not clap our eyelashes too often. Then we will look just stupid and nothing but indulgent neglect, in a guy we will not challenge. Good tricks with flirting with a guy - as if accidentally correct hair or play with some piece of clothing, decoration, accessories. Men like these gestures very much. Attract strong sex and light, fast touch of the girl. For example, during a conversation, you can touch the hands of the guy or his shoulder and even friendly attach for a second, expressing their emotions. Such touches allow you to cross the border of his personal space, and this is the first step towards rapprochement. How to get the guy's attention by touching? Remove the speck of dust from his clothes, straighten the collar of his shirt, shake off the speck from his shoulder ... Is it enough? Fantasize, invent, improvise. Everything will go on for future use. To work with gestures is best on the left half of the guy's body. It is controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain, and it is responsible for our feelings and emotions. You can touch the young man's left hand, whisper something in his left ear, stroke his left shoulder and so on. In a conversation with a guy, you should try to be as natural and sincere as possible. In this case, it is desirable to talk about their hobbies and interest in his hobbies, to immediately find common points of contact. Do not touch the frivolous topics. Not all guys are nice and calm about this. A good part of the male representatives dislikes the excessive emancipation of the girl, shown during the first hours of meeting her. Well, this is still all the tips to help resolve the issue of how to attract the attention of the guy you like. Now let's talk a little about how to behave, if some kind of relationship is already being established with this guy. flirt with a guy

How to achieve the love of a guy?

In general, each girl determines for herself,how to achieve the love of the guy and to what extent it can reach here. However, there are several common solutions that will suit many young people. What are these solutions?

  • Never come to a meeting with a guy a minute in a minute. Let him not think that this meeting is the most important for us in the world;
  • Do not kiss the guy on the first date, even if you really want. Let the kiss become even more desirable for him;
  • Do not open before the young man to the end. Let us be for him an eternal riddle, and he will solve us every time;
  • Do not go to bed with a guy onfirst-second-third date. Yes, we are modern people, but let him achieve us, and not get on a silver platter. And let him not think that we have no moral principles;
  • We do not go into his house for the first time without any reason. Let him come up with any, at least the most trivial, reason;
  • Do not call the guy themselves earlier than three days laterafter a date. Let him call himself. And if he does not call, then either we do not like him or he does not dare. That's to find out, we'll call. After three days;
  • If sex with a guy happened, in any case not to discuss it and not admit that we were not very good. If it really was not good;
  • In conversation with a guy, avoid obscenities and piquant details from your life. Let him consider us a romantic and spiritualized person;
  • Do not ask the guy for money, even if we really need them. Just hint that there are some financial difficulties. Let him give it himself. If he does.

In principle, there are no general schemes for the conquest of the heartthe guy does not exist. Every person is different and has his own preferences. But still we can derive some generalizations that apply to the main part of the stronger sex. First, men perceive women's eyes, so you should always try to look good. Since seducing a guy with a girl with unwashed, disheveled hair, groomed hands and dirty crumpled clothes is very difficult. The girl should be well-groomed and feminine, and not vulgar. Secondly, men quickly lose interest in a woman, if they know all of her secrets. Therefore, we try not to reveal ourselves before the guy to the end, always preserving mystery, unpredictability and mystery. It is desirable that he never knew what we will throw out the next moment. However, our actions should not be shocking. Many young people are frightened by this behavior of the girl. However, if we want to hit the guy with his eccentricity, then we'll do something nontrivial. We'll parachute, for example, climb the mountains, sink to the bottom of the sea ... Do not have the spirit? Well, then we'll start collecting stamps, learn how to embroider pictures with a cross or crochet. But are there not many interesting activities around? Shelter for cats can be arranged, after all! Modern men like enthusiastic somehow, comprehensively developed women. With them you do not get bored. How to achieve the love of a guy yet? Maintain his hobbies. We learn about what the guy has a hobby, and we try to make it a joint. Does he play billiards, chess or poker? Well, and we will learn! Is he addicted to computer games or books? And we will play and read. No, all this does not mean that we should forget about ourselves and become like Chekhov's Dushechka. We will reserve the right to live our lives, showing a sincere interest in what concerns the guy. In order to strengthen the relationship with the guy, it is desirable to become charismatic. Of course, this is quite difficult - charisma is formed over the years - but it's worth working on. For example, for any girl to really become a ringleader in the company. We just need to develop a communicative spirit, together with optimism, and everything will be in the open. And then, being with us in society, the guy will feel proud of the fact that his girl is respected by others. If he is not extremely jealous, of course. It is desirable for a girl to be intelligent and developed in many ways. For a smart young lady in our time, the solution of the question of how to achieve the love of a guy is not particularly difficult. Today, a strong gender not only resigned itself to the fact that a woman with a developed intellect is not a fantasy. Strong sex even came to the conclusion that smart women are much more attractive than fools. Of course, the intellect is quality more natural than acquired. But if we diligently develop it, gaining knowledge, then we will never look like a fool. In order for a guy to become interested in a girl seriously, she needs some time to remain inaccessible to him. First we hold the guy in the distance, let his desire to be with us grows. It's not true that you can win a man by just having sex with him in the first hours of your acquaintance. No matter how old-fashioned this sounded, many representatives of the stronger sex quickly lose interest in women who are too accessible. Why? Yes, above all, because they do not believe them. After all, if the lady on the first evening voluntarily went to bed with one, tomorrow she will also fall into it with the other. So let our first meetings be filled with romance, tender kisses, trembling arms. And then it will come to sex. If we want to please a guy, then, in no case do not let him know that we are overly passionate about this young man. To hide this fact, sometimes we do not answer his calls and refuse to meet, referring to employment, we are late for visits, and from the rush we hurry home. We make the young man jealous, smiling at the familiar guys. But we do it very carefully so as not to frighten off our beloved and not to instill in him a lack of confidence in us. Ungrounded suspicions can ruin relations at the root. And we will forever forget about how to achieve the love of a guy. To achieve this love, you need to remember: a girl can not be intrusive and too demanding. Representatives of the male usually can not stand, when they restrict their freedom. Excessive demands of the young lady, her whims and threats at the very beginning of relations cause reflex resistance and dislike in them. This guy's heart will not subdue the boy's heart, but irritation in him will be easy. Do we need this? No. Therefore, we will be more modest and will not make any claims to the young man. And, finally, to please the guy more and more, we will try to make every appointment with him unforgettable. We arrange surprises for a young man, give some souvenirs, write poems for him, appoint meetings in unexpected places ... In a word, we fantasize, invent, do everything to enchant the young man. Let him always be with us is extremely interesting. These simple tips really help to win the heart of a man. Of course, every guy is individual and has his own set of requirements for girls. But hardly any of them can resist a little windy, cheerful, communicative and independent person, in which some mystery is hidden. Such girls attract, like a magnet. And to become like them in the eyes of your loved one is easy. The main thing is not to doubt your own strengths and your attractiveness. And the question of how to get the guy's attention for a long time, will be solved without difficulty. We advise you to read: