snoring in a dream According to international statistics, one in fivethe man snores in a dream. And not quietly and cute snoring, and issuing such a loud and whistling sound that resembles the work of a jackhammer or a perforator. Fortunately, women are less prone to this unpleasant disease. Why such difference? Scientists still can not establish. But warn, if you or your second half began to snore, you need to urgently be treated. Otherwise, with age, the problem will only worsen.

How snoring occurs

So, first, you need to understand thatsnoring itself represents. This is a violation of human breathing, accompanied by certain sound phenomena. In a dream your body is completely relaxed, including a soft sky, a tongue. As a result, air passing through the soft tissues of the nasopharynx starts to vibrate strongly. And the older the person, the louder the noise. The mass of the body also affects the sound level. The more a person weighs, the louder the snore. In the latter case, it will be enough to lose weight to get rid of this problem. Sometimes the curvature or decrease of the gap through which air passes is due to incorrect position of the body. Sometimes snoring occurs when people sleep on their backs. In this case, the tongue and lower jaw, sagging down, do not allow the flow to leave the nasal cavity. Man has to breathe with his mouth, so as not to suffocate. snoring in sleep treatment

Pathology of breathing

In the initial stages of snoring, of course, notgives a special discomfort, since in a dream a person does not hear it. Is that the second half of the noise will not give a normal sleep. But over time, the sleeping person will begin to feel discomfort, she will have shortness of breath, dry mouth. Therefore, it is so important to take this issue seriously. Do not delay until the moment when the symptoms increase or you become ill. Remember once and for all: the later you start to heal, the more time and finances you will have to spend on it. Apnea and dyspnoea in a dream are the most common respiratory pathologies, because of which people constantly turn to a polyclinic. Pay attention - snoring also accompanies various diseases.


During sleep, a person begins to lingerair for ten seconds. In advanced cases, pulmonary ventilation stops for a longer time - twenty to thirty seconds. After that, the person is filled with loud snoring. If a girl is in such a state all night, she will have a headache and drowsiness in the morning. At the same time, your memory is badly affected, your work capacity is deteriorating, your intellect is declining. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSAC) Occurs as a result of constriction of the upper respiratory tract. As a result, oxygen starvation begins, there is an increase in CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the blood and an increase in acidity. When the state of the organism reaches a certain point, a person either wakes up or goes to the superficial stage of sleep. After the breath is fully normalized, a person can continue to sleep further. If you measure the blood pressure of a person during this period of time, you can notice a significant increase. This is fraught with sad consequences for those who have problems with the heart and blood vessels. Also, individuals with obstructive sleep apnea risk getting a heart attack, stroke, etc. Symptoms of obstructive apnea Most often, patients complain of a bad, restless and intermittent sleep, fatigue, aggression. For the whole day, girls can not concentrate on their work. Individuals with this type of apnea can even fall asleep while driving. In women, there is a decrease in libido, in men - potency. Causes of obstructive apnea

  • Age

Unfortunately, among older peoplegeneration, this disease occurs more often. This is due to the loss of elasticity of the muscles and the wall of the nasopharynx. Unintentionally relaxing during sleep, they more than usual shut off air access.

  • Floor

As mentioned above, snoring more oftenoccurs in representatives of the stronger sex. Women usually face this problem after they have started menopause. Some experts attribute this to the increase in the male hormone in the blood.

  • Obesity

The fatty layer also has a very strong effect onnarrowing of the respiratory tract. And the thicker the person, the longer and more often there will be apnea. In some cases, even a breath may stop. Therefore, if a person snoring in a dream has serious problems with weight, it is necessary to lose weight urgently.

  • Alcohol

People who consume alcohol andstrong drinks, are also in the risk factor. By the way, among the fans of alcohol, the index of the disease of apnea is much higher. Respiratory failure also occurs if the person prefers to drink seldom, but aptly.

  • Deformities and diseases

Fractures, tumors, injuries, birth defects,deformation of the nasopharynx, inflammatory processes and similar problems can also lead to the onset of apnea. In this case, snoring in a dream indicates that you have something wrong with the body. Therefore, always consult with a specialist. Especially if after awakening you feel a pain in the throat, heart or lungs. It is better to fight with obstructive apnea only in specialized outpatient clinics. After diagnosis, the doctor prescribes a specific course of treatment to eliminate the cause of the disease. In particularly difficult cases, it is fought with unique equipment. The device regulates and levels the breathing of a person, providing the lungs with oxygen. Unfortunately, this procedure is quite expensive and not everyone can afford. Central apnea Most often occurs during the period when a person falls asleep, as well as during a fast sleep. At completely healthy and thin individuals it is shown very seldom, thus any infringements in an organism do not occur. As in the previous case, those who are sick constantly have shortness of breath, constant drowsiness, nocturnal awakenings, and similar disorders. Make sure that this is the central apnea, and not obstructive, you can after a complete examination. strong snoring in sleep


During sleep, rhythm and depth are disturbed in patientsbreathing, the heart rate increases, and loud snoring also appears. With guttural dyspnoea, air fluctuations occur only on inspiration. When tracheal - and inhaling, and exhaling. Usually such disorders occur as a result of lung disease (pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma), when smoking or if you have a nose pathology.

How to get rid of snoring

In fact, get rid of this diseasepretty hard. If the problem is related to the sky or tongue, in specialized clinics you may be offered several treatment options. The most sparing - operations with the help of special instruments (laser, coagulator, cryodestructor). Naturally, everything is done under local anesthesia. In conventional hospitals, where there is no special equipment, the problem is eliminated with a scalpel. However, even after the most expensive treatment, snoring can come back to you. And you again in a dream will feel all the delights of this disease. The cause of recurrence may be the re-emergence of neoplasm in the nose, polyps, problems with the nasopharynx, excess weight, etc. In this case, you have to go back to the operation. If the usual operation does not help to eliminate snoring, you can go to uvulopalatopharyngoplasty. With the help of special equipment, excessive soft tissues are removed, which in a dream relax and interfere with normal breathing. Sometimes you also have to do the correction of the jaw (upper or lower). Fighting snoring at home

  • Massage with fingers

You are pestered by the constant snoring that you heareven in a dream? Try a few days in a row to do a special massage. It is necessary to start the procedure on an empty stomach, since some individuals may have a vomiting reflex. Do not forget to wash your hands with soap beforehand. So, open your mouth as wide as possible, then with your index finger begin to massage the area behind and in front of the tongue (two or three minutes, no more). Movements should be neat and smooth, barely perceptible. Be careful not to scratch the soft sky with your fingernail. The average course lasts fifteen days, after which a short break is made. This will strengthen the muscles gently the palate, which relax in a dream, causing snoring. In the event that you can not massage yourself, ask for help from relatives. The exception is when, even when touched, a vomitive reflex arises. In this case, only a doctor will help.

  • Folk recipes

For a month, drink every morning fora glass of cabbage juice with honey. Before eating (somewhere for an hour and a half) eat one baked in the oven carrots, and at night bury your nose with sea buckthorn oil. Beforehand, do not forget to check if you are allergic to certain ingredients.

  • Gymnastics

It is believed that if you perform dailya certain set of exercises, snoring will never bother you. Well, it is worth checking out. To begin with, learn to breathe properly: rhythmically and deeply. Straighten your shoulders, raise your chin, close your eyes and take a deep breath. You should feel how your lungs fill with oxygen. Now exhale slowly. When you go to work, you can also do some useful exercises. For example, start to control yourself. So, take a step, a second, a third and at the same time breathe in. The fourth, fifth, sixth - we exhale. At first it will be difficult to do, especially if you are an avid smoker who has never been involved in sports.

  • Working with speech

To overcome the hated snoring, forday for thirty or forty times, repeat the various tongue twisters. Also you can sing, play a long "Iii". The main thing is that the tongue and throat muscles participate in the process. One month is enough to cope with this problem. What can and can not be done to a snoring person Often people themselves are to blame for snoring in a dream. There are a number of rules and restrictions that should be adhered to by those who have such problems. And if you start to perform at least half, then perhaps your second half will no longer complain about you. So, remember once and for all - to drink alcohol, eat, smoke for four to five hours before bedtime in any case impossible. Important! If you have cats or dogs in the house, drive them out of the room at night. About thirty minutes before you go to bed, ventilate the room. Great, if you can use a humidifier. Do not sleep on a soft or low feather pillow, a sagging or old mattress. Prefer orthopedic sleeping accessories. Thanks to special materials, your head will not squeeze the surface. This is also useful for the vertebra. It is not advisable to sleep on your back. Try to fall asleep on your left side. Ask your soul mate to turn you around every time she hears your snoring. By the way, in no case should you shut your mouth to the patient, as a person can simply suffocate. Also you can use special tools. They are either made to order, or are sold in a pharmacy. It can be a thin semicircular plate, reminiscent of an inset that boxers use to protect their teeth. Its main task is to maintain the jaw in such a way that it always stretches forward. Due to this, the airways will not be closed. The only negative is a rather high price. In addition, this device helps only in cases where snoring is not accompanied by other disorders in the work of the body. If the nose, for example, is broken, a runny nose or tonsillitis has inflamed, you need to see a doctor. It's dangerous, baby snoring! Unfortunately, not everyone regards snoring as a serious disease. Over a man, because of which even the neighbors do not sleep, often all are amused. And the culprit himself refers to this in exactly the same way as to an easy cold - it will pass by itself, if you do not pay attention. Such negligence is fraught with serious consequences! But it's even worse when children snore. Scientists have conducted research, on the basis of which they made quite interesting conclusions. Infants who snore during sleep are more likely to have hyperactivity than quietly sleeping babies. The problem is that because of shortness of breath and intermittent breathing, the brain begins oxygen starvation. As a result - a delay in development. By the way, it is not unusual for newborns to suffocate and die in a dream. Therefore, if you find this disease in your child, immediately contact the pediatrician and LOR.