smell in the refrigerator Kitchen is the heart of every home, as if trivialdid not sound. True, the modern hearth, unlike the hearth of our forefathers, has been refined so that our praspras in the kitchen in an ordinary modern apartment turn out to be speechless. True, they could hardly appreciate all the advantages of home appliances, and many kitchen devices would be considered superfluous. But they certainly would not leave one unit without attention. And this unit is a refrigerator for us. There is this indispensable accessory absolutely in every house, but not in every house it is in perfect condition. Even an impeccably clean and serviceable refrigerator can present such a distressing nuisance as an inappropriate and often unpleasant smell. Where does the smell in the refrigerator come from? What makes us squeamishly wrinkle the nose, opening the door of a self-satisfied handsome man? Let's try to figure it out.


Even if you are sure that your refrigerator is insideabsolutely clean, and the air in it is devoid of any smells, do not rush to rejoice. Swipe to start the experiment - and suddenly in your fridge lives the smell of the invisible. Take a packet of butter and cut off from it two small pieces. One experimental sample is placed on a saucer, and the second well wrapped with parchment and food film or put it in a hermetically sealed container. Leave the experimental samples in the refrigerator for a couple of days. Yes, by the way, the piece that lies on the saucer, do not cover. After two days, take out both pieces of butter and taste them. Ideally, both pieces should be similar in taste. If the oil on the saucer differs in taste from what has been packed, then there is a smell in your refrigerator. Simply, you either do not feel it, or you are used to the fact that the refrigerator smells so. And in this case, and when there is clearly a "smell" visible in the fridge, you should try to determine its source. And what can cause a smell in the refrigerator? bad smell in the refrigerator

Smell of food

Naturally, the refrigerator stores products andeven ready-made meals. Therefore, the source of the smell in the refrigerator, first of all, they become. First, revise the contents of your refrigerator. An unpleasant smell produces missing or spoiled foods, especially if they are not hidden in a package or lie in an open container. Look, if there was a piece of cheese lying on the shelf, half of the cut onion, a peeled garlic clove, the milk in the bag did not sour, whether the vegetables and fruits in the lower compartment started to rot. Completely appetizing smells of ready dishes, mixing, too can become the reason of appearance of not so pleasant smell in a refrigeration cabinet. For example, soup in a saucepan and the remains of goulash in a saucepan. Are they covered with a lid? So what? The lid, as a rule, is not completely sealed or is provided with a special hole for the escape of steam. That smells like your refrigerator with a mixture of goulash and soup. Strongly smell of cutlets, fried meat and fish, herring, pickled and salted vegetables, braised cabbage. By the way, even fresh cabbage is sure to provide your refrigerator with a specific smell. Therefore, try to store the leftovers of ready meals only in airtight containers, carefully pack sausage, cheese (and other particularly fragrant products) and as often as possible check the freshness of food stored in the refrigerator.

Technical odor

This smell, as a rule, lasts for a long timein the new refrigerator. And the reason for that is his plastic "stuffing". After all, many parts of the refrigerator are made of plastic, which by its nature is a source of a special smell, perceived by us as technical, but actually of a chemical nature. Refrigerators of outdated models that continue to faithfully serve their masters can also get an unpleasant technical smell. The cause of this smell is even the easiest leak of refrigerant. But, we will notice, that in modern models of a refrigerator refrigerants have no smell. If you keep medicines in the refrigerator, then most likely, they caused the technical smell. Many plastic packages or polyethylene caps are able to smell strongly smelling medicines (especially liquid ones). They give off the smell of ointments, medicines, drops, tinctures. And even the very packaging of the medicine can easily become a source of a specific technical smell. nasty smell in the refrigerator

Smell of decay

The worst and most unpleasant incident of smellingrefrigerator - cadaveric odor. Such a smell appears in the case of an emergency defrost of the refrigerator, in which raw meat or fish was stored. If the refrigerator in your absence (or with your connivance) for a long time was in a disconnected state from the power supply, the products stored in the freezer could melt and leak. And the blood (sour) or juice (from the fish) flows from them. It is this liquid that then begins to produce a stench, which we call a cadaveric odor. In essence, so it is - the smell of decaying flesh. It's not so scary, if the blood stuck between the seal and the door of the refrigerator: it's easy to wash everything here. But if this liquid has time to flow through the cracks into the empty spaces of the refrigerator, then write is gone. Independently of this smell, you will not get rid of. Do not help any folk or special means of removing odors, nor thoroughly washing the refrigerator. It will have to be dismantled, remove the thermal insulation, wash the walls and lay a new clean thermal insulation material. So without the help of a specialist here you can not do. Therefore, carefully monitor the working condition of your refrigerator, try not to allow its unintentional defrosting, but it is especially necessary to defrost and wash the refrigerator at least three times a year. This, of course, applies to the latest models, and more rare refrigerators need to be thawed and washed at least once a month. Then the smell of meat (eventually acquiring a cadaveric odor) will not stay in the freezer, and your fridge will not smell. By the way, the cause of a bad smell in the refrigerator may be a blockage in the automatic defrosting system or a hindered drain of condensate. So, prevention, timely revision of the contents of the refrigerator and basic rules of kitchen hygiene will help you prevent the appearance of smell in the refrigerator. Be carefull! We advise you to read: