Similan Islands Thailand ... Can I think of a place, moreadapted for year-round recreation? Hardly. And this will be confirmed by any tourist who has visited this country at least once in an eternal summer. Green forests, rich wildlife, mild climate, abundance of attractions, rich nightlife, shopping, spa and unobtrusive service. Too vague, you will say, and demand proof. After all, the same is said every day about a thousand other resort places. Well, then! It is worth saying three magic words, and even if you have never been to Thailand, this will be a weighty argument for you: Pattaya, Phuket and the Similan Islands.

In pursuit of a dream

About the Temple of Truth in Pattaya and about the night clubs of thisthe island is said and written so much that it is easier to remain silent than to repeat again adjectives to an excellent degree, which capacitively and truthfully characterize the level of comfort, rest that you get on the beaches and resorts of Pattaya. About Phuket and do not stutter. Any woman dreams at least once in a lifetime to visit the spa capsules, get a full range of exotic massage and world-famous mysterious procedures that can restore youth and beauty. And this is by no means an advertising slogan, but the truth in the very last instance. About the beauty and seclusion of snow-white beaches, you do not even need to mention it. It's not for nothing that Thailand, or rather its island part, is chosen for the honeymoon by the newlyweds. Where else can you feel like the most real Adam and Eve walking around the gardens of Eden, if not here? And one more important detail, making Thailand a place of rest, the most attractive for women of all ages - shopping. Round the clock and varied. Starting from exotic souvenirs and ending with the latest collections of designers with a world-wide reputation. After all these transfers, it becomes clear that Thailand has all the qualities to become a paradise for the holidaymaker. Not for everyone, you will say, implying lovers of secluded rest, and give an example of the over-saturation of beaches. Nevertheless, it's not clear to you that Thailand is a tourist's dream, and therefore there can not be any privacy. Everything has long been researched vacationers. Wherever you go, the benefits and achievements of civilization and shout about yourself, you can only dream about untouched nature. Although run to the end of the world to open another America personally for yourself. And again you are not right. Thailand is also here able to surprise you. Similan islands

Every whim for your money

It's not for nothing that they say that Thailand is a place wherethe tourist business is put on stream. And any whim of a tourist is satisfied here, it is only necessary to voice your wishes. You will have the opportunity to see if you have chosen a holiday on the Phuket peninsula. A place, at once we will tell, not the most solitary, though also very beautiful. But that's not why you came to Thailand. You want to stay, if not Eve, then at least Robinson of our time. And you will have this opportunity, you just need to go on an excursion to the Similan Islands, which are on the very border between Thailand and Burma. True, enroll in this two-day excursion will have long before the start of the season. And he is not year-round on the Similan Islands. From November to May eleven islands of the archipelago are inaccessible to tourists. Huge waves make a trip on a pleasure boat not just impossible, but also dangerous. So, the remaining time is scheduled by the hour. And if you do not take care of writing in advance, you will lose a lot. The beauty of the islands of the Similan archipelago can be written stories. What exactly did Jacques Yves Cousteau, who chose the almost virgin underwater world of the National Nature Reserve of Thailand for study. Thailand Similan Islands

Similan Islands: a journey into the wild

So, rent a tent, equipment fordiving, if this is exactly why you are going to the National Park, and on a speedboat depart from the comfort of hotel rooms to the treasury of wild nature and a treasure of true values, to the Similan Islands. Just two hours away by motor boat from the peninsula of Phuket is a place where rest turns into a real adventure on a desert island. And in these words there is no exaggeration. Of the eleven granite islands, only two are temporarily inhabited. It is temporary. On them, not to disturb the ecosystem of the island, built a few bungalows, where you can eat lunch and take a shower. But not to tourists, but to the caretakers of the reserve. And that's all. You will have to spend the night in a tent. After all, this is exactly why did you come here? You will not regret your choice for a moment. Eucalyptus groves make the air on the islands surprisingly clean and fresh. You will be able to taste the fruits of a real breadfruit tree, rattan. A melodic tapping of bamboo groves can plunge even Buddhist monks into a state of prostration, and an unaccustomed traveler realizes that the sounds of nature are the best music for a noise-ridden civilization of hearing. You forget that there is some other world in the Similan Islands instantly. You seem to cross an invisible border and find yourself in the middle of wildlife. Here, fish and animals are not afraid of man, and on the beach you can and should walk barefoot, not afraid to step on the garbage. And everyone will be forced to take off their shoes, such is the internal law of the reserve. A real primeval paradise! Palm trees, jungles and a lot of monkeys, flying foxes and flying squirrels. By the way, valuable advice: if you have a sensible dream, it will not be superfluous to grab the birushas, ​​otherwise the volume of sounds of wild nature can not be reduced. Nikobar pigeons, which are found only here, fearlessly roam the beach. Hairy earthen crabs, exposing the claw, hide in the grass near the paths. And rats are also full-fledged native inhabitants of these islands, they should not be afraid, as they are part of the pristine ecosystem of the island. Walking through the forests and jungle and watching the wild gray monkeys - not all, for which it is worth to go to these islands. This fairy tale is hidden from you by the water column. So wear costume and scuba gear - and forward, to conquer coral forests and get acquainted with the underwater fauna of the Similan nature reserve! Similan Islands Thailand

Best Diving on the Planet

Underwater world, diverse bottom relief andcrystal clear water of the Andaman Sea made these places a paradise not only for lovers of wildlife and those who prefer Spartan rest, but also the sweetest dream of divers from all over the world. It could not be otherwise. As soon as you dive into the water, you fall into another dimension, into another world, beautiful and fascinating. A world where human laws do not work and where one can observe the natural course of life. Jellyfish with a continuous cloud hang in the water column, performing their intricate dance of death for the surrounding fish and crab trifles. A pair of barracudas, without fear of you, excite the fish, and from the coral grotto the moray eels are periodically shown to grab a regular dinner. Cuttlefish amuse themselves funny and sometimes allow themselves to pat. Although, if you make a sharp move, then the charge of ink in the face, or rather - in the mask, you are provided. And of course, huge sea turtles. These clumsy on land creatures with enviable grace float in clear water. You can pat them on a rough shell or ride in an embrace. In extreme cases, arrange a competition for high-speed scuba diving. But do not forget to look around and be as cautious as possible, as wild nature surrounds you and there are all kinds of surprises that can somewhat overshadow your rest. Similan Islands in the underwater part are corroded by grottoes. If you have been diving for a long time, you can arrange a small trip to the underwater caves. Fortunately, visibility here is excellent and additional lighting is not required. And coral reefs and underwater caves are home to a huge number of sea anemones and sponges. They are colored spots dotted the bottom, and the tentacles then disappear, then blossom like fantastic flowers. Here you can take one of the most colorful films that you can proudly show to your friends and that will remind you of an exciting journey into an almost parallel world. where are the Similan islands

Stonehenge in Thai

In the Similan nature reserve you can seesomething that resembles the English Stonehenge. True, unlike the man-made landmarks of Europe, these black stone blocks are of natural origin. At one time, during the eruption of the volcano, they were thrown to the surface of the island, now they hang over the white sandy beaches with a black shadow. If you want, you can even climb them. True, it is best to do this in shoes. If the snow-white sand of the beaches does not heat up, the huge boulders, like compensating for the coolness of the sand, warm up like pans. So grab the shoes you took from you, without it you only need to walk along the beach. Pay attention, under each block as podorkok twigs and knots are made. According to local belief, supporting the stone, you help to keep him from falling, which means that you can rely on help yourself. Only nine hours flight separates you from the most real paradise on earth. If you decide to visit Thailand, do not miss the opportunity to go to the Similan Islands. There are not many places left on earth where a person can become a part of nature. Not a conqueror and conqueror, but a polite, inquisitive and welcome guest.