silicone on the lips Beautiful can not be forbidden. Each in his own way understands this common truth. Someone tries to emphasize their dignity with the help of make-up and stylish clothes. And some prefer hiking to plastic surgeons. Especially fashionable in recent years has been an increase in the lips. Apparently, the fame of Angelina Jolie prevents many girls from sleeping on planet Earth. Whether Edge's plump lips have helped in the acting career or not is unknown, but the fact that plastic surgeons will always have a job and a piece of bread and butter is a fact. We will try with you to understand all the subtleties of this surgical procedure, which the doctors themselves so indulgently speak about. To listen to them, even a second-grader can increase lips with silicone. And independently. Let's write this bold statement to the next medical humor and remember the chemistry lessons. What did they say about the silicone?

Silicone - will increase the breasts, lips and self-esteem

The formula of silicone is as sophisticated as itsDescription: [R2SiO] n. The panacea from the flat lips and chest includes an organic group (R), which can be either ethyl, or phenyl and methyl to choose from. In a word, silicone is a chemical compound containing oxygen and silicon. The structure and properties of this substance can vary depending on the degree of polymerization of the so-loved silicone by plastic surgeons. In the medical world, there is even a joke about the fact that the silicone was invented by a blonde who was dissatisfied with her forms. And this is strange, given the degree of intelligence that is usually awarded to blonde women in a man's conversation. Anyway, women like to wear silicone implants and seek, although this method of increasing the fluffiness of forms has long ceased to be fashionable. Whether a joke! The first operation to pump silicone into the chest was conducted in America in the far sixties of the 20th century. During this time, chemists have managed to come up with a lot of other ways to increase the lips, breasts and self-esteem of the average woman. But, nevertheless, silicone was and remains the main salvation for girls, dissatisfied with their lips. lip silicone

The history of lip augmentation with the help of silicone

Sensual lips have always been desirable forgirls. No wonder that, in parallel with breast enlargement, there was a growing demand for a procedure for injecting silicone into the lips. In the last century such operations were, if not uncommon, then not sufficiently worked out. A plastic surgeon injected the desired dose of silicone immediately, often causing complications and an undesirable effect. That drug was administered too much, and the girl's lips after the operation resembled vareniki with cherries. That the silicone was distributed unevenly, and the lips looked asymmetrical. However, to correct the consequences of surgical intervention was hardly more difficult than to conduct the operation itself to increase. And if almost every plastic surgeon took the silicone on the lips, it was not everyone who decided to pump it out. Plus, silicone has an interesting feature: to grow into the body. Now imagine, what efforts does the doctor have to remove such an implant without risk of hitting the facial nerve? But this did not frighten women, and in pursuit of perfection they sometimes acquired an unnatural and sometimes caricature look. Years went by, and the process of increasing the lips with the injection of silicone in them improved. Today, the surgeon conducts this procedure gradually, introducing silicone into the girl's body in minimal portions. This technique helps to avoid undesirable lip imbalance (this is when the drug begins to live its life and gets lost in one corner of the lips). Plus, the girl can always refuse subsequent injections if she finds that her lips are already quite plump and attractive. The composition of silicone has also changed. Now it is as safe as possible for the human body. Therefore, cases of rejection occur less and less frequently. By the way, about contraindications to the increase in the lips should be told in more detail.

Lip augmentation with silicone: contraindications

Yes, yes, plastic surgeons sometimes refuseto their patients in lip augmentation with silicone. And it's not about the money or personal dislike of the doctor for a person. A specialist can veto an operation for those women who want unnaturally puffy lips. According to doctors, this whim may change the next morning, and caricatured large lips will remain, and to deflate the silicone from them (as we already said) will be a challenge. The second reason that a surgeon can refuse is age. Lip augmentation does not threaten underage patients, as, indeed, other plastic surgery. The third taboo in the list of doctors is an increase in one of the lips for no apparent reason. That is, if the lips of the patient are completely proportional, and the girl wants to pump the silicone only in the lower part, creating the appearance of such a whimsical girl. Here, the operation may not take place. At best, the doctor will advise a uniform increase in the lips, which will preserve their proportionality. If you have very thin, almost imperceptible lips, it's not a fact that an increase with silicone will solve the problem created by nature. Some surgeons do not even undertake this procedure, because the lip area can not be changed, and the extra volume on the thin lips will not only not save the situation, but it will also look ridiculous. Prepare for the fact that you before the operation will have to go through all the doctors for the diagnosis of health. People with chronic diseases, blood clotting disorders and diabetes mellitus may be denied plastic, despite the fact that liposuction with silicone is performed under local anesthesia. The surgeon's responsibility for the unsuccessful operation is too high. It is clear that doctors simply do not want to take risks. Where else you will be sent before the procedure, so it's an appointment with a therapist. And this is not accidental, because mentally ill people are more than others dreaming to correct their appearance. Need I mention that when confirming a sad diagnosis, such people become persona non grata in plastic surgery clinics? lip silicone

Alternative to silicone

Let's say you read the article and still notdoubted their decision to enlarge their lips. Well, that's your right. We will not discourage you, but rather tell you about alternative ways to increase your lips without using silicone.


Here you will get lip augmentation not with silicone, but withown fat, which the surgeon pushes from your thigh or buttocks (depending on where you have it most). Advantages of this method are the complete absence of chemistry and a lifetime result. No you are allergic to silicone and other artificial preparations. No rejection. And in the place where the fat was pumped out, there is no trace left of the surgeon's intervention. It seems to be some pluses. But no. There are also enough minuses. The disadvantage of lipofilling is that fat often begins to behave unpredictably, accumulating not where you need and thereby violating the proportionality of the lips.

    Enlarged lips with biogel

After the silicone brought a lot of troubleplastic surgeons, everyone began to think what would replace it. Also have found. First, synthetic gels were used to increase. But they also caused a lot of side effects. Therefore, it was decided to replace them with special biogels, which include hyaluronic acid. These can be Perlene, Restylane and Restylane Lipp. Cosmetologists simply clap their hands, painting the advantages of these biogels:

  • complete absence of allergic reactions,
  • the ability to add extra volume to your lips by making yourself another biogel injection,
  • ability to permanently save the receivedthe result, if you go on time to the so-called correction (and that, you go to the hairdresser for a haircut, and manicure periodically have to be corrected)
  • you will not need to conduct special tests on the compatibility of the material with the body, since hyaluronic acid is entirely natural,
  • if the result did not impress you, and yet youdecided to leave the natural volume of the lips, biogel can always be removed from the body. In this case, you do not need an additional operation and the intervention of plastic surgeons. It is enough to introduce into the lips a special enzyme that dissolves the biogel.
  • Aesthetic cheiloplasty

A very cardinal method of increasing the volume andchanges in the shape of the lips. This is a plastic surgery, during which a strip of skin is cut over the upper lip, a new contour is created, which then is sewn to the main skin of the face. Agree that the description is truly burning. Now imagine this procedure in action. Do you want it? We are sure that your lips are not as thin and flat as you think. A few lessons from a professional make-up artist will help you to correct the shape of your lips with less. Therefore, our advice to you: do not rush to the plastic surgeon.

    Gymnastics for the lips

It can not be said that several exercises willYour lips are plump as if by magic, but systematic exercises will help develop muscles. And where the muscles increase, so does the volume of the lips. So, remember a few simple lessons:

  • fold your lips with a tube, relax and then fold again. Repeat the action for several minutes,
  • spend a contrast shower for the lips, during brushing, gently brush and lips, massaging them,
  • with force pull your lips into an unnatural smile, relax and smile again,
  • whistle a little more. You do not know how? Then simply exhale the air from the lips curled into the tube.

Lip Gloss Silicone: Implications

And again about silicone. Doing a review on the topic of lip augmentation, one can not fail to tell about all the undesirable consequences faced by patients of plastic surgeons. This is not a violation of the proportionality of the lips, which we mentioned earlier, but about changes related to the patient's health. These include:

  • Painful sensations when applying makeup on the lips;
  • Undesirable seals in the lips;
  • Poor adhesion of silicone in smokers;
  • Swelling, redness, bleeding after an unsuccessful operation;
  • The need to remove silicone from the lips throughseveral years after the increase. The fact is that this material does not adapt to skin aging, and age changes can cause at least accumulation of silicone in one place, as a maximum - rejection.
  • Inability to completely remove silicone from the lips. Even the best specialist will not be able to deflate the entire preparation from the lips, since (see above) the silicone has the property of growing into the skin.
  • The last tip for those who still wantincrease the lips with silicone. Before you go to see a plastic surgeon, look at more photos of girls with pumped lips. Just choose images not from the catalogs of clinics that provide this service, but on the Internet. How many disfigured faces! Do you think the doctor will be able to guarantee that tomorrow your photo will not fill the ranks of the topic on the forum about unsuccessful plastic? Then why does he ask you to sign a document stating that you will not have claims to the surgeon due to an unsuccessful operation? Think about it. We advise you to read: