pregnancy test Signs of pregnancy in the early days may noticerather, a woman who has already been in a similar position, since she knows these sensations and changes in the body. In the case of the first pregnancy, most often when these changes manifest themselves, they remain unheeded, even if the woman expects this joyful moment - to feel pregnant. There are signs of pregnancy in the early stages of absolutely all in different ways. It's just that not everyone understands this. One woman will decide that the changes and sensations that she drew attention to are related to the upcoming menstrual cycle. The other will get on the nerves ... There are first changes in the female body, allowing the subconscious to suspect pregnancy. It is these signs of pregnancy in the first few days that lead women into meditation. Naturally, the symptoms of different women on the first day of pregnancy are individual, however, the most accurate signal of pregnancy is a violation of the menstrual cycle. Some women may notice the first signs the day after conception. Other such symptoms can be felt only after a few weeks, and it sometimes happens that the process is so calm that women do not notice any changes in the body at all. breast augment

True signals

The most accurate signal in the first days of pregnancygives women a breast. It can not increase immediately, but only after the delay of the menstrual cycle, but her increased sensitivity, in some cases even pain, speaks of herself a week after ovulation. Over 70% of women face this symptom in the first days of pregnancy. However, in many women, this feeling occurs before every menses. The difference is that during pregnancy, the sensitivity of the breast increases significantly and the pain is stronger than before menstruation. Pregnancy can be manifested in the early stages by fever and a slight chill. If you observe changes in basal temperature, you can see that before the monthly, instead of reducing the temperature rises. But such an increase also accompanies ectopic pregnancy. In addition, there is often a general malaise. In the early stages, an increase in body temperature to 37.2 ° C may also indicate a woman's pregnancy. But do not rejoice in advance - this may be a simple beginning of a cold. Most women, listing the very first signs of their pregnancy in the early days, mentions increased drowsiness and fatigue. This is a natural and normal process, as at this moment a sharp hormonal alteration of the organism takes place, which passes only to the end of the first trimester. In addition, drowsiness can be caused by a lack of iodine in the diet. But if suddenly there was excessive fatigue with drowsiness, it is worth considering whether you are pregnant. toxicosis

It's worth pondering

From the first days there is another symptompregnancy in the early days - rapid urination, especially at night. Pregnancy is also manifested in traditional ways: nauseated in the morning, food preferences change, all smells become more palpable. It happens that even the smell of soap begins to cause an unpleasant feeling. But such unpleasant moments, as a rule, are manifested by the seventh week of pregnancy, a couple of weeks after the delay of menstruation. Delayed menstruation is almost a mandatory signal of pregnancy. But, often it happens that the men go on time and the pregnant woman has no idea that she may have already 4 weeks of pregnancy. Doctors-gynecologists consider the bleeding that women take for menstruation, a bad sign indicating a threat of miscarriage. But in practice, 5% of women find out about pregnancy later due to such bleeding. Then they calmly bear children, without threat of miscarriage and treatment. Possible manifestation of minor discharge in the form of minor bleeding or several brown droplets, as well as "yellowish traces" on toilet paper. This is one of the earliest signs. 10 days after conception, the embryo is planted on the uterine wall. In some cases in women, this process is accompanied by bleeding, but, in general, occurs without any excretions at all. In addition, minor secretions can also reappear on those days when the fetal egg in the uterine wall "gets used to" more actively. Such discharge of creamy consistency, pink or yellow shade. If they appear after a delay, it is necessary to consult a doctor, since in this case there may be a threat of a fetus. Such discharge is also characteristic of erosion of the cervix, which increases with the onset of pregnancy.

Symptoms of pregnancy before menstruation

Swells and becomes very sensitive breasts- Such a sign can become permanent as early as the first week after conception. The woman significantly changes her breast, reacting to every touch, it hurts, sometimes it is almost impossible to touch it. But such feelings do not concern every woman. There are pregnant women who do not have such feelings. In addition, a very pronounced sign of pregnancy is the darkening of the skin around the nipples. In pregnant women, blood flow increases substantially, especially in the pelvic organs, since at this moment the uterus gradually increases. Most pregnant women feel their uterus from the first day of implantation and also relate this feeling to the first signs. Less pleasant, but manifested in all pregnant signs - the appearance of hemorrhoids. Most have hemorrhoids from the second half of pregnancy, but some are less lucky, and future mothers suffer from this unpleasant problem and in the early stages of pregnancy.

Pressure reduction

Quite often there are pregnant women withlowering of blood pressure. As a result, there is weakness, fainting, dizziness, headache. Deterioration of state of health can long standing, reception of hot baths, long stay in stuffy, badly ventilated premise, and malnutrition. Pregnant with hypotonic problems is especially important to observe the regime of the day, which is a night sleep (10 hours), in addition, you need a day sleep (1-2 hours). In the course of pregnancy, many women radically change their eating habits, there is a craving for certain foods. In addition, there may be a so-called zhor. An unpleasant sign is also a manifestation of secretions associated with the occurrence of thrush in pregnant women. Some lucky people do not feel all the "joys" of nausea. However, aversion to odors, vomiting in the early stages or just nausea occurs in 50% of women. Vomiting during pregnancy in some expectant mothers is several times a day, combined with nausea and drooling. Vomiting is accompanied by a change in taste and exacerbation of olfactory sensations. Whatever it was, at the first sign of pregnancy, it is best, without delay, to consult a doctor. It is he who will make an accurate diagnosis and follow the correct development of the fetus and the general condition of the future mother.