street arbat in moscow Moscow today is a large modernmetropolis, which is distinguished by an extraordinary combination of ancient architecture, dense and green forest park areas, majestic channels of rivers and ponds, modern buildings. The sights of Moscow are not only its architecture, but also many historical places, numerous galleries and museums, zoos. You can not visit Moscow and do not see the Botanical Garden, do not make a wonderful trip on the boat along the Moscow River or do not see the big Moscow zoo. But about everything in order, we suggest to make a short excursion to the main sights of the capital. worship mountain

Architecture and grandeur of monuments of Moscow

The main sights of Moscow are,of course, its architectural structures. Here you can see an unusual combination of old buildings and modern buildings, numerous monuments, temples of past centuries, manors. Moscow is a city that has a rich history, even if you have lived here for a long time, you can still find many historical places worth visiting either by yourself or with children. Red Square and the Kremlin Who of us is not known Red Square, serving as a symbol of the capital. It is here that there are numerous masterpieces of world culture, including:

  • The Spasskaya Tower,
  • the most beautiful cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed,
  • all known mausoleum,
  • Alexander Garden.

Red Square attracts every daynumerous tourists and residents of the city, this is a real center where you can plunge into the amazing combination of modern and ancient history of this unusual city. The history of Red Square starts its history from the end of the fifteenth century, since its inception it has been considered the main square of the whole city. It is located near the northeast wall of the Kremlin and beyond. In the southern part of it is the famous Pokrovsky Cathedral, which is better known as St. Basil's Cathedral. In the northern part - the Historical Museum, the Cathedral of the Kazan Icon. In the east, GUM is adjacent to the square. Here you can see the monument to Minin and Pozharsky, the Necropolis near the Kremlin wall, the Execution place. There is also the main attraction of Moscow - Lenin's mausoleum, in which crowds of visitors flock every day. Having visited Red Square, it is impossible not to see the Kremlin, the first walls of which were laid in the twelfth century. But initially they were wooden. The most interesting objects that are on the territory of the Kremlin are Ivan the Great Bell Tower, Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon, the Church of the Deposition of Assumption, the Assumption, the Archangel, the Annunciation Cathedral. To the monuments of architecture can be attributed and more modern buildings, such as the State Palace of Congresses. temple of Christ the Savior The Tretyakov Gallery and Tsaritsyno Estate in MoscowThe Tretyakov Gallery is a favorite and visited place, where guests of the city are striving. The history of the gallery began with a small collection of paintings by P. Tretyakov, a great connoisseur of painting. In 1889, he gave his unique collection to the city. In the collection of paintings were the work of Monet, Repin, Bryullov, Pissarro, Dag and many others. Today you can visit the gallery in the main building, which is located in Lavrushinsky Lane. There are about 150 paintings, sculptures, modern graphics. Manor Tsaritsyno - one of the most famous art, historical and architectural, landscape museums-reserves of the capital. It is located in the southern part, the reserve includes a majestic landscape park, Tsaritsynsky ponds, a magnificent palace and park ensemble. Today, this protected area is one of the largest, with an area of ​​about 550 hectares. The main building of the ensemble is the Great Palace, where a permanent exhibition is presented, which is dedicated to the history of the estate, to Catherine II, to numerous archaeological finds. The Bread House offers exhibitions devoted to confectionery art, and there are various musical events. For schoolchildren there are regular excursions, here you can book for special classes, held at the Horse School. Novodevichy Convent The Novodevichy Convent is located on the Devichi Field, in the bend of the Moskva River. The place is named precisely because, according to legend, it was here that girls were selected for the Golden Horde. The prefix "Novo-" was given in order to distinguish this monastery from the existing Old Age. Sometimes the name of this monument is associated with the name of his first abbess, Elena Devochkina. Today, this most beautiful monastery is one of the most visited among other Orthodox women's monasteries. From here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the river, this is the quietest, most peaceful place of the city, which you just need to visit. stone flower fountain

Parks and main reservoirs of Moscow

The sights of Moscow are not only hersbuildings and monuments, but also numerous green areas, parks, ponds. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to get acquainted with this part of the big, noisy and very fussy city, where nothing says about the passions boiling in the center. Clean Ponds and Neskuchny Garden One of the most famous landmarks of the city are Chistye Prudy, which has always been associated with something light and inexpressibly cozy. The unique atmosphere, silence, charm of this place each day attracts guests and residents of the city. But not always here was such a quiet and charming place. In the seventeenth century there was an abattoir here, the waste from which was thrown off into a pond called the Pogany Pond. But in 1699 Menshikov bought this place, cleared the ponds, set up a beautiful church. Since then, this place has received its modern name - Chistye Prudy. These days it is the territory of a large, very beautiful park and Chistoprudniy Boulevard, on which there are numerous monuments and churches. Previously, it was a popular holiday destination, but recently in the evenings various informal youth associations began to gather here, so enjoying walks is best during the day. At the surface of the pond, you can go boating, and in winter, ponds become excellent skating rinks. Neskuchny Garden - this is a real gem among other attractions of the city. It is located in the heart of Moscow on the right bank of the river. The oldest park covers the territory from the Third Transport Ring to the Green Theater, its area is almost sixty hectares, close to such places as the Park of Culture and Recreation. Today in the park there are such monuments as the House of Count Orlov, Elizavetinsky Pond, the stone pavilion of the Hunting Lodge, the beautiful three-span bridge with arches, the Bathhouse. Moscow Planetarium Botanical Garden and Gorky ParkThe Botanical Garden of the city is the largest in Europe. It belongs to the department of botanical sciences of the Academy of Russia. Today, this garden is considered one of the most impressive in the world, there are collected plants from all corners of the globe. This place can be called a museum of wildlife, the number of exhibits is several tens of thousands of plants, suitable conditions have been created for them. Including here there are rare specimens that are threatened with extinction. In the Botanical Garden there are entertaining excursions, examinations of the flora exposition. Visitors are invited to purchase the most diverse planting material, beautiful indoor plants, including exotic ones. Gorky Park is a landmark of Moscow, which is known to everyone. He is especially interesting to the kids, since it is here that the most diverse attractions are located, there is the opportunity to ride a boat or a catamaran. For fans of silence you can go to Neskuchny Garden, which is located nearby. The park is located between Leninsky Prospekt and Pushkinskaya Embankment, its history begins in 1923, when the square was built for a large agricultural exhibition. A little later was formed a large CPC & O, which includes not only the modern territory of the Gorky Park, but also part of the Vorobyovy Gory, Neskuchny Garden. The park acquired modern features much later, and in 2006 a reconstruction project was presented, which, due to high cost, was not realized so far. The main attraction of the park is its attractions. There is a small town for very young, cognitive attractions for older children and separately for teenagers. Today, this place is the best place for a family holiday. There are organized walks on horses, ponies, in carriages. On holidays there are performances of pop stars, shows, discos, folk festivals. Moscow Zoo

Walks around Moscow

Moscow - an unusual city, he conquers from the firstlook. We offer a virtual walk through the streets of this large, extraordinary city. Arbat is a territory that lies between such streets as Malaya and Bolshaya Nikitskie, and Kropotkinskaya embankment. The district has always attracted artists, musicians. This is the most lively place, where not only the guests of the capital, but the Muscovites themselves are very fond of. The name of the Arbat has several versions, from the widespread ones: from the Arabic "Rabad", that is, the suburb, of the Turkic "Arba", that is, the cart (here the constant tightness, the traffic is passing with difficulty) and the Russian "Gorbat", that is, the street with bends. The first mentioning of Arbat can be found back in 1493, further popularity was given by numerous shops, shops, associations of artisans. Already in the 17th century the Arbat became a fully commercial street, such alleys as Money, Plotnikov, Serebryany and others adjoin it. Later Arbat became a favorite place of residence for many writers and doctors, composers. Here visited N. Gogol, A. Pushkin, A. Skryabin, S. Rachmaninov. Since the end of the nineteenth century, luxury restaurants, large shops, lucrative houses are beginning to be built in this area, and a horse is starting to work. At that time the Old Arbat was an aristocratic quarter. Today everyone can find in this corner something interesting for themselves. It's not only numerous shops and bookshops, but the streets themselves, where you can hear a variety of music performed by street musicians, see the exhibitions of masters. Poklonnaya Gora Another attraction of the city can be called the Poklonnaya Hill, on which the memory of the deceased heroes during the Patriotic War was immortalized. It is a large memorial park, which is located between Minsk street and Kutuzovsky prospect. Today, the Memorial Complex occupies 135 hectares. You can visit the Victory Monument, the Central Museum, see numerous statues dedicated to the defenders of the Motherland. In 2010, here was lit the Eternal Flame, a torch with a flame for which it was brought here by an armored personnel carrier. But in addition to the memorial complex, you can visit other memorable and very interesting places. These are such monuments as the Church of St. George the Victorious, the Memorial Mosque, the Temple of Memory. The popular place for recreation is Victory Park. For small visitors there are attractions, for more adults, there is an interesting excursion on the road train, for rest there are numerous small cafes. And a large floral clock can remind you of time. Novodevichy Convent Excursion by boat See the streets and mainthe sights of the city can also be enjoyed by an entertaining excursion by boat along the Moscow River. Especially popular is a journey through the canals of the city on hot summer days, when you can enjoy the fresh breeze, the coolness coming from the watery surface. This walk will be an unforgettable experience, it will give an opportunity to see numerous monuments of architecture, green parks, majestic embankments. Traveling on a river tram, you can see the Novospassky Monastery, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the most beautiful buildings in Zamoskvorechye. you will sail under such bridges as the Borodino and Berezhkovsky, the grandiose Smolensk metro bridge, the Kiev pedestrian bridge. The most popular routes of the city begin in the center of Moscow, one of them goes from the Kremlin to Sofievskaya embankment. There is a route from the Kiev railway station to the Kolomenskoye park, from Marino and to the Khimki reservoir. Today, you can choose many routes depending on what you would like to see on the embankments of this magnificent city. Moscow Zoo Even if you have long since left the childhood, a walk through the Moscow Zoo will give you a lot of fun and joy. The history of the zoo began in the eighteenth century, it is only slightly younger than the oldest in Europe - Vienna. Today, its exposition includes more than a thousand species of animals, these are eight thousand specimens. The unusually beautiful and rich zoo of Moscow every day attracts numerous guests, especially many families with children. But there is one thing - visitors bring bread with them, and animals can not give yeast dough. Therefore, if the zoo employee made a comment, pay attention to it, because all this is done only in favor of animals. Moscow's attractions can conquer anyone. If you visited this city - take time not only to its modern business center with numerous boutiques. Remember that the main charm he gives green parks and gardens, monuments of architecture. If you do not have a lot of time, then an excellent option will be a trip on the river tram, from which you can see the bright city from many of its sides.