shugaring Since ancient times, one of the inalienablewomen's beauty and attractiveness was considered to be tender, velvety and smooth skin. And it is true that the superfluous vegetation has not yet adorned any woman! That's why they always tried to get rid of it by all available means. What did not come up with the fair sex! For example, oriental beauties removed hair with a red-hot rod. And in Italy used for this purpose fat hippopotamus, tortoise oil and even arsenic. There were, of course, other, more sparing methods. And one of them is shugaring. It would seem that this word entered our life very recently. But, as you know, almost everything new is just a well-forgotten old. And shugaring is not an exception. Judge for yourself. "Copyright" for the invention of the slouching is challenged immediately by two famous Egyptian queens - Nefertiti and Cleopatra. Now it is hardly possible to determine exactly which of them first thought of this effective method of hair removal ... But one thing is certain - this method has been known for a very, very long time. By the way, in Russia, women also used shugaring - there is evidence that it was with his help that her beauty was supported by Princess Olga. However, there will be enough historical excursions. Let's understand what shugaring is. shugaring it

Shugaring - first acquaintance

The word "sugaring" is derived from Englishsugar (sugar). And this, of course, is not accidental. Shugaring is depilation with the help of a special sugar paste. The principle of the procedure is very similar to wax epilation. So, a reasonable question may arise: what is the best method? Bend your fingers:

  • For the procedure are used exclusivelynatural ingredients. There are simply no chemical additives that could cause an allergic reaction. So, it is absolutely safe even for very sensitive skin.
  • Shugaring not only helps to get rid of excess vegetation, but also acts as a scrub, cleansing the skin and removing ingrown hairs.
  • Thanks to the huge amount of vitamins thatare contained in the mixture, this procedure simultaneously nourishes and softens the skin, greatly improving its appearance. Pigmented spots and inflammations become less pronounced and almost invisible.
  • Shugaring excludes burns. This is understandable - when the mixture can be used, it is already impossible to burn it.
  • Long-lasting effect. This procedure allows you to remove the hairs from the root. So, and spend it will have much less.
  • Doing such depilation is safe. This is one of the most hygienic methods of epilation. Sugar, present in the mixture, destroys the bacteria. Therefore, the threat of infection is almost zero.
  • Practically complete absence of contraindications. Exceptions are various skin lesions and diabetes mellitus.
  • Doing this hair removal is very easy and convenient. You do not need to go to an expensive salon for the procedure. All simple manipulations can be done on their own, at home. In addition, the remnants of the mixture are easily removed from the body with the help of ordinary water.
  • Low cost. The main components that make up the mixture are water, sugar and lemon juice. Most likely, you do not even need to specifically go to the store to purchase them. After all, there is such a set for every mistress. Yes, and prepare a similar mixture can afford even a person with very low income. Earnestly? Then let's try!

Mixture for shugaring

How to properly do shugaring? First you need to prepare the mixture. Of course, its quantity, and hence the amount of ingredients it contains, depends on the surface area of ​​the skin with which it is necessary to remove hair. Therefore, the formulation can be changed. But the proportions should be maintained. So, you will need:

  • 1 kg of granulated sugar;
  • 8 large spoons of water;
  • 7 large spoons of lemon juice.

In order to properly prepare the mixture forShugaring should be placed all the components in an aluminum container and put on fire. During the first five minutes, the mixture should be cooked over a high heat. Then make the fire smaller and cover the container with a lid. The main thing is that sugar does not burn. And for this it is necessary to stir the compound every two minutes. After about 15 minutes, the sugar will melt and the mixture will begin to boil. But shoot it from the fire early! Stir the formula continuously. Wait until the mixture will first light brown, and then cognac shade. Here the main thing is not to overdo it! If you smell burning sugar - you can safely send the composition to the trash. It is no longer usable. The approximate cooking time is 40-45 minutes. And make sure that the mixture is ready very simply. Pour cool water into the cup and place one drop of solution. If it hardens, then your "work" is ready for use. It's time to remove the container from the fire. Pour the solution into another container and let cool. Try to choose a place for the process to go evenly. Ready-made mass should easily take the desired shape and crumple, but do not break and do not stick to your fingers. what is shugaring

How to spend шугаринг

  • In order for the hair removal to go right, withoutunpleasant consequences and sharp pain, immediately before it it is necessary to steam out the skin well. Rinse thoroughly with body deodorant and moisturizers. Then the composition reliably "mesh" with the skin.
  • Take a small piece of composition and carefullymash in the fingers. As a rule, this takes 2-3 minutes. It should become soft and white. Roll the ball and press it against the skin, smeared against the growth of the hair. Sharply pull - already in the direction of growth. Be sure to keep the movement parallel to the skin. Otherwise, unwanted hematomas may appear. Yes, and hairs can break off.
  • If necessary, retry the procedureon the same skin area. Usually every "piece" has to be processed 2-4 times. If you feel that the compound has started to stick to your fingers, then you need to take the next portion.
  • After you finish shugaring, rinse the leftovers of the mixture warmwater. After the procedure, it is not recommended to take a hot bath or a shower - let the skin calm down. Sunbath, too, should not be. At least 3-4 hours. Try to avoid exercise on this day - a strong sweating can lead to irritation of the injured parts of the skin. After 4-5 days, you can do a mild peeling. Then you should do it once every three days.

Helpful Tips

  • Ironically, the bathroom and shugaring are incompatible. The bathroom is too warm and stuffy. As a result, the composition begins to stick too hard and ceases to perform its basic function.
  • If you use an electric cooker to prepare the mixture, do not turn it on too much power - it will just burn out.
  • This depilation is best done on enoughshort hair. Otherwise, the procedure will turn into a real torture. The maximum permissible length is five millimeters. If necessary, longer hair can be simply cut.
  • Do not rush and skip steaming. This is a very important step. It does not take much time, and hair will be removed much more easily.
  • In the process of depilation, the skin can become oily. This should not be allowed. As required, dry it with a towel. If this does not work, use talcum powder.
  • Try to stretch the skin as much as possible. Then the hairs will stick better, and the pain from manipulation will significantly decrease.
  • Never refrigerate in a refrigerator. In this case, a crust forms on top, but inside it remains hot.

As you can see, Nefertiti and Cleopatra were not onlybeautiful, but also smart. Correctly carried out shugaring is an almost ideal means for removing excess vegetation from the body. And, this mixture can be used anywhere - on the face, and in the bikini zone. And most importantly - to do this procedure is not difficult. Just have a little practice. And then perfectly smooth skin to you is provided! We advise you to read: