dishes with shrimps Shrimp - one of the most popular and usefulmarine products. Despite this, even experienced housewives do not always know which dishes can be cooked from them. Usually fantasy is limited to fried or boiled shrimp, as well as salad. There are many recipes for shrimp dishes, which are not difficult to prepare at home.

Shrimp, spinach and salmon cream soup

This wonderful soup-puree is prepared enougheasily and quickly. At the same time, due to its taste qualities, this dish can be called with certainty a delicacy. Such soup-puree will decorate any festive table and will bring a variety in the daily kitchen. For this recipe, it is best to take a royal tiger shrimp, although you can completely manage the usual. It will take:

  • Liters of cream fat content of at least 30%
  • Fillet of salmon (about 200 g).
  • Tiger prawns (7-8 pieces).
  • Leaves of spinach (about 100 g).
  • Dry white wine.
  • Salt.
  • Pepper (ground white).

First, a recipe requires frying spinachbutter. Do it best right in the saucepan. Preparation of spinach does not take more than 1-2 minutes. Next, you need to pour a little dry wine and wait until it is completely evaporated. Then add half the cream to the spinach, and simmer for about 7 minutes. When the first component of the soup is ready, remove from heat, cook with a blender, on which the submerged nozzle is worn. Put salt and pepper. Now we need to prepare, following the recipe, the second component of soup-mashed potatoes. Tiger shrimps cleaned, then cut along the back and pull out a dark vein, fry in refined vegetable oil. Wash salmon fillets, cut into not very large square pieces, dry them with a kitchen towel (paper). Pour the second half of the cream into the saucepan. When they start to boil, put slices of salmon, let them simmer for a few minutes, until the salmon is completely cooked. Remove from heat, put fried earlier tiger shrimps (leave as a decor), mash with a blender. Add salt and white ground pepper. In this recipe there is an interesting feature, it is required to pour 2 kinds of soup-mashed potatoes into one plate so that they do not mix with each other. To do this, take a serving dish, in the middle put the plate with a rib, holding it with your hand (it will not allow two soups to mix with each other). Then, on the one hand, pour the green spinach soup with spinach, and on the other - the shrimp soup, remove the separation plate. Put whole shrimp in the middle of the dish. And to finally bring the guests to delight, you can decorate the soup puree, putting a spoonful of red caviar and a sprig of basil. cream soup with shrimps

Tartlets with shrimps and dolblu cheese

It will take:

  • Cheese dorblyu (about 200 g).
  • Shrimp (half a kilo).
  • Lemon juice (2-3 tablespoons of spoon).
  • Garlic (2 cloves).
  • Dry white wine (about 40 g).
  • Tartlets ready.

For this recipe you use ready-madepurchased tartlets, but if desired, they can be prepared independently. This is one of the most delicious shrimp dishes. First you need to boil the shrimp, then clean them from the shell. It's important not to forget to pull out a dark vein that is in shrimp along the back. Peel the garlic and finely chop it. A sauté pan or a frying pan should be put on fire, melt the cheese there. This should be done on a small fire, stirring constantly. For this dish, the cheese should only melt, but not fried. After that, add the shrimps, give them a little stubby, then put the garlic and pour in the lemon juice. Then add the wine, cover the saucepan with a lid. When the wine is evaporated, remove from heat. Fill the tartlets with shrimp and cheese. They look very beautiful on a dish lined with lettuce leaves and small cherry tomatoes. This recipe can surprise even the most demanding guests. salad with shrimp

Okroshka with shrimps

It will take:

  • Shrimp (about 200 g).
  • Cucumbers (1 small).
  • Radish (8 pieces).
  • Cherry tomatoes (5 pieces).
  • Green onions.
  • Mint.
  • Eggs boiled (2-3 pieces).
  • Boiled potatoes (1-2 pieces).
  • Kvass ginger (1.5 liters).
  • Yogurt.
  • Mustard.
  • Parsley, cilantro, dill.

With this recipe you can perfectly vary the tablein the summer, when the heat in the street and want something cool and unusual. Cooked this dish does not take long. First you need to boil and brush the shrimp. If you can buy large tiger, then they need to cut into small pieces. Green onions (feathers) and mint leaves are rubbed together with salt. Then finely chop the cucumber, cherry tomatoes, radish. Potatoes and eggs are boiled, then crushed in cubes. Dill, cilantro, parsley finely chopped. Then, after the recipe, mix all the ingredients together, then pour all the ginger kvass, put it in the refrigerator for cooling. Before serving, put yoghurt sauce into each plate with okroshka, for which you mix mustard and yogurt with each other. For this purpose, you can use sour cream or cream, shrimp and vegetables are perfectly combined with them. When preparing this dish, it is not necessary to strictly adhere to the formula, the components can be varied to your liking. Dishes prepared on the basis of shrimps are healthy, as they contain a large amount of iodine and other useful ingredients. In addition, it is absolutely dietary food, which is simply necessary for many diseases. And those who want to quickly and painlessly lose weight should adopt the recipe using shrimp.