jeans shorts Dreaming of short sexy shorts, and a wardrobestuffed with annoying old jeans, long out of fashion? Do not rush to your favorite clothing store, you still have time to spend money. With the help of our advice, you will be able to give your worn old jeans a second life (who knows, maybe it will be much longer and happier first!). So why not make jeans shorts with your own hands, especially if you have fantasy, patience and creativity in store. Surely many of us have a not very pleasant experience of creating a shorts of jeans with our own hands. If you are not a seamstress and not a tailor and have already decided on such an experiment earlier, the result was, most likely, not very encouraging: the newly appeared jeans shorts often turn out to be curves, then too short. However, this is not an excuse to give up, especially since we will give you some practical advice so that the shorts created from jeans with your own hands will be just perfect from the first time. beautiful jeans shorts with your own hands

Jeans shorts: six steps to success

All that we need for the future masterpiece -it's jeans and scissors. If you wish, you can add a little cloth to the list of lapels, iron rivets and glue for fixing them. So, proceed to the magic:

  • Before cutting the fabric, put on your jeansand mark the length of the shorts that you dream about. You can mark the desired length with a chalk, a piece of light soap (dry, of course) or ordinary English pins. If you plan to make small lapels on your shorts, then add to the length of about three to four centimeters.
  • Do not cut the whole length at once, do it bya little bit. First cut off the jeans to the knees, then remove another few centimeters, not forgetting to try on every new length. Who knows, maybe the shorts will fall on you perfectly, without having to shorten to your mark?
  • No matter how much you hurry to finish doingshorts of jeans with their own hands, do not cut both legs at once, better do it one at a time - otherwise the chances are that the shorts will turn out to be curves. Remember the rule: measure seven times, cut once!
  • If you prefer the classics, then your option -Overlapped edges or stitched lapels. If you want your jeans to look youthful, then just lightly fan the edges. No less interesting look scuffles on the shorts themselves, to make them very simple. To do this you will need a large sandpaper (buy number four). Selecting the right place, just rub the fabric until the longitudinal fibers are erased, leaving only white transverse threads. Such attrition look very fashionable and natural.
  • Some girls just love holes ondenim shorts. In order to pierce your creation, use the following tools: scissors (be careful, you can overdo it and holes are too big); a nail file (with her help you have to pierce the denim fabric); stationery knife; razor (can make incredible artistic cuts). In any case, observe several rules: gins should be wet, and in the leg, you need to put some solid object - to avoid unnecessary punctures.
  • In the end, you can decorate your shorts the way your heart desires. In the course there is everything: iron rivets, crystals, elder flowers, appliqués.
  • Of course, you should not apply to your newcomersshorts all the jewelry at once: scrapes, holes, rivets and rhinestones on one piece of clothing can create a not too aesthetic image. Although, the rules exist only to violate them! Since you are a designer (and at the same time a sewing master) of these wonderful shorts, try to make them really exclusive. Who knows, maybe it's not just the new shorts that you made from your own jeans, but the awakening of your designer genius. Who knows? We advise you to read: