sew a handbag Little women of fashion are no less picky aboutTheir wardrobe than their older "colleagues". True, the idea of ​​fashion and style in them is very peculiar. Sometimes, what a mother likes, a little lady does not want to wear and wear for anything. But he would have put on his heels (like his mother or elder sister). But then my mother shows a character and declares that such shoes are not suitable for a girl. Okay. You can not have heels, then give me a bag. A bag? Here both ladies are solidary. Of course, what kind of lady without a bag? And my mother and her child begin to sort out all kinds of handbags in the stores, looking for a suitable specimen. Stop. And why in the store? Why not sew a handbag for a girl with their own hands? The accessory is not large in size, there will not be much material for it, and it will take even less time. So, mothers (grandmothers, aunts, sisters), arm with a needle and thread and get down to action. We sew a small handbag for our princess.

How to sew a purse made of denim fabric?

The most win-win option. Surely you have somewhere in the closet are children's jeans, of which the child has grown, and throw them pity. Let them in the business and sew a mischievous denim handbag. Considering that the knee and the bottom of the pants wear out on the children's pants, and the top remains "as new", let's take this particular detail of the pants as the basis for the bag. To begin with, we wash jeans, dry and iron. Then cut the trousers. We do not throw in the trousers, from them we make a handle for the bag or its side parts. If we sew a bag without sidewalls, then we take the upper hand, break off the seam between the legs and gently cut off excess fabric in a straight cut line. We rip out the zipper and iron the place where it was sewn. Then we add the pieces of the fly (as if the jeans are buttoned) and we put out the junction. Also zastrachivayem and belt in the place where he buttoned on the button. We turn out the bag and make a strong line on the bottom. We process the seam. The bag is almost ready, it remains to sew the handle. To do this, we cut out the handle part from the leg, make a small hem and stitch along the edges (along the length), iron it. Handle the handle to the bag, process the seat of the seam. At will, we can decorate the finished bag with appliqué and sew a zipper-fastener. But, I must say that the clasp for a child's handbag is an optional item. Therefore, you can do "little blood" and leave the bag without fastening. So, with your own hands from old jeans you can sew a new children's handbag. how to sew a small handbag

How to sew a handbag - a toy?

To sew a bag-toy with your own hands, choosevery dense fabric or skin (natural or artificial) of two colors. We also need a thin foam and lining fabric. And in order for the handbag to turn out to be interesting and bright, consider its design together with the future hostess. In general, involve the child in the process: let him share his ideas, draw a sketch or have the opportunity to sew small parts, choose a fabric and generally let him get used to working with his hands. You can, for example, make a bag in the form of a lion's head. In order to sew such a handbag, take the fabric and cut out of it two circles of the desired diameter - this will be the head of the Good Lion. From a fabric of other color we cut out a circle of smaller diameter - it is a muzzle. Then, by the size of the circumference of the detail for the muzzle, we cut out the ring - this is the mane. On the mane we make cuts (well, if we use felt or leather - they do not need to be swept). Two more small cut circles will become ears, and buttons - eyes. We make additional details. Based on the pattern for the head, we cut out circles of thin foam and the same ones from lining fabric. We collect the details: a circle of lining fabric, a circle of foam rubber, a circle of the main fabric. Apply the ears. We spend all the details around the circle. In the center of the finished part we put a circle for the face and we also tie it along the circumference. The muzzle will turn out convex. Also sew the second part of the bag. Then we add both sides with the wrong side and again we spread it around the circumference, leaving the top of the bag unshielded. We cut out the handle and sew it to the bag. Then we make the face good for the lion: we sew the eye-pushers, embroider or sew a round dark nose, embroider the mouth and the tongue (the tongue is optional). That's all we managed to sew a bag-toy with our own hands. Similarly, with their (and daughter's) hands, any mom can sew a bag-bunny, a bag-piglet, a bag-dog or a bag-kitty. Do not forget about the keen interest of the little princess in an accessory as important to her as a bag. Give her the opportunity to sew together with you. Let the little fashionista herself invent a bag for herself, and her mother will realize the children's idea in her own life. By the way, children's preferences (as well as women's) and the way (and way in the beginnings) to carry a bag will help to understand more about the nature of the owner of this accessory. how to sew a handbag

Bag and character

Do you want to know more about the character of the little lady? Then look at the way she carries the bag. However, if the baby has not yet chosen her style and imitates her mother in everything, then this test will tell more about her mother's character. Although, the apple is not far from the apple tree. If a lady wears a bag in her lowered hand, she is punctual and moderate in everything. If the hand is passed through the handle and the elbow is pressed - the lady know her own worth, is economic and loves order. And if the hand is raised to the shoulder - it is energetic, sociable and bold. Bag on the shoulder, the hand is inactive and lowered - the woman is insecure and shy. If the hand moves freely - the lady is cheerful. Pressed under the mouse bag is a closed, but serious, person, which is also emotionally stable and independent. "Sumo" preferences will also tell a lot about the female character. A large bag is characteristic for active and efficient women. Ladies who give appearance a lot of time, prefer elegant handbags. A small handbag without a handle - it is preferred by organized and reserved natures. Which lady will grow out of your princess? Time will tell. In the meantime, bring the child joy and give her not only a beautiful handbag, but an attribute of femininity. Let him get used to being a real lady. We advise you to read: