independent travels through Thailand Thailand is an amazing exotic country,attracting Europeans with a fabulous atmosphere, impregnated with the mystery of ancient temples and the magic beauty of nature. The flow of tourists to the "country of thousands of smiles" is growing every year, traveling to Thailand for millions of tourists is, first of all, an unforgettable experience, a sea of ​​emotions, a charge of cheerfulness and good mood. Local residents are happy to visit, so independent travel to Thailand has long become common for many tourists. Excellent service in hotels, democratic shopping, highly developed sex industry attracts for the travels across Thailand the most diverse public. Here reckless youth can relax quite cheaply, and five-star service is provided here for respecting the comfort of travelers.

Geographical location and climate

Thailand is between India and China, at the verythe center of Southeast Asia, on the peninsulas of Malacca and Indochina. The east of the country is covered by the Gulf of Thailand of the South China Sea, and from the west it is washed by the Andaman Sea. The territory of Thailand resembles in shape the head of an elephant looking towards Myanmar (in the past - Burma). The elephant's ears are located in the direction of Laos and Cambodia, and the trunk lies between the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand to the border with Malaysia. The state covers an area of ​​510000 square meters, the population of about 60 million people. According to the ethnic composition of the population, as well as geographically and climatically, the country is divided into six regions: the Mountainous North, the Northeast Great Plateau, the Central Plain, the coastal Eastern Plain, the plains and mountains of the Western and Southern Peninsulas. The climate for traveling in Thailand is favorable, tropical. The average annual temperature is from + 28 ° to + 30 °, in the cool period does not fall below + 25 °.

Customs, transport, money

According to the current legislation in the countryprohibited the importation of drugs, obscene literature and photographs, firearms, certain types of fish, animals, plants, vegetables and fruits. Without a duty, you can import video and photographic equipment in the amount of one unit, plus 5 films, tobacco products not more than 200 pieces, not more than 1 liter of alcohol. From the country it is forbidden to export any images of Buddha, for art and antiquities, a license for export is required, which is issued by the Department of Fine Arts. Travel to your trip around Thailand better public transport. The country has excellent intercity bus service. Passenger trains do not move very fast, which allows foreigners to view all the beauties of this fabulous country. Automobile traffic is chaotic and insecure, so it is better to rent a car with a driver for travel around the country. trip to Thailand

Beach vacation and diving

For those who prefer a sunny holiday, the sea andwater sports, Thailand offers the pearl of Siam - its best resorts are Samui, Pattaya and Phuket, the exotic islands of Koh Chang, Samet and Pi Pi. Snow-white beaches, azure smooth surface of the sea soothe, sunbaths cover the bodies of sunbathers with a magnificent golden tan. Transparent sea water, abundance of living creatures, amazing coral reefs create excellent conditions for diving. On gentle waves you can do windsurfing, sailing, there are plenty of water attractions. Cha Am Island, where until recently the imperial family, the Thai elite and aristocracy rested, became extremely popular among lovers of family recreation. This paradise allows you to get rid of problems and fuss and merge in harmony with nature.


Only the sun goes down the horizon,Thailand comes alive: everywhere there is a clockwork, laughter is heard, young people walk and have fun. Thailand - an excellent place for a club holiday. Here, even small cafes are filled with visitors who enjoy eating national cuisine, which is very exotic. Magnificent shows that amaze with their relaxedness will not leave anyone indifferent. In the country there are always bright, colorful festivals, in which everyone can take part. trip to Thailand


In Thailand, in the past - Siam, the cult reignsBuddha, which clearly demonstrates the huge (400!) Number of temples, its ubiquitous images and the countless army of monks. Being in Thailand, sightseeing tourists invariably begin with temples. Among the places of worship is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, located in the north of the royal residence of Mahamontien. It is an object of national pride of local residents, the Thais visit with reverence this temple, expressing their respect to the Buddha and his teaching. In the Temple of the Golden Buddha, the statue of the deity is cast from 5.5 tons of pure gold. In one of the most ancient temples of Thailand, the Temple of the Sleeping Buddha, the figure of the deity is 46 meters long and 15 meters high. It is completely covered with gold and symbolizes the state of the Buddha in anticipation of the transition from the mortal world to absolute immortality. The king in the state of Thailand is also considered a sacred person, therefore built in the XVIII century. The Grand Royal Palace is a work of art. The length of the walls around the monastic residence is more than two kilometers, and the whole complex covers an area of ​​218,400 sq. M. The favorite residence of the King of Chulalongkorn, the famous Heavenly Palace, is today the world's largest teakwood structure. National parks in Thailand are amazing; The orchid farm and Butterfly Garden are famous throughout the world. The Flower Garden, located 32 km south of Bangkok, occupies more than 25 hectares and represents an endless sea of ​​roses and orchids.

Shopping in Thailand

A variety of tourism - shopping - manyattracts cheapness and a rich assortment. In the markets here you can buy at the lowest prices Thai silk, jewelry made of gold and precious stones, crocodile leather and skate leather products. Europeans acquire unique souvenirs and handicrafts. The stores regularly hold promotions and sales, they work late, and shops of the network "Seven-Eleven" - generally around the clock, even on holidays. All this makes the travel around Thailand even more attractive. a trip to Thailand - what to see

Thai massage

Speaking of Thailand, we can not say about the famousThai massage, whose origins go back to the time of the Buddha. Massage is usually done by Thai women, who by nature are very petite. However, their strength can be simply amazed, because Thai massage is not gentle and erotic stroking, as it is customarily mistaken to think. This is a complex of certain manual effects on your body. This massage promotes an even distribution of energy throughout the body, after it you feel wonderfully rested and refreshed. Very popular with tourists is another kind of massage - foot massage. Masseuses act on all sensitive points, which are very many on the feet of a person. After such an action, you can dance in the club all night long without stopping! In a word, if you are lucky enough to be in Thailand, do not deny yourself the pleasure and please yourself with an excellent Thai massage!

Security measures

Being in Thailand, it is necessary to remembersome simple security rules. Raw water in Thailand is harmful to health, before drinking it must be boiled. Creams for sunburn should be used with a high degree of protection. Even with gloomy weather, you can burn heavily under the hot Asian sun. In the country, street traffic is left-sided; passing the roadway, you need to look first to the right, and then to the left. When renting a car, you need insurance from everything under No. 1. Motorcycles are not insured at all, and under force majeure, long and costly proceedings are secured. In night Thailand is better not to turn into dark alleys, fans of easy money in the country suffice. If you follow these rules, you will not have any negative emotions. On the contrary, your memory for a long time will retain the warmest impressions of traveling around this country. We advise you to read: