With an apparent abundance of clothes in general and children'sclothes - in particular, the choice of clothes for the baby is not the easiest task. Moreover, it is not so much a lack of color solutions or clothes from certain types of tissues, but the fact that most parents simply do not know what materials it should be, what are the requirements, both physiological and psychological, to its style and color . We'll figure out what kind of clothes for the baby will be the best. It is clear that choosing clothes is not the same as choosing diapers - but as a rule, this approach is observed in many. Quite rightly arguing at the counter that things for the child are bought almost "at once", due to quality is not paid at all. The result - the crying of a child - because, for example, that the clothes are either too tight or it is hot in it. But it would be half bad. The fact is that in which clothes the child spends the first years of his life, affects his health and even the stock of character. For example, it is well known that children are a real hormonal boiler that is constantly bubbling, all the time, all day and night. The metabolic system works in children several times faster than in adults. Is it any wonder that those people who were wrapped up in wool blankets and underwear covered with skin diseases and various allergies several times more often than those whose parents were not afraid to catch a cold. Thus, if you choose diapers for newborns really at once, not paying too much attention to the quality of the same hooks and a cheerful pattern on the fabric, then it is better to examine the baby's clothes more carefully.

Pay attention to the fabric of clothing

For example, it is inadmissible in any children's clothingThe presence of more than 30 percent of synthetic tissues. Non-breathable synthetics make it difficult to breathe and the baby's skin - and after all, about 40 percent of the body's emissions go to children almost to the preschool age through the skin. Of course, you can experiment with materials, but will such an experiment be fair if the only indicator on which, for the time being, we can orient ourselves is ?

Choosing "free" clothes

Next, do not choose too tightlyclothing adjacent to the body - and it's not that a child grows "by leaps and bounds," but that tight clothing makes it difficult to move - and this affects not only the formation of the skeleton, but also significantly hinders the development of the child's psyche , because the movement just develops the brain, as well as a large number of bright and unusual objects around.

Color of clothes

Speaking about the brightness of the environment, we do not meanonly toys. The color of clothing, whether it's diapers for newborns or the first in the life of a child's shirt, plays a significant role in the development of the psyche. It is proved that the brighter the children's clothes, the more abilities the little person shows in the junior classes of the school. So, summarizing it can be said that you can choose diapers, the first clothes can be guided by the prevalence of natural fabrics in them or the complete absence of synthetics, the brightness of the coloring and a slightly larger size than is required for the child now. We advise you to read: