early dawn A pregnant woman is the most restless creaturein the world. And this is quite understandable, because a woman is responsible not only for herself, but also for her future baby - the most important man in her life. The future mommy listens to the slightest changes taking place in her body. For the most part, these fears are completely vain, but in some cases there is indeed cause for concern. And one of these causes is spotting in the early stages of pregnancy. Why just the early ones? Yes, because for long periods of pregnancy bleeding is clearly a signal of serious danger. In the early stages, of course, excretion can not be ignored, but they do not always indicate a threat to the life and health of the baby - in some cases they are completely harmless.

Causes of bleeding

Causes on which bloodyallocation, quite a lot. It goes without saying that the doctor and gynecologist can determine the cause in each specific case. However, the most terrible thing is the unknown, so we will tell you about the main possible causes that can cause both smearing discharge and heavy bleeding.

  • Implantation of the embryo into the uterine cavity

The most innocuous and most popular reason forwhich the future mother in the early stages of pregnancy may have bloody discharge - is the process of introducing a fertilized egg into the uterine cavity. This happens about the seventh day after fertilization, so often a woman still does not know about her pregnancy, or has just received news of her interesting situation. Incidentally, it is these bloody discharge that is often mistaken for the onset of menstruation. Such spotting is unprivileged, brownish and does not pose any threat to either the mother or the child. The swab stops on its own, within two or three days. During this period, the test already shows a reliable result, so if your months seem strange to you, make sure that you do not encounter this phenomenon.

  • Threat of abortion

If you know for sure that you are pregnant and noticedbloody discharge, and even felt a drawing pain in the abdomen, it is worth seriously worrying - it is very likely that you are faced with such an adversity as the threat of termination of pregnancy. And most importantly, what should you do in this situation - as soon as possible to seek help from a gynecologist. To delay in any case impossible. Causes that can cause rejection of the fetal egg, a lot, but in most cases, such a pregnancy can be saved if the timely start the necessary therapy. So calm down and call an ambulance brigade - most likely, everything will be fine. Lie for a while in the hospital, proklyut injections, drip droppers, drink vitamin and go home to expect the birth of his little long-awaited miracle. Doctors say that about one in five women got into the hospital for the maintenance of pregnancy in its early stages. And to save a life the kid managed more than in 80% of all cases. Agree, the figures are very encouraging?

  • Ectopic pregnancy

In some cases, early bleedingmay indicate a pathological phenomenon, such as an ectopic pregnancy. With this type of pregnancy, the fetus is fixed and begins to develop outside the uterine cavity - for example, on its neck, in the ovary, in the abdominal cavity or, most often, in the fallopian tube. Ejaculations in ectopic pregnancy are usually not very abundant, soulless, accompanied by painful sensations in the lower abdomen. The loss of time in this situation can result in very critical consequences that threaten the life of a woman - as soon as the fetus reaches a certain size, the tube can burst. Therefore, this should not be allowed in any case - you need to remove the embryo before to minimize the harm to the woman's health. In no case should you treat an ectopic pregnancy lightly! After all, the lack of medical assistance will inevitably lead only to one possible outcome - the death of a woman. Diagnose such a pregnancy for the doctor will not be difficult - just do the most common ultrasound study, which will determine where the fetal egg was fixed. By the way, recently doctors practice compulsory ultrasound in early pregnancy. This is done in order to identify a possible ectopic pregnancy at the earliest possible time, when it is possible to save the uterine tube.

  • Frozen pregnancy

Frozen pregnancy to this day remainsphenomenon is poorly understood - in most cases, doctors have not been able to establish the reason why the fetus stops developing. The frozen pregnancy proceeds for some time without visible symptoms, eventually leading to the appearance of bloody discharge. They arise because the uterus begins to reject the frozen fruit. Spotting discharge with a dead pregnancy is very scarce, brown, viscous consistency. Almost always there are painful sensations in the lower abdomen and in the lower back, resembling pain with menstruation. In addition, a woman can note the disappearance of typical signs of pregnancy - the toxicosis recedes, the breast that has increased earlier in size decreases. Of course, on the basis of only indirect signs such a diagnosis is not made. The doctor will conduct a thorough examination of a pregnant woman - ultrasound, blood tests for hormones, manual gynecological examination and only after that confirm or deny the fact of a frozen pregnancy. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the woman should be immediately provided with medical care - doctors clean the uterine cavity, remove the embryo and fetal membranes. If this is not done in time, serious complications, up to sepsis, can develop. If the help is provided in a timely manner, the woman will recover quickly enough and soon be able to conceive and give birth to a beautiful healthy baby.

  • Inflammatory processes

Very many people believe that the future mother does notis prone to any gynecological diseases. However, in fact, it is during the early stages of pregnancy that all chronic sores become activated, as well as inflammatory processes of the reproductive system. Naturally, during this period, abundant vaginal discharge is possible, which can sometimes have a dark yellow or brown color, mistaken for bleeding. However, often there are additional accompanying symptoms - an unpleasant odor of discharge, pain in the lower abdomen, general weakness, fever. It is easy to guess that such a condition threatens the normal course of pregnancy and the health of the future baby. Therefore, treatment should be started as soon as possible - immediately consult a doctor who will choose the best therapy. Do not expect that everything will go by itself - it will not work, and if you do not, you risk not only losing your pregnancy, but also earning very serious health problems. Do not treat your health carelessly. Especially in your situation it is not just about your health - do not forget about it!

  • Cervical erosion

Another very common reason forwhich can appear a daub - it is erosion of the cervix. And this can happen at any time of pregnancy - both on a large and early. With erosion of the cervix, there is no bleeding per se, but rather a daub. The cervix begins to bleed from the slightest touch to it. The daub can begin after sex, after a gynecological examination. Do not worry about this - smear does not pose any threat to my mother or baby and will stop by itself, in a few hours. The daub in this case is very sparse, the smearing discharge is similar to the saccharine, have a brown tinge. Of course, the doctor needs to be told about this at the next reception, that he should be more careful next time. And at the same time the doctor will decide what to do with your erosion. Yes, and inform the husband - for sex choose those poses that exclude a deep penetration of the penis. And in general during pregnancy, sex should be very cautious and sparing. During pregnancy, cervical erosion treatment is extremely rare. As a rule, the doctor decides to postpone the treatment for a while after the appearance of the baby and the light. By the way, as practice shows, in the overwhelming majority of cases, erosion after the birth of a child disappears by itself. Although a visit to the gynecologist still will not hurt - prevention has never harmed anyone. spotting on early pregnancy

Actions of women with bleeding

So, the future mother went to the toilet and noticed onlinen traces of blood. What to do in this case? First of all, calm down, because a nervous shock is unlikely to lead to anything good. Moreover - the excitation of the nervous system will inevitably lead to rapid heart rate, as a result - blood circulation is accelerated. It is easy to guess that in such a situation the bleeding will only increase.

  • Take a comfortable position

Of course, in this case it is not so easy to calm downsimple, but it is possible. First, sit back, relax, or even better lie down at all. Secondly, take control of your breathing - it must be smooth and deep. But just do not get carried away too much - otherwise there will be a saturation of the body with oxygen and, as a result, you can lose consciousness.

  • Evaluate your status

Next, you need to adequately assess your condition. Whether there are painful sensations in a stomach or belly or a loin, what character of a pain, whether the head is turned, whether there is a temperature - all this is extremely important at statement of the diagnosis. Pay attention to the amount and nature of the secretions - this information will also help the doctor when making the diagnosis.

  • Call an ambulance brigade

Self-assess the severity of the problem inyou are unlikely to succeed, so in any case, you need to seek help from a gynecologist. But it's not desirable to go to the hospital yourself, even if you are accompanied by someone - you may get sick and there will be no one to help. It is much more reasonable to call an ambulance team. Very often people wave back and prefer to get to the hospital on their own, explaining this by saying that the ambulance has to wait a long time. But in most cases we ourselves are to blame for this, because when we call, we do not give the full picture and the dispatcher is not able to assess the severity of the situation. When you call, inform the "first aid" officer about the age of the woman, the expected duration of pregnancy, tell us about the nature of the bleeding, describe all the attendant symptoms, state your home address, explain how to get there, warn about the code lock at the entrance and wait for the doctors. While waiting for the ambulance team, the expectant mother should observe complete physical rest-let her stay in bed. Practically always in such cases, doctors take the woman to the hospital, because only there it is possible to provide her with the necessary medical care. Therefore, when waiting for doctors to arrive, households need to collect essentials - underwear, matching clothes, hygiene pads, hygiene products, a cup, a comb. This will save time after the arrival of the ambulance brigade.

  • Compliance with all prescriptions of the doctor

Unfortunately, in most cases it is possible toto observe the same picture - as soon as a woman gets a little better and the daub becomes less intense, she begins to violate the doctor's recommendations, or even tries to return home as quickly as possible. However, this can not be done in any case! All the actions of the doctor are aimed at maintaining the pregnancy and your task is to help the doctors, and not to interfere with them! The doctor said to lie down? Means, lay, and it is desirable in hospital - it is not necessary to ask urgently home and especially to leave independently. Yes, perhaps, the treatment helped, bleeding is no more and does not even smear. But if the doctor did not consider it necessary to write you home, it means there are reasons! Most likely, in the near future you risk going back to the hospital, and with heavy bleeding. Of course, you are worried about the household, but believe me - they will not lose their hunger without you. And you lie, rest, gain strength - you will need them, because taking out a child is not so easy! Easy pregnancy for you and happy motherhood!