sand cake with apples Sand cake with apples is an ideal option forlight and delicate breakfast on a day off. Why not arrange yourself and your family a small holiday without any reason? Preparation of a dish does not take much time. Even if you do not have special culinary talents and never baked products, the product will still be delicious - just follow the instructions.

Dessert with homemade ice cream

Sand cake with cottage cheese and apples especiallyno one is surprised. "The usual dish" - some will say. However, any dessert - even at first glance unremarkable - easily turns into a real masterpiece of culinary art. You just need to want it and make a little effort. For example, the highlight of the next dish is ice cream, with which the curd-apple pie is served. His recipe is very simple, you'll see. Of course, you can buy a plombier at the nearest store, but it's much more pleasant to serve your own dish. Ingredients: For ice cream:

  • 640 milliliters of thick cream
  • vanilla essence - optional
  • three yolks
  • a cup of sugar

For the pie:

  • salt - optional
  • half a cup of granulated sugar
  • 0.5 two-hundred pack of butter
  • one yolk and protein
  • sifted flour - 225 grams
  • ground cinnamon
  • a large spoon (with top) of sour cream
  • 1/3 teaspoon baking soda

For filling:

  • 30 grams of sugar
  • 250 grams of small, low-fat cottage cheese
  • two small pinch of cinnamon
  • 440 grams of strong sweet and sour apples

Cooking method: Before turning to apple pie, let's start with ice cream. While it will freeze, you will bake the product itself, and thus save time. We offer a classic recipe for filling with vanilla. However, if desired, you can add fresh fruit and berries: if you want, try to vary the dish with strawberry, raspberry or currant jam. Take the first ingredient - sugar - and combine it in a deep bowl with yolks. With active movements rub the mass so that the sand is completely dissolved, then enter the vanilla essence. Now warm up the cream in the microwave oven, make sure that they do not boil in any way. Carefully pour a thin stream into the yolk mixture, put it on a minimal fire and cook, stirring regularly. When the mass becomes dense and viscous, remove it from the plate and cool a little. Then pour out the round shapes and put them into the freezer. It's time to take the recipe for the pie. It can be cooked with jam, but much more useful, and tastier stuffing from fresh apples. Therefore, we will consider this variant of food right now. In advance, lay out the oil from the refrigerator, then by the time the culinary procedure begins, it podtaet, and knead the dough will be much easier. Chop it in cubes and, putting it in a bowl for a blender, whip. Here, pour out the sugar, enter the yolk together with the protein and sour cream, turn on the device and mix for two to three minutes. As a result, you should get a magnificent white cream. In a separate bowl, sift the flour, add baking soda, just a little salt and ground cinnamon. Spend several times with a spoon, so that the ingredients are connected together. Pour into the oil and knead to measure a steep dough. When you can, roll it into a ball, wrap it in polyethylene and put it in the refrigerator. Now you need to learn the recipe for the filling, but with this problem certainly will not arise. If you get a thick-skinned apples, cut off the skin from them, then get rid of the bones and the core. Chop the fruit into thin slices, mix with the cottage cheese and sugar. There was a final stage - the assembly of dessert. Get the short pastry and divide it into two unequal parts, one of which should be slightly smaller than the first. Roll a larger piece into a layer of medium thickness. So that it does not stick to the surface of the table, sprinkle it with a small amount of wheat. By the way, it is very convenient to carry out the procedure on a special silicone mat. A tray on which you plan to bake an apple pie, cover with parchment. Thus, you protect your creation from burning. Transfer the first part of the test to it and take the second part. Similarly, roll it out, note that the sand mass is very tender, so it can tear. If this happens, do not worry, just "patch" the problem areas by clipping them with your fingers or covering it with a piece of dough. Lay the filling on the lower workpiece, evenly spreading it over the entire surface of the product. If desired, sprinkle a lot of ground cinnamon. Cover the top with a smaller layer of dough and gently pin the cake around the edges. Using a fork, make a few punctures in it to exit the steam. Send the dish to a preheated oven, the optimum temperature is 180 degrees. Watch the time, after about 27 minutes the future dessert will be covered with an appetizing crust. When this happens, remove the product and allow it to cool. Agree, this is a fairly simple recipe, which every lover of delicious baking can do. Cut the apple dessert into small pieces, arrange them on plates and each serving with a vanilla ice cream ball. apple pie

Yablochko cake with sugar powder

The following recipe is quite original - this oneonce the dough is kneaded in mayonnaise. Therefore, if you are not afraid of experiments, you are happy to implement new dishes, we suggest together with us to prepare the next cake. It can be safely attributed to the category of "experimental" cooking. Well, are you ready to take a chance? Despite the fact that the sweet cake contains an unusual component, the product is very delicious and tender. Learn the recipe, and you will see this in practice. Undeniable advantage of the dish is its economy - all products are inexpensive and affordable for everyone. Ingredients:

  • 210 grams of sand
  • three medium-sized cups of wheat flour
  • 160 grams of slightly melted butter
  • homemade egg
  • standard packaging of delicate mayonnaise (choose a low-fat product)
  • powdered sugar - for decoration
  • four to five small apples
  • eight grams of soda
  • five to ten milliliters of boiling water or vinegar to quench

Cooking method: Remember a few simple rules that will help make baking even more delicious. To make the product come out tall and lush, be sure to pass the flour through a fine sieve. And this concerns not only the preparation of pies: any dish - pies, pancakes, fritters, cakes - is kneaded on the basis of a sifted wheat product. If you want to save money, change the recipe slightly: use apple jam instead of fresh fruit. Just remember that it should be thick, otherwise the product will flow. If necessary, drain the excess syrup, and add the remaining pulp to the cake. And one more thing: when serving, decorate the dish with fresh berries, powder or, for example, cocoa powder. Because in this form it will look much more appetizing. Now take the recipe in hand and start kneading the dough. To do this, in sifted flour, enter soda, for its quenching table vinegar is suitable, if there is not one in the kitchen, take boiled water or freshly squeezed lemon juice. In a separate bowl, grind sugar and softened butter, pre-cut into cubes. When they form a homogeneous mass, add an egg, a delicious mayonnaise and a pinch of table salt. With active movements, mix the ingredients, then pour the flour into them and knead the dough. The dish is almost ready, it remains only to make the filling. Dry the washed apples, then cut off the skins from them, remove the core, pulp on the coarse grater. You can cut the fruit with straws or wedges, it's not a matter of principle. Sugar the product and proceed to assemble the product. Due to mayonnaise the dough turns out to be fat enough, therefore it is not necessary to grease the pan. However, if you are worried about your creation, cover the dishes with special paper. Roll the dough into a round cake, put it into a mold, add apples to it. Distribute them evenly over the entire surface of the future cake. Slightly raise the edges, forming the sides. If your family loves spices, sprinkle with cinnamon stuffing - it will give the product an unforgettable aroma. Bake it in a hot oven, the temperature of which should not exceed 190-200 degrees. As for the time, it depends on the characteristics of your oven. Before serving, cool the food, then sprinkle it with a sweet powder. If you decide to bake a pie with fruit jam, we recommend to make it closed, then the filling will not flow out. For this, the dough will need to be divided into two portions: large and smaller. Both roll out, then put the first into the mold, add the filling and cover with the remaining dough, be sure to firmly secure it around the edges. We wish you good luck and delicious baking. sand cake with cottage cheese and apples

Fruit pie with raisins and apples

By its tenderness, short pastry can matchexcept that with biscuit. However, the second is quite demanding in circulation, therefore, not every hostess is capable of daring to do such experiments. Therefore, we suggest putting a very simple recipe in your culinary treasury. This pie always goes to fame. For the filling we take sweet juicy apples and a little raisins. Ingredients:

  • a packet of expensive margarine
  • 4½ small glasses of flour of the highest grade
  • granulated sugar - 200 grams
  • five small sweet apples
  • two selected eggs
  • three pinches of baking powder
  • 65 grams of soft raisins
  • 20 milliliters of sour cream

Cooking method: Sift in a wide bowl of flour, then combine it with a baking powder. By the way, the latter can be replaced with baking soda. Margarine melt a little on the steam bath, then chop it into pieces and rub with a wheat product. In a separate bowl, whip the sugar and eggs with a mixer. Here, enter the specified amount of sour cream, when the mixture will turn white and become perfectly homogeneous, pour it to dry ingredients. Carefully work with hands or a halo to knead an elastic dough. Divide it into two pieces, each roll into a bowl, cover with polyethylene and put it into the cold. Raisins pour boiling water, while it is infused, peel the fruit from the skin and chop them into small slices. Dry berries, combine with apples, sprinkle with sugar. Part of the dough roll into a thin circle, place it on a greased baking sheet, top with a juicy filling. Sprinkle the product with the remaining dough, rubbing it on a large grater. Bake the dish in a preheated oven at 180 degrees. Want to surprise your family with a delicious apple pie? No problem - choose one of the suggested recipes and bake a dessert. Fruit stuffing from apples is an excellent option for summer, and in winter try to make a product with jam or jam. To make the charlotte look appetizing, adorn it before serving with powder, berries or cream.