salon care procedures To date, beauty salons offera huge variety of facial and body care procedures. It's no wonder that you can easily get lost. Each procedure has its positive qualities. And in order to help you understand them, we decided to tell you about the most popular.

Combined pedicure

After long summer walks in the opensandals and flip-flops, probably many are familiar with such problems as natoptyshi and cracks on the soles, and the question arises, but how to get your feet in order at a time? Then comes to the aid of a miracle procedure - combined pedicure. Its main advantages are its versatility. includes different technologies of pedicure (classical edging, hardware and SPA). An experienced master will select the program individually for the client, depending on the skin condition in different parts of the foot. The whole procedure will take no more than 2 hours, and the result and pleasure will exceed all expectations! You will only have to lubricate the legs with cream for a month until the next procedure, which the master will recommend for home use.

SPA manicure

Rest on the sea, work in the suburban area, and yesjust being under the summer sun, of course, pretty dried your skin and nails. But it's hands that are always in sight and it's the hands that give out the age of any woman first of all. And therefore require particularly careful care and anxious care. Do not limit yourself to just a hygienic procedure, be sure to spoil yourself with a SPA manicure! Peeling, a nourishing or moisturizing mask with paraffin therapy and, of course, a massage with aromatic oils is what will make your hands beautiful, soft, smooth, well-groomed and tender, and your nails healthy and strong. salon treatments

Peeling with fruit acids

As it is clear from the title, it is implemented with the help ofacids from fruit fruits. The idea is not new in itself, but the procedure is very effective and useful, especially in the autumn, when the summer holiday period ended with all its positive emotions and stressful for the skin (and what's really to be hidden - for the whole organism) by impacts. Like the ancient Egyptian technologies, and now peeling is done on the basis of 5 kinds of acids: glycolic from cane, milk from sour milk, lemon from all citrus, apple and grape from wine and fermented grapes. With the help of acid peeling you can achieve incredible results - tighten the skin, get rid of fine wrinkles, clean pores, lighten freckles and age spots, and everything, because acids have the ability to penetrate up to the dermis - the deepest layers of skin. Depending on the complexity of the problem, peeling is done in one to two or several stages and is necessarily under the supervision of a cosmetologist. The procedure of acid peeling can not be performed in the sunny season - in spring and summer, but autumn and winter - it's time to please your skin with the influence of fruit acids!


The youth of the skin wants to be kept for many years,and resort to surgical intervention, not everyone will be solved, and a lot of contraindications. To help those who aspire to maximally prolong the youth of a person without surgery, and created mesotherapy. In fact, it is the stimulation of metabolic processes at the cellular level due to injections of mesococci - drugs that are rich in a complex of vitamins and active substances that produce excess fluid, toxins and stimulating cellular renewal. Mesotherapy, thanks to a deep introduction into the skin, can give a very lasting result and help get rid of not only the withering of the skin, but also of small scars and even deep wrinkles! Periodicity of procedures depends on many subjective reasons, therefore the doctor-cosmetologist will tell you how often and in what doses it is necessary to introduce mesococtails. salon treatments

Lymphatic drainage care

This procedure is aimed at eliminating stagnationlymph in the body and correction of the contours of your body. The procedure includes wrapping with various cosmetic preparations based on algae and healing mud, chocolate and aroma oils under a special film with subsequent thermal impact and modeling massage. The whole procedure takes about an hour. During this time, blood circulation improves, lymph drainage, skin turgor raises - all this helps to significantly rejuvenate the skin and adjust the silhouette. The program of lymph drainage care should include 6-8 such procedures and an independent choice of fat-burning or tightening cosmetics. Speaking about the effect of the salon procedures, we must not forget that it will only be temporary if not maintained at home. Legs must always be lubricated with cream - moisturizing in summer, in winter - nourishing at night, and with means to prevent sweating - after a morning shower. Hands should be lubricated with cream after each wash and be sure to use gloves during any household work using household chemicals!

SPF protection

No matter how hard you try, the aging of the skinirreversible, because its main factor - ultraviolet irradiation, alas, is difficult to avoid. Especially, when during the summer period when the skin is oversaturated with ultraviolet and weakened, the autumn unpredictable sun can do great harm to the open parts of the body, namely the face, neck and hands. So, the main principles of SPF-treatment are protection, hydration, nutrition and toning. After choosing a cosmetic means, first of all you should determine the color type of your skin (there are only 6 of them, from albinos to Africans) and susceptibility to pigmentation. Cells that have received a super-dose of ultraviolet light, begin to produce skin melanin (brown pigment) to protect the upper layers of the skin, which is more evidence of the struggle of the human body with sunlight than rest, because prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation usually leads to a breakdown in the structure of collagen fibers of the dermis, elasticity of the skin, which contributes to the formation of wrinkles. In summer, the protection factor of your creams should be at least 35, in the autumn - at least 25-10. We thank the experts of the Educational Center "Head-up" in the preparation of the article.