Beauty salon at home Probably, every modern girl dreams aboutbeauty salon at home. It's interesting, but if you could choose only one master, who would you prefer? Perhaps a hairdresser? Since every day everyone can do make-up, and it's fashionable to dress at all, it's not hard to put on anything, but to build something attractive on your head is far from everyone can. Actually, this is the reason that the vast majority of girls go with the most simple hairstyles. And they can be understood, because to create a beautiful and interesting styling will require at least two hours and a lot of special tools. As for time, then, as a rule, it simply does not exist, and "equipment" rarely has enough money. Of course, you can every morning run into the salon, but again everything depends on the lack of money and time. But there is still a way out - you can call a hairdresser at home. First and foremost, it should be noted that its services will cost much less than a trip to the most unpretentious salon. Each barber-private trader works only for himself, which allows him to assign a lower price - it does not include the "share" of the salon. If come home, you can save a lot of money.time. While the master will conjure over your hairdo, you can paint your nails, have a sandwich, write a report on work, and also do many other useful things. The question of time is incredibly relevant for those who are going to attend an important event. Probably, you had to deal with the problem of recording a particular liked artist who works in a beauty salon. They work at certain times, strictly on certain days, and therefore sometimes they have to be recorded in a few weeks. And if, due to the circumstances, you have to cancel the recording, then the next "convenient time" in the schedule can be waited for a while. It is much easier and more convenient by phone to negotiate with a private master, shifting the planned procedures at a convenient time for you. For the convenience of the search, a professional community of beauty specialists "Kreis-Masters" was created recently, where a huge number of questionnaires were collected. You will be able to choose for yourself any professional, be it , hairdresser or stylist. In addition, you can just ask for advice, and in the community will recommend the most optimal options. Any advice on the selection of masters are free. You pay only the service itself to the master.