salad of sea kale You can cook absolutely any dish, but herewhat will be the effect of it - this is another matter. It is not enough just to satisfy the hunger - food should be nutritious, rich in vitamins. Only properly composed diet will ensure good health and a great mood. Today we will talk about salad recipes with sea kale. It can not be said that this dish is very popular, because its main ingredient is quite specific in taste. But before you abandon the dish, first learn its useful properties. The composition of the kelp includes micro- and macronutrients, vitamins, alginates, and amino acids. If you compare sea and ordinary cabbage, it is worth noting that in the first contains eleven times more magnesium, 40 - sodium, and iron - 16. In addition, the amount of phosphorus, it is twice as large as its "land" kindred. Salads from sea kale were preferred in ancient times: kelp was used as a diaphoretic, and the Irish used it to fight scrofula. In Indian medicine, anti-tuberculosis drugs were made from dried cabbage. Today the product is used in medicine, cosmetology and in cooking. Do you want to make an appetizing and, most importantly, useful and appetizing salad of sea kale? We will help in this, giving you the most interesting, delicious and original recipes.

Laminaria salad with apple

If you want to cleanse the body of toxins,heavy metals and radionuclides, go to the store for laminaria - it's time to make a salad with sea kale. Physicians have already said a million times about the beneficial properties of the product. It helps reduce cholesterol, improves the functioning of the heart muscle, the gastrointestinal tract, and also prevents the occurrence of bowel cancer. Regular use of salads from sea cabbage serves as a preventive maintenance of diseases of a thyroid gland and raises protective forces of all organism as a whole. Therefore, if you want to feel good, it is worth remembering a few recipes for a salad with sea kale. Prepare it - a matter of a few minutes, which is very convenient. Remember, a balanced diet is much more than just delicious foods. You can use frozen or, on the contrary, canned cabbage - in both cases the dish will be very appetizing. Try it and see for yourself! Ingredients:

  • large sweet and sour apple
  • 200 grams of sea kale (canned, frozen or other)
  • average carrot
  • large pickled cucumber
  • ground black pepper
  • sweet bulb onion (we recommend to add the Crimean variety to the salad with sea cabbage)
  • 380 grams of green peas in canned food
  • 20 grams of delicious mayonnaise (if you want to reduce calorie salad from sea kale, take olive oil)
  • salt

Cooking method: The first thing to do is cut the sea kale. After this washed and dried apple, divide into two parts, remove the core from them and cut them into small cubes. Then chop as small as possible beforehand peeled onions, and grate the carrots. Now cut the cucumber, then combine all the ingredients in one bowl, salt and pepper them at your discretion. Here, pour peas, but do not forget to drain the water from it. Add mayonnaise or pour salad from sea kale with olive or other vegetable oil. The dish is an ideal variant of an appetizing and healthy snack at work, it can be eaten in its own form or as a side dish to meat. salad with sea kale

Salad with garlic and sesame seeds

To date, culinary inventeda lot of salad recipes from sea kale, and each of them has its own "zest". As a dressing is ideally suited to vegetable oil, nutritionists recommend choosing olive. It is considered more useful, and the taste of this oil is very different from the sunflower product. Salads with sea cabbage are often served meat dishes: stewed or fried chicken, turkey, juicy steak. Also they can be consumed with a slice of crispy toast - here everyone comes to their own discretion. Let's look at another recipe for salad - this time we will use not fresh, but dried cabbage. Do you think that the food will turn out to be not very appetizing? You just did not try it! To add juiciness and tenderness to the dish, add soy sauce, olive oil; garlic and sesame seeds also help create a special taste. Diversify your diet with salad and salad from sea kale. Moreover, it will be possible to cook it in just seven minutes, so check the time. Ingredients: For golden toasts:

  • a few pieces of a loaf
  • five grams of garlic
  • vegetable oil
  • dried seasonings

For salad with sea kale:

  • three medium garlic cloves
  • bulb - one piece
  • 160 grams of dried kelp (if desired, you can use marinated or fresh)
  • 1/3 tablespoon sesame
  • a pinch of black pepper
  • 15 milliliters of soy sauce
  • three grams of fine table salt
  • a tablespoon of any vegetable oil

Cooking method: Recipes for salads with sea kale are usually preferred by lovers of healthy and healthy food. Even if you have never treated this category of people, starting to eat properly is never too late. This dish is good because, first, it is very quickly prepared, and secondly, it is economical and inexpensive. Well, about the beneficial effect of kelp on the human body, we have already mentioned above. So, the procedure for preparing salad from sea kale begins with the simplest: soak the main ingredient in the water. Dried kelp should for some time to infuse at room temperature, until it becomes soft. Then cut it with a knife, just not too shallow. Onions peel off the peel, chop into small pieces and fry in a saucepan with olive oil, then combine with kelp. For salad with seaweed, you can use both ordinary vegetables and violet. This onion is much sweeter, it gives the dish a piquancy. Now you need to squeeze through a special garlic press - enter it to the above products, lightly salt and pepper. To the almost ready salad of sea kale add the aromatic soy sauce and mix thoroughly. You have to make toasts, although you can use the dish without them, but just in case, let's consider this recipe. So, to serve salad with sea cabbage appetizing toasts, first cut the loaf into medium pieces (the approximate thickness is one and a half centimeters). After cleared garlic, grate on a grater and combine in a bowl with spices and a few pinch of salt. Well mash the ingredients with a fork, then grate the mixture with the bread. Fry it in a small amount of hot butter. When toasts get a beautiful gently golden hue, turn off the hotplate and allow them to cool. Salad of sea cabbage distribute on portion saucers and serve together with fragrant pieces of a loaf. As you can see, preparing a dish is not difficult.

Salad "Vitamin" with onions, laminaria, cucumbers and carrots

Salad from sea kale is deliciousno matter what laminaria you use. There are recipes with fresh, pickled, and if you could not buy either one, boldly use canned. Such a product can be found in any supermarket. It is not too expensive, so the dish is considered quite economical. There are several ways to prepare the next salad from sea kale. So, in the first case, you can enter a fresh carrot full of vitamins and health. To do this, simply grate it and combine it with the rest of the ingredients. The second option is to add roasted vegetables to the salad with sea kale. We will consider another recipe. Ingredients:

  • two medium salted cucumber
  • 300 grams of canned kelp (also a very tasty salad comes from fresh and pickled cabbage)
  • medium onion
  • ten milliliters of vegetable oil
  • amount of salt at your discretion
  • large carrot

Cooking method: With the recipes of salads from sea kale, not every mistress knows each other, but we will correct this right now. We suggest studying the procedure for making a very tasty and, most importantly, healthy dish. All the culinary action takes ten minutes, and if you try, you can make it even faster. Do you want to feel good and eat right? Then the salad from sea kale "Vitamin" is what you need. If you decide to use frozen laminaria, remove it from the refrigerator beforehand. After about 20-30 minutes, rinse with warm water and dry. Then, together with cucumbers, cut into small pieces. Carrots should be boiled when it is sufficiently cooled, cleaned and strips on an average grater. With a bow remove the husks and chop the vegetable as small as possible. For salads with sea cabbage, garlic is ideal, which gives the product a pleasant aroma. If you like this product, you can add it instead of a bulb. And now it's up to the little thing: put together all the above ingredients in one bowl, then season with salt and pepper them to your own individual taste, at the very end of filling with vegetable oil. If you are preparing a salad of dry sea kale, we recommend replacing the last product with sour cream or mayonnaise, making the dish more juicy. We wish you success and delicious dishes. salad with sea cabbage recipe

Salad "Appetizing" with eggs

We have already told how to make salads with vegetables andsea ​​cabbage, and now let's consider an even more appetizing option - we will add eggs to the dish. Naturally, they will have to boil beforehand. As for kelp, here it is absolutely not important what to use. Is the refrigerator frozen? Then add it, but the most useful dish is obtained from fresh, juicy kelp. To this simple salad from sea kale it is recommended to serve crispy garlic toasts, if desired, you can add a meal with a meat dish. Ingredients:

  • Sea cabbage - 220 grams
  • three selected eggs
  • bulb
  • vegetable oil or delicacy mayonnaise - add two or three spoons
  • salt

Cooking method: For this cabbage salad you can take any kelp, but the most appetizing is pickled, as well as fresh. It is these two kinds that make it possible to prepare a very juicy dish. But then it's you, as a true hostess and culinary expert, who give their own preference to this or that product. And now from conversations to business: boil water and boil hard-boiled eggs. After cool them, remove the shell and chop into large cubes. Clean the onion bulb, and do the same with laminaria. Then combine in a deep bowl all the ingredients, here enter a couple of grams of salt and seasonings. Salad with sea cabbage is ideal for sour cream or mayonnaise. You can fill the dish with olive oil or make a special sauce - just pick up your favorite recipe.

Sea Salad

Do you pamper your family with delicious salads withSea cabbage? If not, it's time to start, because this dish is not only very tasty, but also unusually useful for children and adults. The dish, which will be discussed right now, is much more satisfying than those whose recipes were discussed above. For a change, try the following combination of ingredients: combine beetroot, crab meat and kelp. If you do not like vegetables, you can abandon the first product. Ingredients: For homemade mayonnaise:

  • two yolks
  • half a small spoonful of sugar
  • five grams of table salt
  • 120 milliliters of olive oil
  • 1/2 lemon
  • not too sharp mustard - if desired

For juicy salad with sea kale:

  • 200 grams of kelp
  • a small beet
  • 350 grams of frozen crab sticks (for salad with sea cabbage you can also use fresh crab meat, of course, before properly preparing it)
  • Spices and salt - all to taste
  • one onion

Cooking method: Let's make a special dressing for this salad of sea kale. Moreover, her recipe is not at all complicated. Mayonnaise home cooking is different from the store not only a delicate and rich taste. The main thing is that there are no harmful dyes, emulsifiers and other additives with which modern products are stuffed. So, let's start by making a homemade sauce. Despite the fact that the procedure is simple and fast, you need to remember some recommendations and follow them. When you start to inject the oil, do it very carefully, adding the ingredient a few drops, gradually. If you act quickly, at once adding all the oil, you will get an unexpectedly unpleasant result - the mayonnaise will break up and become unappetizing. Do not forget about it. Let's start? Then first put the yolks in the blender (the remaining protein can be used in another dish), here, pour out the sugar, just a little salt and mustard. Then turn on the appliance and shake the food several times. If there is no blender, use a whisk. Believe me, the sauce will also be successful and tasty. When you see that the mass has become homogeneous, in small portions pour into it oil and lemon juice, then stir again. While the mayonnaise is infused, there is time to prepare a delicate salad with sea kale. To do this, peel the boiled beet and grate it on a grater. Laminaria and onions chop as small as possible, here enter the diced crab sticks. To your taste, lightly salt and pepper a lot, at the very end, season it with tasty home-made mayonnaise. If desired, decorate the dish with chopped parsley. Mix thoroughly before serving. We hope, thanks to these recipes, you will become a little healthier. We wish you pleasant culinary experiments! We advise you to read: