correct aspects of communication with people Perhaps you can not imagine a person's lifewithout communication with other people. Interconnection between people is an integral part of life. In everyday life a person, as a rule, contacts with a lot of people, and does not always do it consciously, deliberately or planned. In each society, neither micro- and macro-levels have their own rules for communication between people, conditioned by external or internal circumstances. The relationship between people can be both formal - generally recognized, and informal - permissible among a particular group of people. All human connections can be conditionally divided into two types of communication: verbal and nonverbal. Each of these types of communication requires certain rules of behavior, each person should know the rules of communication between people. Communicative can show a person with both good and bad sides. People who confidently negotiate, are friendly and courteous to other people, always stand out, remember and are able to exert influence on others by means of their communication. rules of communication at business meetings

Verbal human relationships

The verbal interrelation is directly speechman, the manner of its presentation, intonation, informative content of speech, its emotional coloring, everything that a person hears from other people and speaks himself. Depending on the situation, in such communication there are generally recognized rules, they are also called "Rules of Good Tone". They include greetings at the meeting, respectful intonation, the ability to listen to the interlocutor, the ability to discuss with the interlocutor on a given topic, and so on. Speech and intonation of a person can put other people to communicate. Speech is an instrument through which a person positions himself in society. With the help of just one of his speeches, a person with ordinary external data and low social status is able to stand out and show himself from a strong or desired side. Any person who daily communicates with people, is able to develop oratorical signs. An important sign of a good speaker is the speaker's own belief in the said and confident behavior in public. Communications should be carried out in a timely manner, keep the attention of the interlocutor and be interesting or in demand at the given time. non-verbal ways of communication

Non-verbal human relationships

Nonverbal interrelation is gesture andfacial expressions, which is typical for a person in communication. Such communication always goes in parallel with the verbal and is an integral part of communication. Despite the fact that non-verbal communications are "dumb", they are very important in the conversation between people. With the help of signs and facial expressions, one can recognize a lie or flattery. A fine speaker must have not only the rules of verbal communication, but also follow his non-verbal signs. Often, when people lie, they are issued contradicting the above gestures. In addition to gestures and facial expressions, the posture in which the person is at communion is also important in conversation. So, if a person wants to be correctly understood and heard, then he should observe the following simple rules:

  • Be friendly and welcoming.
  • Believe in what has been said.
  • To want to be understood by people, to convey information.
  • To watch how you speak, that is, to compare your facial expressions, gestures and posture with the information that you present.
  • To be able to listen and support the conversation.
  • It is worth remembering that, depending on the situation, the rules of communication can change, one of them may even go down.