room for a teenage girl Grown up babies deliver a lot of trouble. It's not easy for them to pick up shoes, clothes, and decorating a room for a teenager is not a problem for the faint of heart. Teenagers are sincerely convinced that they have already grown up and become independent, therefore they can reject any offers of their parents. The task of parents can not be called easy, because they need to find compromise solutions that would satisfy both sides. And this applies not only to interior solutions for the teenager's room. Sooner or later, time comes - to throw back volitional decisions and learn to hear your own child.

Room for grown-up girls

room for a teenager If one day the daughter declares that she is not going tolive in a Barbie's room and does not tolerate the pink color and ruches that surround it - this should not be a shock for dads and moms. Just a girl grew up, her tastes and interests changed. Why not help her smoothly move from childhood to adolescence with the help of decorator tools. Only parents should take into account that this is most likely not the last categorical statement of an adult man and, probably, that in a couple of years, the girl will already say that she is tired of acid shades and reckless drawings, and she wants a small boudoir. Creating the interior of a teenager's room, parents need to immediately tune in, not to monumental repairs using expensive finishing materials, but rather to create a modern interior of interesting but easily updated decorative tools. It is also important to understand what the room for a teenage girl should be different from a child's room? Of course, its design needs to be coordinated with the child's tastes, but it's impossible to completely give up its design and arrangement in the power of the violent fantasy of a teenager. Therefore, parents are encouraged to sit at the negotiating table and listen carefully to all the suggestions of their beloved child. After that, taking into account the opinion of the child, to develop a fashionable, but at the same time, practical design of the premises. Thinking about the design, you must always remember the most important points in the room. It must be equipped with a convenient place to sleep, and for many things a teenager will need roomy cabinets, shelves, shelves. Then parents will have a chance to see the relative order. The workplace should also be thought out in such a way that it would be comfortable there. You should take care of its good lighting at any time of the day.

A room for a boy

interior of the room of a teenager Precisely such metamorphoses occur withboys who suddenly stop playing soldiers, endlessly roll cars on the floor and declare that they want to see in their room a gym or room for rehearsals of the future famous rock band. And in this case, the search for a compromise will help to avoid conflicts and problems. Parents need to remember that the interior of the child's room is a reflection of his inner world, diverse and bright, inherent only to him. Do not convince the child that wallpaper with a classic pattern will not go out of fashion for a long time, he will not appreciate this practical approach. It is better to take as a basis his world of interests and create a short-term, but cozy corner for him. Naturally, one should use all wisdom and diplomacy to avoid radical solutions, for example, black flowers in the room or horrific drawings on the walls. Do not rush to get out of the ideas of the child about to cover the room with posters or on one of the walls to apply graffiti. Everything can be beaten so that such elements fit into the overall interior, and the room for the teenager will look stylish and interesting. If friends often look in the room to a teenager, then do not ignore this moment, otherwise the bed will turn into a place for parties, and endless scolding will not solve the problem. Moreover, modern designers offer an excellent solution to the problem: bright ottomans, pillows and soft chairs in the form of bags. All this - excellent seats that can be removed if necessary, and in the case of the arrival of friends to lay out on the floor.

Search for compromise

A cozy room for a teenage girl Before you do the interior of the teen's room,parents should get acquainted with what designers offer for such premises, then it will be easier to help the child beautifully and tastefully decorate his room. The general color solution of the interior is desirable to allow the teenager to choose himself, and if necessary, correct it. If parents think that the wall color chosen by them is too dark or saturated, it can always be visually balanced with lighter and light shades of textiles or furniture. Fashion designers in this case suggest making one of the walls a bright color, the rest can be the same, but less saturated shade. Thus, parents can keep the situation with color under control and find an option that is commonly called "wolves are fed and the sheep are whole." Similarly, choose furniture and other items, writing them into the interior of the room of a teenager. There can be no definitive "no" if the child has a bold idea about his own corner in the apartment. Perhaps parents will have to do without standard solutions and allocate a part of the room to the dance floor, a model podium or a corner for skilful hands. This is excellent when the child has a passion and, creating the interior of the room, it is necessary to take this into account. Worse, when he is not very interested, but in this case, if you try, you can find an idea that accurately reflects his inner world. Who knows, maybe such a prosaic thing as repairing a room will help parents and children find a common language and, finally, make friends. And perhaps, a joint interior design with the parents will help the teenager to reveal himself and decide on his future, to find his own way in life. We advise you to read: