roberto cavalli To date, the fashion house Roberto Cavalliis an integral part of the fashion industry and the world of haute couture. The annual turnover of the company is 150 million and it is quite clear that this is not the limit. The future couturier was born in 1940 in an artistic Florentine family. His maternal grandfather was a famous impressionist artist Giuseppe Rossi, from whom Roberto inherited his creative talent. In accordance with family traditions, he was educated at the Academy of Arts, where he studied fine arts and design, which, in fact, determined his future destiny. The creative biography of Roberto Cavalli began with a small business: he manually painted T-shirts and sold them to tourists, holidaymakers on the Cote d'Azur and Saint Tropez. These were his first steps, but even then it was clear that this young man has great creative potential. In the world of great fashion, Roberto Cavalli declared himself in the 60s, presenting exclusive things made of leather. Such a "reading" of this material, from which only sports jackets were sewn, amazed both specialists and the general public. Roberto's leather from a rough semi-finished product turned into a refined, soft material that is suitable for all occasions. He showed the world that from the skin you can sew not only utilitarian things, but also stylish, chic outfits. By the way, the skin remains today the most favorite material of the designer. Absolutely non-trivial approach, interesting technique, bright design became the visiting card of the beginning fashion designer. It was Roberto Cavalli who invented the patchwork technique, developed the laser drawing technique, he added the bright African and tropical colors to the fashion industry. The main muse of Cavalli is nature. And in order to once again emphasize the primordial sexuality of a woman, the couturier uses feathers of birds, snake skin and animal skins in his models. The peculiarity of Roberto's creativity can be called his desire for novelty, the use of exclusive techniques and a great desire to work in all areas of fashion design. So, it was the creativity of Roberto Cavalli that gave the world a completely original look of denim, for which he offered exclusive prints. The usual material played with new colors and got a "second wind". The designer is interested in everything. In addition to women's clothing today, the fashion house Roberto Cavalli produces swimwear, underwear, bags, shoes, watches, glasses, household goods. The company also has two lines of clothes for children - Roberto Cavalli Devils for boys, and Roberto Cavalli Angels for girls. Did not leave the master without attention and men - he, in particular, prepared a line of men's clothing for the famous network of H & M, known for its democratic prices. In addition, since 2002, the company began to produce perfumes. The first female fragrance was called simply Roberto Cavalli, then, in 2003, the fragrance for men Cavalli Man appeared. Wikipedia gives an impressive list of achievements of the fashion designer, who over the years has received high awards in the most prestigious world shows. His collections applauded on the catwalks of Paris, Milan, New York. And although the couturier celebrated the 40th anniversary of his creative activity in 2010, his potential is so grandiose that it is possible to say with absolute certainty that the best collections of the master of fashion are still ahead. We advise you to read: