how to get rid of a dry cough One of the most common diseases -these are respiratory diseases. That is why the question of how to get rid of dry cough does not lose its relevance ever. It is cough that is the most important and often occurring complaint in such diseases. And with a cough all face without exception - from small to large. If you ask pharmacists about which of the drugs are the most controversial, they are probably mentioned for various drugs for cough. And no wonder - most often when a cough comes people rush to the pharmacy, where, without much thought, they get popular drugs for coughing. However, doctors say that this should not be done. In order for the drug to have a positive effect, it must be carefully selected. A universal medicine, ideally suited to everyone without exception, simply does not exist.

What causes a cough?

What is essentially a cough? It is nothing but a protective reaction of the body. Thus, it reacts to the ingress of foreign substances - sputum and mucus, for example. And with a dry cough, sputum is not present as such. And the occurrence of a cough is provoked by a sore throat. As a result, cough is futile, but very exhausting. From such a cough is to get rid of as soon as possible. But in order to do this, you need to know what exactly led to the emergence of a dry cough. It is only the doctor who can establish this reason, it is not worth thinking about "getting rid" and ignoring the visit. More often such reasons are:

  • Bronchitis of a smoker

How harmful smoking is, do not tellit's worth knowing about it even children in kindergarten. Therefore it is not surprising that the smoker's bronchitis is often the main culprit of dry cough.

  • Laryngitis

The second most popular reason, leading todevelopment of dry cough is laryngitis. Laryngitis doctors call the inflammatory process, which captures the mucous membrane of the larynx. As a rule, first a sick person has a severe perspiration in the throat, and soon a cough also joins.

  • Tracheitis

By its mechanism this disease is similar tolaryngitis, with the only difference being that the mucous membrane of the pulmonary trachea inflames. Stage of perspiration in the throat, as a rule, is absent, but the cough is very, very debilitating.

  • Bronchial asthma and bronchitis

One of the main signs of these diseases is dry cough. And it arises one of the first, when there is no hint of other symptoms of the disease.

  • Inhalation of various chemicals

Dry cough often occurs soon afterinhalation of irritants. And it's not just about people who are forced to contact different substances by their activities. Sometimes enough and ordinary household chemicals. They did a spring cleaning and it's ready! You are already coughing, and moreover, it is quite strong.

  • Pleurisy

This very serious disease in all cases without exception is accompanied by a strong exhausting dry cough. However, he also has one more pronounced symptom - a strong stitching pain in the side.

  • Pneumonia

In the event that a dry cough does not pass into thehumid for a long time, there is every reason to suspect that a sick person has encountered such an adversity as pneumonia. Or, scientifically, with pneumonia. As you can see, many diseases are serious enough. Therefore, independent treatment can be tried only if the cause of the cough was bronchitis or laryngitis. In all other cases, treatment should only be prescribed by a doctor. But here after all an ill luck! Correctly diagnose the disease can also only a doctor. Therefore - whatever one may say - you still have to go to him! get rid of a dry cough

How to treat dry cough?

Of course, all people aspire as quickly as possibleget rid of such annoying trouble as a cough. But, as we have already said, it is possible to do this alone only on one condition - the doctor examined the sick person and confirmed that the cause of the cough is a cold, laryngitis or bronchitis. The doctor can prescribe to you this or that pharmacological preparation, designed to alleviate the condition. However, there are also several recipes for traditional medicine that can be of great help in the treatment of dry cough. First, take note of a few simple rules. First, try to drink as much liquid as possible. The optimal option for drinking is slightly warmed alkaline mineral water. Or you can try the old grandmother's way - in a warm milk mill dissolve one tablespoon of butter and natural honey, then add a third of a teaspoon of soda and stir well. Drink the resulting remedy in small sips, for half an hour. And secondly, pay attention to the air in the room - it should be properly moistened. Otherwise, the condition of the sick person will significantly deteriorate. In the event that you have a special air humidifier, there is no problem. But even if it is not there, do not get upset - from the situation it is quite possible to go out, using improvised means. In the event that the case occurs in the cold season, it is enough to hang wet towels on the batteries and change them as they dry up. If it happens in the summer, it will take a little longer. First, place a container of water in the corners of the room. After this, boil a pot of water and put near the bed of a sick person. Incidentally, ideally it is worth using not just water, but a decoction of potatoes in uniform. And do not forget about the daily wet cleaning in the room - and preferably not once a day.

  • Inhalation

One of the most effective ways of treatmentdry cough are inhalation. Incidentally, inhalations are a kind of "first aid" for the body, since the effect of their use is almost instantaneous. It is best to perform inhalation with an inhaler or a nebulizer. But in the event that they are not at hand, you can do with the old proven method - using a saucepan and a terry towel. For inhalations with a dry cough, it is recommended to use a potato broth, as well as decoctions of herbs such as St. John's Wort, plantain, lime blossom, sage, chamomile. Decoctions are prepared very simply - five spoons of raw material pour a liter of water, bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for about half an hour. After this, remove the pan from the heat, cool slightly. After this, you can proceed directly to the inhalation - lean over the pan, and cover the head with a towel. The duration of such an inhalation should be at least 15 minutes. Remember that in any case you can not breathe directly boil the com, otherwise you can get very serious burns. Such a method of inhalation is strictly prohibited in the event that a sick person suffers from hypertension - an increase in the level of blood pressure. A simple inhalation in such cases can result in a hypertensive crisis. Therefore, do not risk your health.

  • Herbal infusions

Herbs are effective not only for carrying outinhalations. Many herbal decoctions, taken orally, can help get rid of dry cough as soon as possible. But remember that these broths should never be drunk if the cause of the cough is bronchial asthma. This requirement is explained very simply. Most often bronchial asthma goes hand in hand with various allergic reactions. And the use of herbal infusions can provoke the development of an attack of bronchial asthma. So:

  • Broth from bran

To prepare this decoction you will need0.5 kg of rye or wheat bran, two liters of water. Pour bran with water and bring to a boil over low heat, stirring constantly. After this, leave the resulting broth to infuse for exactly one hour. Then strain with gauze. The whole volume of the broth should be drunk within one day. It must be taken hot, so either preheat the broth before each use, or use a thermos bottle. By the way, in the broth you can add honey or sugar, to taste. As a rule, only after a day the dry cough disappears.

  • Poppy with milk

To prepare this recipe, you will needone teaspoon of confectionary poppy and one tablespoon of warm milk. Seeds rub into powder and mix them with milk. After that, drink, 10 minutes before eating. The product in the most magnificent way softens cough, and also relieves pain in the chest area. In a day, you can take no more than one serving of such a remedy.

  • Infusion of pine buds

You can use it for cookingfresh, and dry pine buds. One tablespoon of kidneys put in enameled dishes, pour a glass of steep boiling water, cover and cover with a towel. After forty minutes, infuse the infusion and pour into a glass container. It is necessary to take it one at a time, at the first urge to cough.

  • Herbal Breastfeeding

To prepare this infusion you will needherbal mixture of herbs such as chamomile, spring primrose, plantain and rose hips. Two tablespoons of the ground mixture put in enameled dishes, pour a liter of water, bring to a boil and reduce the heat. After 20 minutes, remove the pan from the fire, add to the broth five tablespoons of sugar, stir and insist for about an hour. After this, drain the broth with gauze cloth and pour into a glass container. During the day, a sick person should drink a liter of such a decoction, in equal parts.

  • Anise and fennel

Mow half a teaspoon of flax seed,herbs of thyme, fruits of fennel and anise. Pour two tablespoons of the mixture into a glass of cold water and leave for two hours. After that, on low heat, bring the infusion to a boil, strain. Take a decoction of a third of the glass, three times a day.

  • Althea root

If a dry cough torments predominantly in the nighttime, the following recipe will help you. Rub on a small grater one root of the medicinal marshmallow and pour a glass of cold water. It is best to do this in the morning, since the root should be infused for at least 8 hours. At night you need to drink half a glass of the resulting infusion. Most likely, a calm sleep in this situation is assured to you. And next morning, after awakening, do not forget to drink the second half of the glass, and on an empty stomach. From the cough he relieves after a day.

  • Milk with onion and honey

In the event that the cough is particularly severe, youthe following recipe will help. Boil half a liter of milk, then put in the boiling milk head onions, medium size. Cook it at a low heat, about 20 minutes. After that, the onion from the milk is removed and discarded, and in the milk add two tablespoons of any natural honey, then stir and drink. The above described methods can get rid of even an intense dry cough. However, if the cough does not pass, be sure to show your doctor. We advise you to read: