pork ribs in the oven Any woman knows: the way to the heart of a man necessarily lies through the stomach. And since man is by nature a hunter and a predator, then he should be fed with meat. Pork ribs in appearance look very much like a machine gun belt, which is also sure to please every man. For a family dinner, the pork ribs in the oven are ideal. In addition, the following recipes are very easy to prepare. The main thing is to choose the right ribs. When choosing them, pay attention to the fact that the meat on the ribs was larger, and the fat, respectively, smaller. In this case, any selected recipe will turn out deliciously delicious, the ribs will be soft and juicy. Now a little about how to cook pork ribs. If there is a film on the inside of the ribs, then before baking it should be cut in several places. This is done so that, baking, it does not pull together, and the meat does not release the juice. To ribs cooked in the oven, were tastier, they must be grated in advance with salt and spices so that they can soak well. No less tasty are obtained pre-marinated ribs. Marinade, which remains, you do not need to pour. It is better for them to water their ribs from time to time when baking in the oven, then the meat will be more juicy. Bake ribs are not necessarily a whole ribbon, there are excellent recipes in which they are divided into portions. You can also prepare an original recipe called "Crown". To do this, the ribbon from the ribs is tied into an accordion, giving the appearance of a crown, and the middle is filled with minced meat. For minced meat, choose any products that combine with meat. sharp pork ribs in the oven

Recipe for baked ribs with honey

Recipes in which pork ribs are baked inoven, it's very easy to cook. Therefore, they are suitable even for a beginner cook. To meat is not heavily roasted and does not become dry, when preparing the ribs cover with foil, and for about twenty minutes before it is ready to take off, so that the dish has an appetizing golden color. Ingredients:

  • Pork ribs - 350-400 g
  • Garlic - 2 cloves
  • Honey - 40 g
  • Greenery
  • Salt, spices

Cooking method: The oven is heated to 160 degrees. Pork ribs are thoroughly washed, allowed to dry, rubbed with salt and spices. As a spice, you can use a special ready-made seasoning for pork. Then send the prepared ribs to the oven for about an hour. While the meat is being cooked, you can make a sauce. To do this, honey is slightly heated in a water bath or in a microwave (if honey is liquid, you do not need to do this). Then add the liquid, cooled honey squeezed through the press garlic. All mix well. After an hour, take out the dish and pour the sauce, then again sent to the oven and bake until ready. When serving, decorate with fresh herbs. If the oven has a "grill" function, you can prepare grilled ribs. In this case, the meat is better pre-marinated. You can serve this dish with red wine or beer, which are ideal for pork. By the way, pork ribs, cooked on the grill in the oven, are no less appetizing than those cooked at the stake or in the barbecue.

Recipe for baked ribs with mustard


  • Pork ribs - 2-3 kg
  • Garlic - 7-8 denticles
  • Mustard - 2 tbsp. l.
  • Salt, spices

Cooking method: Ribs are thoroughly washed and allowed to dry (you can get wet with a towel). Then cut into strips equal to the length of the baking tray, in which they will be baked. Too small strips do not follow, because they will turn dryish. Then rub the ribs with salt, garlic and spices. After that, grease them with mustard and spread on a baking sheet. The other side, where there is more fat, is put up. This is done so that the fat, when it is heated, absorbed into the meat and it was not dry. The oven needs to be heated up to 180 degrees. A tray with ribs is sent to the oven for about an hour and a half, sometimes it will take a little less time. After the dish is ready, the meat is cut into portions, laid on a flat plate and decorated on all sides with fresh herbs. Very original look baked ribs in Armenian lavash. pork ribs with sauce

Baked ribs in sweet sauce


  • Pork ribs - 2 kg
  • Garlic - 5-6 denticles
  • Honey - 2 tbsp. l.
  • Mustard - 2 tbsp. l.
  • Pepper black with peas
  • Bay leaf
  • Salt, spices

Cooking method: The ribs are washed, dried with a napkin or towel and rubbed with salt, spices, mustard and honey. Then they are not very densely laid on a baking tray, making sure that the layer of fat is at the top. From above put a few peas of black pepper and a few laurel leaves. The oven is warmed up well (up to 200 degrees) and the dish is baked. If there is a grill, then you can turn it on for a couple of minutes, so that the glaze is formed on the ribs. Bake ribs until ready, about an hour and a half. Readiness can be determined by cutting the meat in the thickest place. The juice that emerges from it must be transparent. You can serve with ketchup or satsebi sauce.