In a sanatorium-for health Now is the time to support yourself, or rather yourhealth. As a rule, everything depends on the age and the problems of the client. If a person is practically healthy, he can choose almost any multi-resort (European, Russian) and hold : baths, massages, mud or simply pleasantrelax. But if there is a specific disease, then you need to go to the narrow special resorts that deal with this particular problem. For such a trip it is necessary to know your testimony and ideally to make a sanatorium card at your place of residence. To start with the diagnosis and knowing your problem, you can go to support your health, both in Russia and abroad. The procedures usually last two hours in the morning, so it lasts for three days, the clients undergo various procedures, and then organize their own rest: they go on excursions, visit museums, etc. Usually when the client starts the procedures, his body starts resist, negatively reacting to treatment. In this case, you need to contact the sanatorium and either cancel or postpone these procedures. As is known, in the spring and autumn there is an aggravation of many diseases. And during the exacerbations you should not go anywhere until there is a remission, stabilization of health. In a hot period, especially no procedures are recommended, it is very dangerous. If within two, three weeks you feel normal, then you can go to a sanatorium. As for food, the most proper food is of course at European sanatoria. There is very correctly selected diet and a great menu will be offered. Excess weight, as is known, contributes to the deterioration of both joints and the musculoskeletal system, cardiac diseases, therefore it is necessary to limit the food and go through all the prescribed procedures. In winter, also a good period to go to the resort. Wonderful resorts in France, the Alps, in Germany, Switzerland. Young people can go to any country, but advise people who are over 45 years old to visit hot spas in winter. China, Thailand are especially famous for their methods for the musculoskeletal system, whole clinics work there. In the Russian sanatoriums there are a lot of different cultural programs, and in Europe it's a bit boring. Everything depends on the client himself, what he expects and wants from the rest, so it's worth choosing the resort individually. Alcohol in a sanatorium is not acceptable, but a glass of good red wine does not hurt. Many European clinics offer Detox (purification program) as a rule, only for young people under 45 years of age. The general hotel fund throughout the country in most cases leaves much to be desired. Prices in our country tend to European, thus not providing a decent service. But you can find a decent sanatorium in Russia, but you can search for any other analogue abroad. When a person himself organized his trip to a sanatorium, he will certainly be checked there (perform diagnostics), so it's better to go through all the examinations at home, so as not to waste time and money. The duration of the trip to the sanatorium is three weeks and not less. If you support your health with such trips twice a year, your body will not feel tired, cheerfulness and a good mood will appear.