breathing exercises by Buteyko In a healthy body healthy mind. If there is a desire to lead a correct way of life, then for the beginning it is necessary to analyze a lot of factors that affect well-being in order to correct their behavior in case of need. To expect a positive, health-improving effect of all body systems without any effort is not worth it. Often, a successful result can only be achieved by really hardworking people who do not stop there.

Methods of healing the body with breathing exercises

Breathing is a very complex and important process. Often the way your body works will largely depend on how we breathe: often, moderately, choking or relaxed. By the way, most of us do not even pay attention to this indicator. And why, if it is given to us by nature? Plus, is it possible to change what is inherent in us since birth. And this is our main mistake! It is believed that the use of a variety of breathing exercises helps to improve the body and get rid of some chronic diseases. There are many directions and schools where they teach correctly, rhythmically breathe. There are proponents of full deep breathing, others prove the advantages of superficiality. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, indications and contraindications. So, for example, breathing deeply, we saturate our body with oxygen, which we need for metabolic processes. In turn, such gymnastics for the lungs can increase their volume. Buteyko breathing exercises and other methods of healing breathing, calling for superficial sighs, help the body adapt to the state of a small lack of air. Such exercises prepare the human lungs for heavy loads. With their help, asthmatic attacks are stopped. To understand, by what method it is better to be engaged in each individual case, it is possible only having compared all results of application of various methods in practice. Buteyko breathing exercises

Than deep breathing can be harmful

Buteyko in his works mentions a deepbreathing, as the source of some diseases. In such a case, the representative of the fair sex is supersaturation of blood with oxygen. Violation of the mechanism of regulation and restoration of respiration leads to an imbalance of metabolic processes. Trying to remedy the situation, the body connects protective mechanisms, as a result, you can get a whole set of consequences of hyperventilation, from stuffy nose to spasm of blood vessels. If the above violations exist for a long time, the disease can go on into a chronic form. While the mechanism of regulation of breathing does not normalize its work, it is difficult to say anything about the terms of recovery. In this case, one can not do without the help of a specialist.

The essence of the Buteyko breathing method

For the basis of his method Buteyko takes the principle ofsufficiency. It is considered normal when both oxygen and carbon dioxide take part in respiratory processes. Their excess or deficiency can lead to disruption of natural processes in the body. With a shallow breathing, normal gas exchange is maintained, since the blood is saturated with all necessary. Thanks to breathing exercises by Buteyko, carbon dioxide can fully participate in metabolic processes, and also support the proper production and functioning of enzymes. The lack of this substance sometimes leads to disturbances in the work of the body, causes various diseases. As in any other case, excess is also not desirable. By the way, what is most interesting: the truthfulness of the postulates of breathing exercises in Buteyko was proved in practice.

How to learn breathing independently by the Buteyko method

In order to master breathing techniquesKonstantin Buteyko, you must first determine the extent of your disease. This can be done independently (under the supervision of relatives or friends). But, of course, it is better to seek help from a specialized institution, where the sample will be made on modern equipment. The essence of testing is to exhale air, hold your breath for as long as possible. If the indicators are low, then you can take a course of study on the method of the great founder. However, there are situations when such breathing exercises are completely contraindicated. Do not get carried away by it with acute inflammatory processes, thrombus thrombosis, and if the asthmatic attacks in the fair sex are frequent and prolonged. There is a large amount of literature on this subject for self-study. For each disease, certain breathing exercises have been developed. With the correct approach to the study of respiratory gymnastics, you can learn independently. However, to begin the path to cure better with a specialist who can direct your efforts in the right direction. Disciplined exercises with the instructor will exclude the deterioration of the state due to errors in the exercises. breathing exercises Buteyko

Application of the Buteyko method

Breathing is an unconscious process. When we feel good, we do not notice how our body works. If, for some reason, hyperventilation occurs, a conscious struggle with deep breathing will help cope with an impressive list of diseases. Do it regularly, with at least a month. And it is highly recommended not to sharply give up training. Symptomatic treatment of certain diseases only aggravates the course of the course of the disease, and this can significantly prolong the time of natural recovery. Correctly applying breathing exercises by the Buteyko method, you can restore the broken mechanisms in the body, which in turn will normalize the metabolic processes. All this will help to recover faster. After training, there is a real opportunity to overcome the bouts of the disease without the usual number of prescribed medications. Practice has shown that breathing through Buteyko increases immunity and resistance to seasonal diseases. This is a kind of prevention from viruses and colds, and you do not have to spend money on vitamins and medications. Most widely this method is used to combat allergies and bronchial asthma. Wonderful cure As mentioned above, breathing exercises by the Buteyko method suggest a reduction in the depth of breathing due to the relaxation of the diaphragm (to an easy state of lack of air). These very simple exercises make it possible to cure many diseases associated with the wrong way of life (smoking, driving, lack of physical activity). Often, most health problems appear due to the modern rhythm of life. Every day, facing unforeseen situations, we begin to get nervous, worry, which, of course, worsens our condition. In search of good health, you can read a lot of literature and visit a large number of seminars. To better understand some of the ways of healing, you can try them on yourself, since methods effective for one person to another may not be appropriate. To move from a dead center, it is necessary to try very hard!