persistent hair color Resistant hair dye - great forthose who wish to use the procedure of staining as little as possible. Thanks to special and unique components, the resulting color is not washed away much longer, besides, even completely gray-haired women can become brunette or fair-haired, which is difficult to achieve with the help of conventional paints.

Persistent paints: what is it?

Unlike conventional temporary dyes, suchlike henna, brahma, as well as toning shampoos or balms, the persistent paint more intensively stains the head of hear, and not just covers it, but at the same time after its application the hair suffers much more. And if such products are used incorrectly, as a result you can get not bright and shiny curls, as in the picture of the box, but dry, broken and severely split at the ends. Remember that any persistent paint contains active and aggressive chemicals, through which it penetrates into the hair rods and stains them. This can be either ammonia or an oxidizing agent. In small quantities, they are both not harmful to the health of an adult, but it is rather difficult to answer the question of which option is better to give preference. Recently it has become fashionable to use bezammichnuyu products, because it is believed that it is the safest, but its cost is not everyone can afford. In addition, some dishonest manufacturers have replaced this substance with conventional peroxide. So, I buy paint, be sure to study its composition. And if there is any oxidizer in it, it makes no sense to overpay for bright packaging and a subtle advertising move. If you want to get a bright color, which will last on your hair more than one week, you will have to use products with a lot of ammonia. She will have to give preference if your head of hear has already begun to lose the natural pigment, because of what you are rapidly graying. The usual paint with such a problem can not cope. Another nuance that must be remembered is the time of aging. Resistant hair dye should be on the head exactly as much as indicated in the instructions, but not a minute more. Otherwise, when you start to wash it off your hair, in addition to this product, you will also find in the sink or bath quite a large number of scraps of its chic braid. If you keep it at least for five or ten minutes less, there will be no result from staining, since during such a small time the oxidation process will not occur, and substances that will change the pigmentation of the cells will not enter the hair rods. Remember that before you get to the shelves of shops, the paint has passed many tests in the laboratories, on the basis of which the recommendations were created by specialists. the most persistent hair color

The cons of a persistent paint

Ammonia, like any other similar chemistry,never benefited hair. Even the most expensive hair color, which you will find in a professional cosmetics store, will make your hair feel thin and brittle. After using such products, you will have to constantly make hair masks, apply balms, wash your head with special shampoos. It is not recommended to paint at home with such paint, as even professional masters sometimes make serious mistakes, and it will be much more difficult for an inexperienced novice to understand that something has gone wrong during the staining process. As a result of such experiments, quite a large number of fair sex representatives go with their hair cut, an incomprehensible color. It is unlikely that you can guess what to do if the roots after this procedure are slightly darker or lighter than the tips.

Advantages of resistant paint

Do you want to be as bright and irresistible as possible? Then this option is ideal for you! You can visit the bath, swimming pool, swim in the sea, not being afraid that the paint will flow from the hair, and on your skin, bathing suit or on a towel there will be traces and divorces. Thus, if you make hair dyeing in time, no one will even guess that, for example, dark blond is not your natural color. If you are afraid to cause serious harm to your head of hair, buy products that contain components that protect curls from aggressive effects and restore the structure of the hair. It can be extracts of herbs, oils and similar useful additives. The only thing that you should always remember is that you can never save under persistent paints and under no circumstances. A cheap tool of unknown manufacturers can be made from toxic and dangerous substances that will cause allergy, inflammation, itching, baldness or will lead to more serious consequences. the best proof hair dye

How to dye hair with persistent paint: rules and precautions

Even if you are using an already verified versionknown manufacturer is not the first year, in any case, before applying, you need to test the product. Apply paint to the elbow bend for five to seven minutes, after which it is washed off with a copious amount of water. After twenty-four hours on the skin there are no traces? Then boldly proceed to staining. However, it is not recommended to experiment with hair during women's days, because because of the increased amount of hormone, the resulting color may differ from desired. Completely contraindicated similar hair color for girls in the position and nursing mothers, because toxic substances can enter the child's body and even cause poisoning. Also, you should not paint your hair with those who recently made a perm, clarified or completely repainted in a blonde. Must pass a minimum of two weeks after such manipulations. The day before the procedure, do not wash your hair, as in this case the paint will be better and more evenly lying on strands, while the natural fat will protect your head from aggressive attack. But this does not mean that if you still washed your braids on this day, the result will be much worse. So, when starting the procedure, make sure that you have everything you need for painting: gloves, a comb, a towel or sheets so as not to stain clothing, a clock to mark time, a cellophane cap and paint. Long hair will require at least two packages (one for every ten to fifteen centimeters, depending on the puffiness of the hair). Do not use a toothbrush, bast and other improvised means, as was customary in the past, instead of a special brush. First, the result may be unforeseen, and secondly, the contact of one chemical product with another is not desirable. If you decide to radically change your image, think carefully about whether you are really ready to take this step, because after a persistent paint, you will not be able to quickly return to the original color of hair, especially if you have repainted in darker or very bright colors.

Painted hair: how to be further?

Even the most persistent and professional paint withtime is washed off, so if you want to keep the rich hair color as long as possible, in order to tint only the roots in the future, use special shampoos and balms. But the mask, which includes a large number of fats, wash out the brightness. They are suitable only for the clarified girls and wishing to get rid of yellowness. Some girls prefer to use only children's shampoos, thinking that they are more useful, because they have much less harmful substances. In fact, such products are categorically contraindicated in women who dye their hair in dark colors, and so does the means for dandruff. In extreme cases, use medicinal lotions, ampoules and other products that are rubbed into the skin. Do you like to swim in hot water? Unfortunately, from such pleasure now it is necessary to refuse. Henceforth, you can wash your head only under a small and hardly warm stream. Remember that boiling water is harmful not only to colored, but also completely healthy hair. At the end, rinse your hair with filtered or plain water, which is added a small amount of vinegar, dried mustard or citric acid. This is done in order to normalize the pH and wash away chlorine, which adversely affects the scalp, over-drying it. Besides, what else can be in the water supply system of our country, it is better not to know many of the fair sex representatives. If you are a fan of ironing, ploiting, thermal hair, be sure to use the means that protect hair from heat treatment, otherwise your hair will begin to fade quickly. Try as little as possible to dry wet locks with a hairdryer, do it only at minimum speed and at low temperature. For styling choose mousse and foam, which contains paint pigments. They are also recommended to be applied to overgrown roots, so that they do not stand out so much, and the ends. We advise you to read: