reproduction of a dollar tree Increasingly, people prefer growingbeautiful, but unpretentious ornamental plants. Among them, I would like to highlight a zamiokulkas or a dollar tree - as it is called among the people. Reproduction of this house tree is considered to be quite a laborious task, as the flower of the slow grows. However, do not deny yourself the pleasure - settle in the house one more zamiokulkas. Believe me, a flower is worth it to be wasted on your time! To begin with, we note that the dollar tree multiplies in three main ways: tuberous, cuttings, leaf. Let's look at each in more detail.

Reproduction by dividing the tuber and cuttings

By and large, the tubercle tuber is divideditself, you can only transplant the plant. Look carefully at the tubers. Found a new growth point? Hence, boldly proceed to division. After the tuber is divided into parts, it must be well dried for several hours. Before planting the tubers need to roll in the charcoal to avoid disease and putrefaction. Remember - to cut one large tuber into several small ones is impossible in any case. So you just ruin your tree. It is worth noting that multiplying a dollar tree in this way is not very convenient - it will take a long time before the bush grows. Cuttings propagation occurs as follows: in a healthy plant, the stem is cut (slightly above the soil level). The stem, in turn, is divided into several parts. For further rooting, you will need a stalk with a leaf and a kidney. Sections should dry for an hour. Best for successful rooting is vermiculite. We press our stalk into it and water it. Rooting in this way lasts about a month. dollar tree reproduction

With the help of leaves

This method is considered the most accessible. It is not complicated, although it will require you to be accurate and patient. Prepare tools: a sharp scalpel or blade and a container in which the sheet will be placed. Very carefully cut the selected leaf from the mother plant and immerse it in water, about a quarter. You can divide the leaf into small leaf blades, only you need to try, so that each of them was captured part of the petiole. If you decided to duplicate a dollar tree in this way, it is better to take a shallow container and lining it with cotton wool. Pour enough water and place the plates, immersing them in a moist environment. As the liquid evaporates, water must be added. To prevent the process of rotting and fermentation, put several active or charcoal tablets in the container. Set up for a long wait - the roots of the leaves will appear in 2-4 months. You can not immerse the sheet in water, but immediately put it in the ground. Whether he takes root, it is difficult to say. However, it's worth trying, because you do not lose anything. Before planting the leaf must be dried within a day. As a substrate, it is necessary to take a mixture of peat and sand. In it, the young root system will be able to develop normally, and the plant will receive the necessary nutrition. In principle, zmiokulkas plant unpretentious, so you can put it in any soil mixture. The main thing is that it is light enough and nutritious for young shoots. The sheet is immersed in the soil approximately 2/3 of the length and is abundantly watered. From now on, your main concern will be to control the moisture of the soil: it is important that it is not dry, but excessive moisture is not welcome. To create maximum comfort for the root system, experienced gardeners recommend the hothouse conditions. For this, a pot with a sheet is covered with a jar or dense polyethylene. Periodically, the tank should be ventilated and watered, the main thing is not to forget that under the film the soil remains wet longer. Both ways of multiplying a dollar tree with a sheet have their pros and cons. For example, with water rooting, you can control the formation of the root system and respond in a timely manner to the appearance of decaying areas. When planting in the ground, there will be no such possibility, but if the sheet takes root, you will not need to injure it again during transplantation. It may seem that multiplication of zamiokulkasa is a rather complicated process, in fact, you only need time and desire. Do not be afraid to multiply a dollar tree - the beauty of an adult plant will surpass all your expectations!