anti-aging facial massage Nobody wants to grow old, and women tryto delay this time as far as possible. In the course are all known and not very methods - creams, scrubs, proper nutrition, masks and all sorts of expensive procedures, right up to surgical intervention. Only now the ladies rush to solve this problem, when the wrinkles begin to appear all over the face, and the neck has to be covered with scarves and scarves - this is wrong.

Classic rejuvenating massage

So, let's try a rejuvenating massage -the most effective way to avoid early aging. Do not go to the beauty salon and give away a lot of money for a few sessions. It is quite possible to learn how to do such a procedure independently, but it does not matter to a person who massages it.

  • Put four fingers of the left and right hands on the area of ​​the corners of the lips, move the spiral to the outer corner of the eye and back, then - towards the earlobe and back;
  • Now we do the same movements on the forehead: with circular guides we move our fingers from the middle of the forehead to the temple and back;
  • Stroke with pressure the whole face - movement from the bottom up;
  • Now we rub our skin very hard - you can draw any figures, the main thing is to follow the direction from the bottom up;
  • Close your ears with your hands and listen to how "noisysea ​​", after a while, rub your ears a little, and pinch your lobes with fingers (like you do acupressure) - so you not only pull up the skin of your face, but also set up the body for rest;
  • Now it's time for finger rain -walk around the skin, do not forget about the temples, the neck and the BTE space. The effect of rejuvenation should touch all areas of the face, neck and even the decollete zone.

The described algorithm is considered to be classical andno wisdom is required. Simply perform the procedure on a regular basis - the effect is guaranteed! Basic rules of performance For all simplicity, a classic anti-aging facial massage has some subtleties:

  • Before the massage, it is necessary to clean the face - wash or rub it with lotion;
  • Hair is better to remove from the face - for example, stab in the back;
  • Massage is best done alone and in front of a mirror - nothing distracts and everything is perfectly visible;
  • The best time for this procedure is evening, before bedtime;
  • All movements must be strictly bottom-up;
  • When carrying out a massage for rejuvenation, do notforget to make strong pressing with the stretching of the skin (as though smoothing it) in the direction from the wings of the nose down, around the lips and eyes - so struggle with mimic wrinkles.

Well, in principle, that's all. Anti-aging facial massage can be started after 30 years and, most importantly, one must adhere to regularity. The process of rejuvenation is long and it is better to start it in the form of prevention. face massage for rejuvenation

Japanese face massage

The most "advanced" in terms of beauty and youthwomen live in the east, especially stands out against the general background of Japan. Already they in the plan of rejuvenation have developed so many effective methods that it is only necessary to use this knowledge and enjoy the effect. Elegantly "working" technique is the impact on the active points, during which facial massage becomes just a "wand-zaschalochkoy:

  • With warm hands, carefully (with an effort) rub your face - the skin should turn red;
  • Put your palms on your ears, fingers on the back of your head and perform 36 strokes with your fingers on the scalp;
  • Without changing the position of the hands, start working on the active point, just below the earlobe - exactly 36 pressures with your index finger or thumb;
  • Place the index finger between the eyebrows, and the middle and large - on the inner corners of the eyes. Gently massage in a spiral, repeat 36 "attachments". It is done with one hand;
  • Place the palm base on the temples, and the fingers on the head, and just make different movements (circular, tapping, stroking).

Japanese massage does not require strict knowledge, but hereto experiment and to press on all points in a row too it is not necessary. If you do everything by the points and strictly adhering to the algorithm, then you not only pull up the skin of the face, strengthen the muscles, but also stimulate the scalp to rejuvenate it - the hair will not fall out. In general, it should be noted that the process of rejuvenation in Japan is considered complex: it is necessary to exercise and exercise, and eat sensibly, and to give time for entertainment, and use natural means to nourish the skin of the face and neck. Japanese anti-aging facial massage

The main desire!

Whatever option you choose - classicmassage or Japanese, herbs or creams, scrubs or complex actions, remember that the most important thing is constancy. Only regular actions can help achieve the desired effect and hold back the onslaught of times. Options: "today I will not," "I'm tired" and "start later" should not be decisive - so nothing happens. Only constant care of the face and neck skin, the use of all kinds of means, daily massage and nutrition adjustment will help you look like a real queen forever and at any age. The process of rejuvenation should concern the whole body, so do physical exercises - even simple outdoor walks (only daily ones) can have a tremendous effect! And if you go for a jog, go to the gym or sign up for oriental dance lessons (well, or just learn the tango) - everything will turn out quickly and naturally. And then, after all, a positive and beautiful mood, a smile and just an active life can do real miracles - see for yourself! We advise you to read: