face redness Who among the people has never seen anyredness on the skin? Most often a person does not pay much attention to this problem, believing that everything will disappear by itself. However, this is not always the case - sometimes a rash, unhealthy blush or redness of the skin is evidence of the presence of any serious disease. Therefore, it is necessary first of all to find the root cause of the appearance of redness. And we will try to help you in this. The theme of our today's conversation will be reddening of the skin of the face. Be sure to make sure that this redness is caused not by any infectious disease, for example, depriving. And allergy is also necessary to exclude - it can be suspected if the skin reddening occurs periodically, and also suddenly disappear. In order to determine if an allergy has caused reddening of the face, carefully monitor your diet. Perhaps you will establish a link between those or other products and redness on the skin.

Causes of redness

Let's take a closer look at the causes that lead most often to reddening and peeling of the skin of the face. So:

  • Diet of human food

Very often the cause of redness of the skin isimproper diet. Often the presence of too much fatty, fried and flour products, sweets and provokes redness of the skin. The same effect can cause carbonated drinks, strong black tea, coffee. All these products have a very negative effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract. But the skin of the face, by the greatest measure, is the real "mirror" of the intestine. Any, even insignificant violation of its functioning necessarily leads to the emergence of a variety of skin manifestations.

  • Excessive emotion

Approximately half of all cases causeredness of the facial skin becomes unnecessary psychological excitability and emotionality. All depressions, stresses, emotional breakdowns leave a trace in the form of red spots that remain on the skin of the face for a very long time. These reasons are far from the last place. In such cases, it is necessary to take care of strengthening the nervous system. First, you need to try to get rid of all stressful situations. Secondly, it is necessary to seek help from a neurologist. As a first aid, you can use herbal sedatives. But remember that some herbs can lead to allergic reactions. Therefore, before using them, you should consult a doctor.

  • Hereditary factor

Often a tendency to redness of the skin of the faceis inherited. If you are faced with a similar problem, ask your parents if there were any similar manifestations. And if there were - find out what caused the cause in their case. With a high degree of probability and you will have the same culprit problem. Knowing this, you can prevent redness of the facial skin in advance.

  • Influence of external temperatures

Sometimes a person can celebrate rednessskin of the face in winter or, on the contrary, after a long stay in the sun. In principle, here the situation is clear to the limit - under the influence of high temperatures, a skin burn can form. And under the influence of low temperatures - either frostbite, or an allergy to cold. The recipe for getting rid of such a scourge is simple - in the summer, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. And in winter - apply facial cream with any fat cream.

  • Reaction to cosmetology drugs

Women often cause redness of the skin onface becomes nothing more than various cosmetic preparations - foundation, milk for removing makeup, cream, powder. As a rule, it is very easy to trace such a connection - the skin does not turn red on those days when a woman does not use makeup. causes redness of the skin of the face

Species of redness of the skin

As a rule, such problems arise in people,possessing sensitive dry skin. In the event that the appearance of the problem is simply ignored, it will arise again and again. And every subsequent time to get rid of redness of the skin will be more difficult than in the previous one. Therefore, it is necessary, at the first symptoms, to determine the type of redness and to understand how to get rid of it. Doctors distinguish the following types:

  • Temporary reddening of the skin

In the event that the cause of redness of the skinbecomes a rush of blood, they are usually located on the cheeks of a person. Doctors like this phenomenon is called erythroderma. Outwardly, these rednesses look like bright pink spots that do not have strictly delineated boundaries. The reason for this phenomenon is the excessively high activity of the vessels located close to the skin. At first, the vessels quickly expand, causing the cheeks to turn red. But very quickly there is a narrowing of the vessels, after which the skin color is normalized. However, over time, the vessels begin to expand more and more often, and the likelihood of developing an inflammatory process is very high.

  • Irritation under external influence

In the event that the surface of the skin is damagedthis or that aggressive agent, the reddening of the skin is more persistent. It can last for several days, until the process of skin regeneration begins.

  • Inflammatory processes

Another type of violation is redness,This is due to the presence of certain inflammatory processes on the skin of a person. In this case, redness will persist until the inflammation itself is stopped.

  • Skin diseases

In some cases, redness of the skin maybe a consequence of any dermatological diseases. As a rule, such redness is accompanied by skin peeling, various rashes and other skin lesions. In this situation, it is necessary as soon as possible to seek medical advice from a dermatologist. unpleasant redness of the skin of the face

How to prevent a problem?

Let's talk about how to preventredness of the skin. And to start prevention is necessary from the very beginning - with the rules of facial. To remove makeup is preferable to use a special hypoallergenic milk. Or a soft cleansing tonic. It is necessary to select these funds individually, by the method of samples. Do not wash with plain water and soap - this at times increases the likelihood of redness of the skin. Do not forget about the use of moisturizers. And in the event that you previously noticed cases of redness of the skin, give preference to an ordinary baby cream - it certainly will not cause any allergic reactions. Pay special attention to your diet. Eliminate from the menu all the acute, salty and smoked food, which has a very negative effect on the work of the intestine. Include in your diet more vegetables, fruits, sour-milk fruits - and your skin will not slow to repay you with its good appearance. And, of course, remember that the itching and reddening of the skin, delivering uncomfortable sensations, should not remain without due attention. We advise you to read: