pancakes recipe Pancakes - one of the dishes of world cuisine, meetingabsolutely all peoples who used flour. The recipe for pancakes from each nation has its own, but for all the external similarity, no one people repeated the other. Particularly among all stood out the French with their thin pancakes, as well as the Russians with fancy counterparts. Times passed, and many recipes were already erased, replaced by more interesting analogs, others, having mixed with each other, turned out to be more perfect at the same time. Now it is very difficult to find recipes on which pancakes were prepared in the past years, but quite a lot of modernized variations that any cook can afford. delicious pancakes

The recipe for delicious pancakes

For delicious pancakes should be and utensilscorresponding. Modern dural and Teflon frying pans will only ruin the taste of the future delicacy (alas, but modern realities have made good pancakes a delicacy, which is found only among fine housewives and loving cooks). When preparing it is worth remembering that the national dishes are sensitive to everything, so the dishes should be simple, natural products (whenever possible homemade), and the thoughts are correct. Further everything is so simple that once you have done everything correctly, then it is impossible to forget the algorithm. The necessary ingredients are available anywhere in the world.

  • The estimated volume is 1 liter of milk. If pancakes will be served without a filling, then it is better to use sour-milk products.
  • 6 eggs, but if during cooking pancakes will break, it is not forbidden to add more. It is impossible to calculate accurately here. If this is your first culinary experience, then it is better to increase the quantity a little.
  • Sugar - 3 tbsp. l.
  • Salt - 1 tsp.
  • Vegetable oil is used for dishes, but it is not included in the recipe.

Many try to normalize the flour, but it isuseless. Flour is necessarily sieved, and its quantity is determined by the consistency of the dough, which should look like sour cream. It is desirable to have a little vanilla, because it qualitatively affects the taste. If it's not there, then it's okay. Preparation of delicious pancakes is also not very difficult, but there are some nuances. Before starting the work, the frying pan is wiped with salt so that the dough does not stick during operation. But at the same time it should still be greased with vegetable oil (only in no case should it be refined or any purified, which differs from tap water only in color). Usually, only 1 teaspoon is poured onto the heated surface. During cooking, the waiting dough is regularly mixed to prevent the flour from settling. The surface must be heated initially. additions to pancakes

Small additions to the recipe

Variations of pancakes there is a great variety,each of them, in turn, adds, removes or replaces components. Recipes of pancakes with yeast dough take much longer, because the dough should go up. The abundance of fillings can also impress even experienced connoisseurs of all kinds of dishes. Fillings can be such: forcemeat, caviar, ham, meat, smoked and salted fish, honey, chocolate, berries, vegetables and fruits, as well as everything that will only be capable of imagination and recipe used. Following the above recipe, for pancakes you can use absolutely any kind of filling without restrictions, because in the recipe, the minimum of components, and consequently the number of excluding factors is significantly reduced.