how to prepare for the new year Before the New Year, there is not much time left,And if you are going to meet him at home, then please read our advice. The main thing that you should have is energy and a little imagination. Arrange yourself a real New Year's fairy tale! Christmas tree how to prepare for the new yearThe most important attribute of the New Year is the Christmas tree. If you do not have a New Year tree, or you want to decorate your house with a few elegant Christmas trees, then we will help you make them with your own hands. Everything is done very simply, but it turns out very beautifully. You will need a sheet of paper (one Christmas tree), adhesive tape, PVA glue, a brush, scissors, decorative mesh for flowers, you can have different colors and shades and decorations. From the sheet of paper, we turn off the cone and completely wrap it with adhesive tape, then it was easy to remove the grid. The net is better cut into small pieces, so it will be easier to fasten it to the cone. Begin to wind the cone from the top, first you can fix it on the cone with pins. Glue PVA, dilute in a bowl with water until the consistency of milk. Gridhow to prepare for the new year can be placed in a bowl withglue, and then you can simply apply glue over the mesh. Grid the mesh in several directions, first let each layer dry and then proceed to the next. When everything is dry, remove the Christmas tree from the stem. Inside the Christmas tree put the garland, secure it from the inside with pins. Decorate the top of your tree with beads, balls, bows or bells that you like best. Your Christmas tree is ready! Romantic candles Prepare small floating candles and ordinary transparent or colored glasses. Put the candles in the glasses and place them around the house. This romantic flicker of candles is the perfect solution for the New Year. how to prepare for the new yearPay attention to details If you invite toholiday guests, then do not forget about invitations. Indicate the time of the event, the theme of the holiday and the rules of the dress code, if any. Describe the menu. Each guest will be pleased if you write something personal in the invitation, which is not the case with others. Tinsel and masks Arrange a real carnival, come up with some theme for your party, for example in the style of Disco, or the Brazilian to prepare for the new year It is desirable in the same subject to decorate the house andcome up with some appropriate games and entertainment. Do not forget to prepare the music. Arrange a contest Remember how you cut out snowflakes from napkins as a child? You can recall this fun and make a contest for the best snowflake. Give out all the participants napkins and scissors, and for the best snowflakes, come up with gifts, such as sweets or tangerines. You can also arrange a karaoke contest or who knows more New Year's songs. Arrange charades, give out stickers and markers to all guests, let them come up with a character, paste a sticker on their foreheads and write from their neighbor on the forehead of the invented hero. The participant with guesswork tips should guess what he became for the time of the game. Box with a surprise Before the arrival of guests, stock up in different colored boxes, small, large, which you like. On sheets of paperhow to prepare for the new year write comic assignments and put them into boxes. Before the arrival of guests, place boxes around the house in prominent places so that guests can easily find them. Before the holiday tell the guests that they participate in comic competitions and then do not be surprised if one of the guests will walk around the room with a wheel - this means that he found his gift box! We advise you to read: