radiolifting reviews Every woman after 35 years dreams to throw off asat least 10 years off the shoulders. And modern cosmetology is doing its utmost to fulfill our most cherished desires. Radiolifting of the face became a real breakthrough, which allowed the operation to return the lost youth and freshness to the woman without the need for surgery. Radio wave lifting has a second name - thermolifting. To date, this technique is the most perfect way to combat the processes of skin aging. Thermolifting allows you to perfectly align not only mimic, but age wrinkles, reduce flabbiness of the skin, making it tight and elastic. The procedure helps to bring the women in order of their tummy in the postpartum period. This method has many names, which essentially mean the same thing:

  • non-surgical lifting;
  • Thermage;
  • radio wave lifting;
  • radiofrequency lifting;
  • thermolifting;
  • Radio Frequency lifting.

Radio wave lifting has an impact onthe following principle: during the procedure, a thorough control of the heating of the dermis and subcutaneous fat due to the contact effect of the high-frequency electric field is carried out. Those who did radiolifting know that a specially created temperature regime stimulates the development of fibroblasts - the main cells of the skin. Radio wave lifting has a number of advantages that distinguish it from similar techniques: the epidermis heats up only as a result of contact heat exchange between the dermis, and the muscle tissue does not heat up at all. Radiolifting reviews are mostly positive: the natural face mimicry after radiolifting does not change, and the skin becomes noticeably younger and healthier, while patients do not experience painful sensations during the procedure, the conditions for which are minimal - before the procedure, contact lenses must be removed without fail , and the first day after the procedure, you can not exercise and overheat the skin.

Indications and contraindications for radiolifting

For radio-lifting it is enough to conduct 4-6 procedures. Each session lasts no more than 1 hour. Indications for radio wave lifting can be:

  • presence of age spots;
  • presence of facial clutches and wrinkles;
  • bags around the eyes;
  • flabbiness of the skin;
  • presence of a large number of pores on the skin;
  • presence of the second chin;
  • presence of stretch marks on the body;
  • fibrous, swollen cellulite;
  • stretch marks on the skin as a result of weight loss;
  • fatty deposits of local character.

However, in some cases the procedure is unacceptable. Radio wave lifting contraindications has the following:

  • diabetes;
  • epilepsy;
  • disturbances in the circulatory system;
  • period of pregnancy, lactation;
  • presence of viral diseases;
  • presence of benign or malignant formations;
  • dermatosis at the treatment site.

radio wave lifting reviews

How does radiolift work in accordance with the characteristics of the skin?

It's no secret that in human skincollagen fibers are present. From these tissues the elasticity and elasticity of the female skin depends. With age, collagen fibers tend to stretch and lose elasticity. For this reason, the flabbiness of the skin does not make you wait long. No less important component for the preservation of skin youth are special cells - fibroblasts, of which the skeleton of connective cutaneous tissue consists. Radiolifting of face and body allows to provide elasticity to these tissues. With age, fewer and fewer fibroblasts become in the skin. During the procedure of radio wave lifting, the wave of the radio-frequency band penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and reaches the collagen fibers on its way, transferring some of its energy through a powerful thermal effect. This energy leads to a reduction in fibers and thus provides a more dense fit of the skin to the muscles of the face. As a result, radio wave lifting reviews have the following character: visually, the skin after thermolift is condensed and contracted. After thermal exposure, the dermis literally come to life in the eyes, the blood flow is noticeably more active, and with it the metabolism. The results of radiowave facial lifting are comparable in performance with surgical plasty, but this method does not have any mechanical effect on the skin and its trauma. It is worth noting additionally that the heating of the dermis leads to the stimulation of the formation of new fibers of collagen and fibroblasts. This fact is an advantageous difference radiolifting from mechanical methods of facelift. All those who performed radiolifting will confirm that the facial skin becomes incredibly velvety, the vascular network disappears completely, and the diameter of the skin pores is significantly reduced. From one session to the next, there are significant changes in the skin condition. In principle, real changes are visible after one procedure, and gradually their amplification proceeds. Within six months, a new collagen is produced and the effect of rejuvenation is increasing. Young elastin and collagen fibers form a new skeleton that supports the skin, the presence of which is characteristic of young skin. The preservation of the achieved result primarily depends on the woman's age, as well as on the personal characteristics of the structure and condition of the skin. On average, the positive effect is manifested for 2-3 years. On average, a full course of radiolift helps to "reset" a person about 15 years of "extra" age and return the former youth and beauty. If there are no contraindications to radiolift, then within the framework of one course, as a rule, about 6-8 procedures are performed at a frequency of once a week. The undeniable advantages of radiolifting over other methods of rejuvenation are:

  • absence of side effects;
  • absence of seasonal contraindications;
  • absence of rehabilitation period;
  • absolute painlessness;
  • quickness of achievement of results;
  • increasing long-term rejuvenation effect;
  • absence of contraindications on skin type;
  • pleasant sensations during the procedure;
  • no need for anesthesia;
  • a tightening of the skin around the eyes and a noticeable rejuvenation, correction of the body and oval face.

Age range for those wishing to usethe procedure of radio wave lifting is quite wide - from 20 to 60 years. The thermal impact can be provided by specialists to the areas of the face, hands, back, abdomen, buttocks and legs. As a result, radio wave lifting is an excellent alternative to aggressive methods of treatment. This procedure allows you to most effectively combat aging skin, allows you to eliminate small wrinkles, significantly reduces flabbiness of the skin, increasing its elasticity and elasticity. Non-surgical lifting does not threaten the risk of complications, giving patients the most natural results. Other methods at the moment are beyond the power to offer women such a mass of positive effects and unsurpassed results. radiolifting contraindications

Radioadifting Reaction

The Israeli apparatus for conducting proceduresRadiolifting Reaction ™ gives the frequency current of a bipolar configuration. This current passes in the applicator between the positive and negative electrodes, the distance between which is clearly fixed. According to the previously predicted arc located between the two poles, the radio frequency current passes through the skin tissue, without presenting to it absolutely no danger due to a certain magnitude of the distance from the electrode to the electrode. Due to the distance between the electrodes in the nozzles, a specialist can not only control, but also change the exact radio frequency application zone by himself. The tissue in the affected area during the procedure is heated to a temperature of no more than 45 degrees C, which prevents tissue atrophy and fibrosis. Radiation lifting Reaction differs from monopolar technology by the absence of the need to use a grounding pillow, because the temperature heating does not affect internal tissues and human organs. With monopolar technology there is a strong heating of tissues and organs up to 60 degrees C, besides, a scattered electromagnetic field is created, which poses a danger to the operator and the patient. With Reaction ™ you do not need to be afraid of anything. This technique of influencing bipolar current on tissues makes it possible to obtain the expected highly effective results and makes the procedure accurate, controlled and safe. Three attachments are used, thanks to which the radio-frequency lipolysis of body tissues, face, as well as delicate zones: decollete, neck, inner thigh and shoulder, and skin lifting are performed. The device operates in a range of four power stages and four vacuum stages, which allows individual selection of optimal parameters for the most effective and comfortable procedure. Reaction ™ is based on Channeling Optimized RF Energy technology (otherwise CORE ™ technology). Plastic surgeons and dermatologists from all corners of the earth create combined protocols that are designed to convince patients of the effectiveness of the application of the radio wave in order to quickly restore the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, turgor during the postpartum tone change, or after an intensive weight loss course. Who conducted a similar radiolifting reviews about Reaction leave wonderful. And this is not surprising, because the device is able to do what is not available anymore to any modern invention of cosmetology: it tightens the skin of the knees and triceps, relieves the second chin and removes the "crow's feet." Patients aged more than 35 years return by radiolifting Reaction youth to the skin, which gradually acquires a magnificent shining appearance. Leaves the sagging skin, without a trace "goose paws" disappear, and all this beauty without plastic operations and painful polishes of the face. Patients aged 25 to 35 years receive the best prevention of skin aging for a long time to come. After radio wave lifting, you can safely cancel all expensive trips to the beauty salon for massages and miracle masks. We have tried to tell you in this article about all the wonders of radio wave lifting, and we hope that your beauty and youth will eclipse everything and will always be a guarantee of your good mood and a source of inexhaustible inspiration. We advise you to read: