quail eggs good and bad Children's food intake has always been, is and will bethe object of close attention of all parents. In fact for the child the full and balanced nutrition which is simply necessary for its correct and harmonious development is extremely important. That's why parents always try to buy the best food for their baby. However, unfortunately, in our time the cost of products is not always an indicator of high quality. That's why parents need to know which products will benefit their baby, and which ones will only cause harm. An insufficiently well-designed diet of a child can lead to a child's health problems such as:

  • Violation of the normal functioning of the stomach. With improper and unbalanced nutrition, it is possible to develop chronic gastritis and even erosive gastritis.
  • When eating too fat or spicy foods, the child may develop acute pancreatitis.
  • Also, unfortunately, in children, due to malnutrition, often there are various violations of the liver.
  • If the diet of the child sins with an abundance of food rich in allergens, development of atopic dermatitis and other manifestations of allergic reactions is not ruled out.
  • In addition, improper diet often leads to the development of a child's dysbiosis of the intestine, which, in turn, can lead to a disorder of the stool.

In this article we will talk about eggs. However, not about chicken, but about quail eggs. Recently, quail eggs have received a very, very wide distribution in baby food. What quail eggs deserve such love among parents? Quail eggs - good and bad. This is exactly what will be discussed in this article. The fact that meat and eggs of quails are dietary products, people knew in ancient times. But many parents doubt whether quail eggs can be given to children. Quail eggs are not only a product of dietary nutrition, but also help get rid of serious enough diseases. Therefore, the use of quail eggs for children is invaluable. What is a quail egg? The weight of quail eggs is very small and is about 10-12 grams. The shell of quail eggs is very thin and fragile, has an intricate coloration in speckles. This unusual appearance is very popular with children, and even the most fastidious little gourmets gladly eat quail eggs. Quail eggs are very nutritious, they contain a huge amount of vitamins and trace elements - more than in any other eggs. To eat quail eggs can be both in raw, and in cooked, baked and fried form.

Ingredients of quail eggs

quail eggs What is so good quail eggs? It's not for nothing that they are so in demand. And the benefits of quail eggs will be described later. If you compare the quail eggs and eggs, there is a significant difference in their composition - vitamin A in quail egg is three times more than in chicken, vitamin B1 - more 4 times, and vitamin B2 - seven times. In the same amount of egg and quail yolk content of iron is very different - in quail is 8 times more. In addition, quail eggs contain trace elements and amino acids, which are simply irreplaceable for the child's body:

  • Copper. Copper is necessary for the human body for the proper formation and development of the cardiovascular system. In addition, it is copper that controls the level of blood sugar and uric acid. Also, copper is needed to strengthen bones, stimulates the production of blood enzymes, stimulates the work of the immune system. Copper is essential for the growth process in children. Another important useful property of copper is that copper helps maintain a normal balance of microflora in the body, thereby protecting the child from dysbiosis.
  • Cobalt. Cobalt is one of the most vital for the human body trace element. Cobalt is necessary for a person for the normal process of hematopoiesis, as well as for the full functioning of the nervous system and the liver.
  • Tyrosine. It is an amino acid that is indispensable for a child's body. It is from tyrosine that absolutely all types of proteins contained in the human body are built. Also from tyrosine is the synthesis of neurotransmitters, which are necessary for the full functioning of the nervous system. If a child receives an insufficient amount of tyrosine, he may suffer from rapid fatigue, increased drowsiness, restlessness, inability to concentrate.
  • Lysine. It also belongs to the group of amino acids, without which the functioning of any living organism is impossible. Independently the human body synthesize lysine is not able, so it must constantly enter the body with food. Lysine is in the composition of those proteins that are necessary for the child's body for full growth, the functioning of the nervous and endocrine system. In addition, it is the lysine responsible for the normal regeneration of tissues.
  • Glycine. Glycine is necessary for full-fledged supply of all cells of the body with oxygen, relieves cell overload and significantly reduces the activity of neurotransmitters, reducing them to the optimal value. In addition, glycine helps in the removal of phenol, which inevitably accumulates in the body of the child and exerts the strongest toxic effect on the child's nervous system. Glycine enters into a chemical reaction with phenol and removes it from the body of the child, without exerting even the slightest negative influence on it. As is known, the child's nervous system always reacts very hard to the slightest stimuli. Even a little stress, such as an examination or quarrel with parents, can provoke the development of very serious problems with the nervous system and the psyche. Glycine not only prevents the development of the disease, but also helps to cure the already existing and fully restore the full functioning of the nervous system. Glycine is a part of absolutely all, without exception, proteins and other physiological substances of the child's body. It is also from glycine that much needed purines and porphyrins are synthesized. Glycine successfully positive influence of the nerve endings of the spinal cord and brain, stabilizing and normalizing their activity.

The substances described above are only a small fractionall contained in quail eggs. In quail eggs there is practically all the necessary set of biologically active substances, minerals and microelements. All quail eggs are equally useful, but if the eggs are used specifically for the treatment of a child, parents should give their preference to the eggs of Chinese quails. Their eggs have a tremendous therapeutic effect on the following diseases:

  • All kinds of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including erosive gastritis and children's colitis.
  • Chronic and acute dysbiosis. Also, quail eggs remarkably prevent the development of dysbacteriosis during the treatment of a child with antibiotics. For this, during the course of treatment, it is necessary to give the child daily to drink one raw quail eggs.
  • Iron deficiency anemia. Many parents know how difficult it is to cure children's iron deficiency anemia - many months of taking various expensive iron drugs, and as a result - again a low level of hemoglobin in the blood. And treatment with quail eggs can get rid of anemia in a matter of weeks and for a long time. To do this, within 21 days, give the child on an empty stomach to drink two raw quail eggs.
  • Headaches in children of school age, resulting from overwork and overexertion.
  • If your child suffers from chronicpneumonia, you will be cured by his simple recipe - mix 3 quail eggs and one tablespoon of aloe leaf juice. Of course, the palatability of such a mixture leaves much to be desired, but the result will not be long in coming. Just after a week of taking once a day, a teaspoon will help you get rid of chronic pneumonia.
  • Also very beneficial quail eggs affecton the state of health of children suffering from bronchial asthma. Bronchial asthma is a very insidious and serious disease, therefore it will not be possible to cure it with quail eggs. But it is possible to significantly alleviate the condition - for this the child must take a single raw quail egg daily. After a month of treatment, you can take a week break, after which the course of treatment must be repeated. As a rule, after three similar courses of treatment, improvement of the condition is observed for about six months. After the expiration of this period, the treatment must be started anew.
  • Quail eggs in the most effective mannerremove virtually all types of intoxication - both food and others. At the first signs of poisoning, the sick child should be given one quail of raw quail eggs each hour. After about 10 to 12 hours the child's condition will improve significantly.
  • Quail eggs very quickly and effectively normalize the work of the nervous system.
  • Allergic reactions of any kind, whetherseasonal pollinosis or atopic dermatitis. The use of at least one quail egg a day will remove all manifestations of allergic reactions within a few days.
  • Quail eggs are good for pregnant women. And although in this article there is talk about baby food, you can not tell about the beneficial properties of quail eggs for pregnant women. Quail eggs remarkably remove even the most powerful toxicosis - both early and late. A pregnant woman should in the morning, without getting out of bed, drink two or three raw eggs. Such a measure will help to avoid the feeling of nausea throughout the day. In addition, the use of quail eggs by a pregnant woman significantly reduces the risk of developing violations of the normal course of pregnancy, especially miscarriages and premature births. In addition, the use of quail eggs by a pregnant woman significantly reduces the spoilage of teeth during pregnancy, and also ensures the correct formation of bone tissue in a future baby.

Unlike medicines, quail eggs,curing one disease, do not do any harm to other vital systems, since they do not have any side effects. Treatment with quail eggs is suitable for all children without exception. Also, to the list of useful properties, it is necessary to add the fact that regular consumption of quail eggs by a child significantly strengthens the immune system. Even often and long-term ill children after regular consumption of quail eggs practically cease to be ill. By the way, quail eggs in season of epidemics can successfully replace a vaccine against influenza. In order to protect your baby from a flu and other viral diseases, you need to prepare the following remedy. To prepare it you will need the following components:

  • 10 quail eggs.
  • 3 tablespoons of any natural honey.
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice.
  • 1 peeled garlic clove.

Garlic must be ground to a mashed state,mix all ingredients thoroughly until smooth. The resulting mixture must be placed in a glass container and stored in a refrigerator. In the season of epidemics, this mixture must be taken on an empty stomach, one teaspoonful. This will help your child avoid the disease, even at the peak of epidemics. This tool is ideal for preventing diseases of both adults and children. In order to strengthen the children's immunity, you just need to introduce eggs into the baby's diet. Below is the average daily norm of quail eggs, which is necessary to achieve the result:

  • Quail eggs for children up to a year can be given only after consultation with the pediatrician.
  • For children from one year to three years - two eggs a day.
  • For children from three to ten years - three eggs a day.
  • For children from ten to fifteen years - 5 eggs per day.

The strongest effect is the use of eggs inraw, about half an hour before a meal. Eggs must be drunk with juice, water or milk, but not by any means not by tea. Eggs must be eaten for at least three months - the effect can only be achieved if the eggs are regularly and systematically consumed. Very often parents ask how to give the children quail eggs. In the event that a child can not eat raw quail eggs, they must be mixed in cereals, mashed potatoes or soups. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the temperature of the dishes - they should in no case be hot, otherwise the value of quail eggs will decrease slightly, and you will have to increase their number. If you still decide to expose eggs to heat treatment, consider the fact that after a five-minute heat treatment, almost all vitamins and trace elements are destroyed. This must be taken into account when deciding how to make quail eggs for children. Quail eggs in children's nutrition nutritionists recommend to eat fried, cheese or cooked. Very many parents are afraid to give children to eat raw quail eggs, for fear that the baby will catch salmonella. However, these fears of parents are completely vain and groundless - unlike chickens, quails do not suffer from salmonellosis. This fact is explained very very simply - the body temperature of quails is at least 4 degrees higher than that of other birds. That is why neither the causative agent of salmonella, nor other pathogenic microorganisms in the body of the quail simply does not survive. This feature of quails and resistance to all kinds of diseases has another very, very big plus - quails are grown without the use of any pharmacological drugs that prevent the mass death of poultry, usually used at poultry farms. Eggs quails do not contain any antibiotics, so they are absolutely safe even for the youngest kids. And the benefits of raw quail eggs are very, very high. In Europe, quail eggs have long been used in dietary nutrition for sick and debilitated children. As already mentioned above, quail eggs have an extremely positive impact on the weakened children's organism: the child is less sick, his overall physical development and growth improves. Also, quail eggs have an amazing ability to remove from the human body heavy metals and other substances that adversely affect the child's health. Quail eggs are very useful for children who live in ecologically disadvantaged areas. After regular consumption of raw quail eggs, such children improve significantly their health, go through headaches, reduce fatigue, improve overall blood counts, and significantly increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood. In children's food, quail eggs are a benefit and treatment in one bottle.

Shell of quail eggs

quail eggs for children Give the child quail eggs, do not rushto throw eggshell. The shell of quail eggs is no less useful than the eggs themselves. A group of researchers once became interested in the properties of the shell of quail eggs. Numerous studies have been carried out, as a result of which scientists have established that the shell of quail eggs is a real storehouse of microelements and minerals. And the highest content in it - calcium. And also, as it is proved that quail eggs are good, the shell is undoubtedly a medicine. Calcium in the shell of quail eggs is in the form that is best absorbed in the child's body. Everyone knows that in the event that there is a calcium deficiency in the body, the normal development of the child becomes almost impossible. If a child lacks calcium, he may develop complications such as:

  • Rickets. Rickets is a systemic disease of the body, which adversely affects all vital systems. However, most of all this affects the bone system - there are pathological changes in bones. First of all, rickets are the result of either an incorrect metabolism or a lack of calcium food products. For the treatment of rickets, first of all the child needs to take as much calcium as possible.
  • Problems with the dental system of the child. A baby whose body lacks calcium, the first teeth can appear much later than his healthy peers. In addition, teeth can grow wrong, break down.
  • Lack of calcium also often leads to increased brittleness of bones and, as a result, to fractures of bones.
  • In addition, with a lack of calcium in the babythe body significantly reduces the resistance of the body to various infections. As a result, the child is constantly exposed to various colds.

Calcium contained in quail eggsshell, helps to restore normal calcium metabolism in the child's body. No medical calcium preparation can cope with this task faster and better. Such a high assimilation of calcium, contained in the shell of quail eggs by their composition, is explained. The shell of quail eggs is 90% carbon dioxide, which is almost fully absorbed by the child's body. The remaining 10% includes such vitally important components for the child's organism as:

  • Copper. The role of copper in the human body was already mentioned at the beginning of the article.
  • Fluorine. Fluoride is found in all tissues of the body, however in small amounts. The greatest concentration of fluoride is observed in bone tissues and teeth. In them, fluoride is in its unchanged form and is responsible for the correct formation of bone and dental systems, as well as for preventing the occurrence of caries.
  • Manganese. Manganese refers to those microelements that are necessary for the body to fully develop. It is manganese responsible for the activation of most enzymes, is necessary for the process of respiration and mineral metabolism. To the human body, manganese is simply necessary for the full growth and formation of skeletal and muscular systems. All immune reactions also can not proceed without sufficient content of the necessary quantity of manganese in the child's body. As a result, the child's immune system stops functioning properly, and as a result, the child starts to get sick all the time. In addition, manganese takes an active part in such processes as hematopoiesis, tissue respiration, regulation of tissue and lipid metabolism.
  • Molybdenum. This microelement is necessary for the children's organism for the normal course of oxidation-reduction reactions in the body, as well as for nitrogen metabolism.
  • Sulfur. The role of sulfur in the child's body is very difficult to overestimate. It is the sulfur responsible for the spatial organization of all protein molecules, plays a protective function for cells and tissues, protecting their oxidative processes. Also without sulfur, the normal course of the process of tissue respiration, energy production is impossible. Also, we can not fail to mention that sulfur has a very powerful detoxification effect on the human body. Sulfur detoxifies absolutely all toxic compounds formed in the child's body.
  • Zinc. Zinc takes the most active part in carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolism, is responsible for the full synthesis of nucleic acids. Its lack in the child's body can lead to a slowdown in the growth and overall physical development of the child, late puberty. If there is a shortage of zinc in the child's body, the baby will be disturbed by a normal regeneration process - any scratch will be inflamed and very poorly healed. In adolescence, a lack of zinc can lead to the onset of acne in a child.

As shown by medical observations, crushedshell of quail eggs, introduced into the diet of children, has an extremely high therapeutic activity, with the complete absence of any side effects. In addition, giving the child a powder from the shell of quail eggs, parents can not worry that the child will receive an overabundance of a substance, as is the case with the use of pharmacological drugs. Any excess, not needed by the body, will be withdrawn without rest, without causing any harm to the child's health. The most beneficial powder from the shell of quail eggs brings babies after the first year of life. It is at this age that the active processes of bone formation begin in the child's body, which requires an increased intake of calcium, fluoride and other trace elements into the body of the child. The use of egg shell powder prevents the development of rickets in a baby. If your baby was born with problems of the musculoskeletal system, for example with congenital hip dislocation or osteoporosis, the powder from the shell of quail eggs will greatly accelerate the process of recovery of the baby, preventing the possible development of complications. The use of powder from the shell of quail eggs is recommended in the following cases:

  • Increased brittleness of hair and nails in the child.
  • Bleeding from the baby's gums, which parents often notice while brushing their teeth.
  • In the spring, when the probability of developing seasonal vitamin deficiency is high.
  • In the event that the child has a lower hemoglobin level in the blood.
  • Also, the shell powder is very useful for adolescents at puberty.

Prepare powder from the shell of quail eggsit's quite simple. To do this, you need to collect the eggshell, place it in the vinegar for two minutes, then rinse thoroughly under running water. After that, you can leave the shell to dry naturally, or you can not wait for a few days and dry it in the oven. To do this, preheat the oven to 200 degrees, evenly distribute the shell on and place in the oven for 10 minutes. After this, crush the shell thoroughly. The most efficient way to do this is with an ordinary coffee grinder. After this, pour the resulting powder into a glass container and close the lid tightly. How to take this powder? To very small children it is much more expedient to add it to food. But older children should better be given dissolved in water. To do this you will need ordinary drinking water and a few drops of lemon juice. Take this solution is necessary on an empty stomach. Giving children a powder is necessary at the rate of half a teaspoon of powder per 10 kilograms of the child's weight. This will be the daily rate of the child. However, you should not give it to your child in one step - divide twice. If the shell powder is not used as a prophylactic, but as a therapeutic, the dosage should be increased at least twice. If we are talking about the youngest children who have not yet celebrated their first birthday, parents should always consult with a pediatrician who monitors the child's health and development before starting treatment with eggshell powder. Also, do not forget that the treatment process should also be monitored. Be sure to visit the doctor in a timely manner and follow all his instructions and appointments. After all, quail eggs, for all their benefits, can not become a panacea in the case of various serious diseases. We advise you to read: