pumpkin useful properties Pumpkin is known to everyone - a beautiful and bright vegetable,something like a sun. Do everyone know about the useful properties of a pumpkin? After all, they are known to mankind for many centuries. And most people's knowledge of the benefits of pumpkins is limited only by the fact that the seeds and pumpkin juice very effectively rid the body of various parasites. In fact, the benefit of pumpkin is much greater - in the seeds of this fruit contains a huge number of different micro- and macroelements, essential amino acids, vitamin E. In addition, the pumpkin is a very powerful natural antioxidant - protects the human body from aging. It also has a very favorable effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular and reproductive systems. The composition of the pumpkin includes vitamins B12, B2, B1, C, PP, A. In addition, the pumpkin in large quantities is vitamin K, which is no longer practically in any fruit and vegetable. The lack of vitamin K is very harmful for the body. Nasal bleeding, bleeding gums - all this is not the most terrible complications. The most dangerous internal bleeding from the digestive system. And in women, the lack of vitamin K often leads to very abundant and prolonged menstruation. Another positive property that juice of pumpkin has is the ability to remove radionuclides from the body. This ability is achieved due to the presence in the pumpkin of water-soluble dietary fiber, which at times strengthen the work of the intestine - its motor function. By the way, pumpkin juice is generally ideal for cleaning the body. It perfectly cleanses the vessels of excess cholesterol, normalizes the water-salt balance. It is thanks to these properties that the pumpkin is recommended to those people who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system, edema and atherosclerosis. No less useful is the pumpkin and with a general exhaustion of the body, as well as iron deficiency anemia.

Pumpkin against diseases of the digestive system

Do you have problems with digestion? Pump the pumpkin into your list of the products most often consumed by you. As a rule, the effect of treating a pumpkin does not take long to wait, and it is expressed quite brightly. The most successfully treated diseases such as chronic hepatitis, hepatic edema, liver cirrhosis. Patients need to eat pumpkin as follows. Peel the pumpkin from the seeds and peel, pass the raw pulp through the meat grinder, collecting the juice. After that, fill the flesh with sugar at a rate of 1 to 1. In the event that you have not previously experienced allergic reactions to honey and other products of beekeeping, sugar can be replaced with honey. But, of course, already in other proportions - for one part of honey, two parts of the pumpkin. Stir the pumpkin thoroughly and place in a glass container that needs to be stored in the refrigerator. Eat two tablespoons of pumpkin pulp before each meal. And before going to bed you need to take a glass of broth from pumpkin seeds. It is prepared as follows: cleanse 100 grams of pumpkin seeds, place them in an enamel saucepan, pour one glass of water, bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for about 30 minutes. The entire course of treatment should last no more than 30 days. As a rule, the improvement comes already on the fifth - the seventh day, and in some cases even earlier. In the event that a sick person suffers from constipation and ulcerative colitis, a variety of porridge with pulp of pumpkin and pumpkin juice will greatly alleviate the condition. They are prepared simply - clean the pumpkin from the peel and seeds, pass through the microwave. Pour the porridge in the usual way, and pour the pumpkin pulp into the pan about 10 minutes before the readiness. In the porridge you can add butter and sugar. Moreover - pumpkin can help and food poisoning. If a sick person has diarrhea or vomiting, he needs to drink a glass of freshly squeezed pumpkin juice as soon as possible. He will remove all toxins from the body, restore the water balance, stop vomiting and diarrhea. Next, you need to drink half a glass of pumpkin juice every four hours, until complete recovery. pumpkin useful properties

Gourd on guard of bone and dental systems

Pumpkin contains a fairly large numberMinerals required for the normal functioning of the bone system. Pumpkin juice, like, however, pumpkin flesh is an excellent remedy for such a woman's misfortune as osteomyelitis. On the day of the sick person, one should eat at least 200 grams of raw pumpkin flesh. For prevention, enough and 100 grams. In the event that a person has problems with teeth - tooth decay, thinning of the enamel - fresh squeezed pumpkin juice will help him. Drink half a glass three times a day, about ten minutes before a meal. The duration of treatment should be at least three months.

Pumpkin and genitourinary system

Also in the diet is to enter porridge withflesh of pumpkin to those people who suffer from the chronic form of pyelonephritis, cystitis, kidney stones and bladder. It is desirable at least once a day there are similar cereals. In addition, with diseases of the urinary system, folk medicine recommends the following remedy. You will need one glass of pumpkin and half a glass of hemp seeds. As follows, rub them in enameled dishes, then add three glasses of steep boiling water and insist for three hours. After this, carefully strain and wring through gauze. The resulting remedy should be drunk during the day, in small sips. Especially this remedy is effective in the case when an admixture of blood is found in the urine of a sick person. Or, there is a delay in urination caused by bladder spasms. By the way, if you drink a clean mixture, you can add it to buckwheat porridge - the effect will not worsen at all. In order to strengthen the walls of the bladder, as well as normalize its work, doctors recommend that during a month to eat at least two tablespoons of pumpkin seeds, of course, pre-cleaned. In addition, pumpkin seeds should be noted for all those men who have problems with the prostate gland - just 10 purified seeds per day, so that the improvement would let them know about themselves.

Pumpkin and skin diseases

A good therapeutic effect is the pumpkin and ina variety of skin rashes - eczema, acne, acne. And even different types of burns - chemical, thermal, thermal, and frostbite. To treat all types of damage to the skin and acne, raw pumpkin flesh is used. It is also prepared, as in all the previous cases - the pumpkin is cleansed of peel and seeds, it is passed through a meat grinder. If there are no allergic reactions to honey and other beekeeping products, you can add a tablespoon of honey for every 100 grams of raw pumpkin pulp. Treatment is as follows. Twice a day - in the morning and in the evening - apply to the affected areas of the skin a thick layer of pulp of pumpkin pulp. Kashitsa should stay on the skin for at least 30 minutes in a row. After this, thoroughly wash the skin with clean running water. Treatment should continue until the very recovery. However, remember that if you have purulent wounds before using this remedy, be sure to consult a dermatologist. Still this remedy perfectly helps or assists at blisters - as at fresh, taki at those who have become inveterate. Just make compresses from pumpkin gruel and honey before going to bed. Leave this compress necessary for the whole night. In the event that corn is old, before the application of gruel it is necessary to steadily steal your feet in hot water. useful properties of pumpkin

Pumpkin against parasites

Speaking about the beneficial properties of pumpkin, you can nottell us about how it is used to fight worms. The pumpkin acts most effectively on banded parasites and pinworms. The most common pumpkin for the prevention and treatment of parasites is used for such groups as the elderly, children under one year old, pregnant women, nursing mothers. However, even from the traditional pharmacological treatment is still not worth it - but it is very important that he was appointed by the doctor. Otherwise, it is possible to develop various side effects.

  • Pumpkin seed porridge

For its preparation you will need seeds - 300grams of well-dried and peeled. However, the green peel found immediately under the peel, in no case be removed - it is in it is the vast majority of all active substances. Seeds are carefully mashed in ceramic ware, gradually adding water, in very small amounts - only about 50 ml. In the mash you can add a tablespoon of honey or any jam. The cat should be taken immediately after awakening, on an empty stomach. The entire volume must be eaten within an hour. After three hours a sick person needs to drink one to three tablespoons of any vegetable oil. And in half an hour to do a cleansing enema - for children is not necessary.

  • Decoction of pumpkin seeds

Another good recipe for parasites is a decoctionfrom seeds. For this, unpurified dried seeds - 200 grams - must be crushed thoroughly, pour half a liter of steep boiling water and cook for about an hour. After this, leave the broth to infuse for two hours, and then strain with gauze. In this broth, you can also put some honey for taste. Dosage is calculated as follows - 100 grams of decoction for every 30 pounds of weight. Drink the broth in the morning, on an empty stomach. For children, this method is not the best. As you can see, pumpkin - and flesh, and seeds - is very useful for all family members - both for children and adults! We advise you to read: