psychology of men in relationships What is the most interested in a particulara woman who liked a certain man? The answer is obvious and arises by itself: she is interested in drawing his attention to his own person, his interest in him, in building lasting love relations with a concrete representative of the strong half of humanity. In order for the goal to be achieved successfully, it is necessary to have some knowledge that helps to understand such an extremely delicate thing as the psychology of men in relations with women. Our guys seem to us a closed book, a mystery with seven seals, which nevertheless charming young ladies are full of the desire to open and read - it depends on their family happiness. We, for our part, feel equally sincere desire to help them in this intention, to share our knowledge about men and their little secrets. We are all unlike personalities, we have different temperaments, characters, habits. This is due to the very nature that gave us these differences at birth, and also to what we received education, education, profession, other external factors. Naturally, such subtleties can be learned only in the course of time, already dealing more closely with the subject of their secret and obvious dreams. In order to understand how you can now make your society pleasant and desirable for him, you should find out to what psychological type your knight can be attributed. male psychology in relationships

Psychological types of men

Audials, visuals, kinesthetics - this is a simplifiedgraduation of men, based on how they used to receive information and share it with the outside world. Since it is not possible to meet a bright representative of any of the above-mentioned psychological types in pure form, this division is mostly conditional, having sufficiently blurred boundaries. We are all an explosive mixture of some qualities, but looking closely, one can see what dominates us, plays the most vivid role in our behavior - and from here we already build a strategy to win the heart of our chosen one. Man-audial If your man is an audial, then keep in mind that you got a big rarity. Among men, this psychological type is least likely, for some reason, nature ordered this way. You immediately determine that this is the representative of the stronger sex before you, on the following grounds:

  • he uses in his speech such phrases as "I listen to ...", "Listen to me ...", "How noisy ...", "How quiet ...", "I do not want to hear this";
  • he likes to listen to music, he has all the collections of his favorite performers, and only in the most excellent quality;
  • most likely, this man will have a goodmusical ear, and if his life is not related to the creative profession, then he fully finds use of his musical talents in a hobby (for example, he sings in karaoke);
  • best of all he remembers the information by ear. After watching the film, he can easily quote exactly the phrases you like, surprisingly conveying even the subtleties of the intonation he heard.

For such men, the world is filled with sounds: quiet and loud, melodic and sharp, pleasant and disgusting. Heard by accident, a melody can awaken a whole range of feelings, associations and emotions in his subconscious, and the phrase that one can also injure a word, acquires the most clear and concrete meaning when communicating with such men. You will charm him if:

  • you have a beautiful melodic voiceand good diction. The great thing is that if by nature you did not get wonderful vocal data, then in your hands to improve what you have, through various exercises;
  • will be generous with compliments. Here it is possible to catch two birds with one stone at the same time: there are few people who can indifferently approve the approving words addressed to them, and if they are uttered in a charming female voice, the male soul will surrender without a fight;
  • begin to understand music, performers and be able to distinguish the sound quality in his car compared to others;
  • devote him a song or poems - even if he is not a romantic at heart, after hearing the beautifully worded words of sympathy and love, he will definitely not be able to remain indifferent.

What to do is forbidden:

  • shout and declare a boycott in equal measureit is useless and even can only harm you. The psychology of any man in a relationship generally does not accept such sufficiently categorical measures, but it is especially important to remember this when you are dealing with a representative of a strong half of humanity who receives information by ear;
  • avoid foul language, in fact, it generally does not intersect with femininity, and in the situation with the male audial, the importance of each spoken word increases exponentially.

Male-visual This is a very common type among the stronger sex. Determine that you are dealing with this, perhaps on the following grounds:

  • in his speech you can often hear such words as "Look at me", "Until I see with my own eyes - I will not believe", "I see perfectly", "Let's live - let's see", "It was ugly";
  • it is important to him how you look, what he looks like, the appearance plays for such men a very large role
  • he just has an amazing visual memory: he can remember once seen a person or place, even after a long time
  • He likes to watch movies more than listen to music, and likes to surround himself with beautiful things, which he likes to admire

You will turn his head if:

  • you are attractive or able to presentcorrectly their external virtues and hide some of the shortcomings. A well-groomed girl who follows her appearance has all the chances to attract the attention of men of this type;
  • write letters to him, and do it with imagination: choose an unusual design for your message and write it with your own hand, and do not print it on the computer;
  • try to look always wonderful - these men "love eyes" in the literal sense, and how much you put your efforts into your own appearance, so much of his attention to you and will return a hundredfold;
  • you will deprive him of the gift of speech, dancing for him once a private dance, believe me, he will be at your feet immediately;
  • even when cooking, you will please his eyes - beautifully set the table, use beautiful kitchen utensils.

You should not do this:

  • forget that there are hairdressers in the world,masters of manicure and pedicure, cosmetologists, fashion stores, fitness clubs and other places that help women look charming. With this man should not be afraid to give his appearance increased attention, he just approvingly refers to everything that you do to look as good as possible - after all, you are trying for him, for a loved one.
  • criticize his appearance, report (even from the best of intentions) that someone looks better, stylish, young and so on. It is probably not necessary to explain why this should not be done.

Male kinesthetic Your man is kinesthetic if:

  • he knows the world through touch, comfort or lack of feeling near him;
  • you have understood this, because it seeks to touch you and is obviously pleased if you touch it;
  • in his speech you hear such phrases as "It touched me", "It does not concern me", "I feel", "It radiates cold", "I embrace you";
  • he likes to lie in the bathroom, tasty food, he likes to go in for sports and other physical activity.

This psychological type is most commonamong men, so we advise you to take a closer look at your chosen one - most likely, you will see many signs that indicate that he belongs exactly to kinesthetics. Develop an appropriate strategy to win this representative of the stronger sex - psychologists say that these men are the most suitable for the role of head of the family. How to charm him:

  • touching, kissing, caressing, hugging, and most importantly - terrific sex: these are the tools that will help you win the heart of a male kinesthetic;
  • The way to the heart of a man lies through his stomach "clearly refers to men of this psychological type. Prepare him delicious food - he like nobody else can appreciate your culinary talents;
  • use perfume. Let your scent firmly cut into his memory, causing associations with warmth, tenderness, comfort, for him these are the strongest emotions
  • more often touch him, do a massage, this man with admiration applies to such an expression of feelings.

You do not need to do this:

  • use as an argument in conflictsituations excommunication from a matrimonial bed, and also from such natural displays of care of the man, as preparation of tasty meal and pure clothes. Sooner or later, such manipulations will force the male kinesthetic to seek warmth, coziness and understanding elsewhere. His male point of view will be this: I am deprived of the most valuable, hence, here I am not to court.
  • These men are mosta woman of her primordial traits, such as gentleness, femininity, economy. Therefore, they will not be able to pay tribute to your career achievements, especially if it goes against the family. You either have to make every effort to ensure that your man does not feel deprived of your attention, or in some way to sacrifice your own career heights.

psychology of men in relationships

Summing up

As we mentioned earlier, to meet the brightthe representative of this or that psychological type in its pure form is very difficult. The more time you spend with your man, the more opportunities you have to learn it. The masculine soul seems so mysterious only in the first moments, and then you realize that if you want to know and charm it, it's not so difficult. For every man it is possible to pick up a magic key that can open the flaps of his heart. Remember, our dear readers, that love rules the world. The psychology of men in relationships is subject to the same laws as women. We all dream of finding love, we want it to be mutual and happy. We hope that reading this article will help you to better look into the soul of your man, understand the psychology of a man in a relationship not only with the outside world, but also specifically in your relationship, and help you improve them. After all, women, unlike men, after all, more subtle psychologists, it is easier for us to hear the partner's side and catch one wave with him. So let's use the nature given to us for our own good, to always see, hear and feel the love coming from the man in love with you. We advise you to read: