psychology of a man in 50 years Modern men are becoming more and moreinfantile is a fact. That's why many women are increasingly choosing their own communication partners at the age of fifty. However, their psychology is radically different from ours, and if you want the relationship to be long and deep, it is important to understand this.

Psychology of Personality

What are the personality and psychology of a man afterFifty years? Of course, such a person is an adult - this is very difficult to argue with. At this age, he had already learned to live within the framework of social norms and rules, with the exception of rare marginalized people. He has a formed idea of ​​how the world works. A man of fifty years is able to make a choice and bear responsibility for him, and this, of course, attracts. At the same time, it is able to create conditions for its development, due to which it has certain personal and social status. Very much depends on how much a man at this age is capable of working. There are people who retire early, and then changes in their character and way of life are very closely tied to this. Motivation to life, its intensity and fullness of events, human activity - all this causes certain emotions, which already form a type of character. As a rule, by the age of fifty, it is being built into a fairly rigid and stable construction. Some people believe that at this age the peak of creative productivity passes. However, it depends very much on the profession of a man. Of course, military or athletes in the age of fifty - already deep retirees. But if a person is employed in other areas, such as business, management, politics, medicine or law, then his years are an indicator of experience and performance. In addition, he has more opportunities to perform screening or advisory work, as well as higher ability to organize his work. The intellectual abilities and thinking of a man of these years depend heavily on how well he develops them (the same is true for a figure, by the way). If at a younger age it was possible to manage only hereditary luck, but now this number will not work. A much more tenacious mind is possessed by men who load it. In particular, scientists are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease than ordinary people. Of course, objective factors, such as health status or ecology, also influence. And one should not forget about personal flexibility and willingness to learn: there are men who, at fifty years old, already behave like deep old men, but there are those who surf and understand new technologies better than any young guy. If a man has a family, it is in the area of ​​fifty years that he is confronted with the phenomenon of a "deserted nest", when children leave their homes and leave for an independent life. As a rule, this stage is a crisis for the family, which manifests all the problem points in the relationship. A large percentage of divorces fall just at this time. Although generally in a man in fifty years of communication in a greater degree should account for the proportion of household members or colleagues at work. Friends as such with time are paid less attention - so life is arranged. At the same time, friendship is present, but at a higher qualitative level: communication itself becomes more important and valuable and is based, as a rule, on a rational understanding of each other. For example, on common interests or worldview. Another line of relationships in the life of a fifty-year-old man is a relationship with elderly parents. In our harsh realities it often turns out that by this time one of them is no longer alive. Because of this, a man after fifty years already has experience of experiencing a serious loss, and even not one. This enriches the inner world of man and makes him stronger. With living parents, relations are formed according to the type of mutual assistance: an adult man supports them, and they, if health permits, sit with younger children. If a man for some reason does not have a family, then this is compensated by entertainment with friends. This course of events generally signals a failure of the mid-life crisis, but we'll talk about this later. psychology of 50 year old man

Life challenges

Age psychology says that at each stagedevelopment in front of a person are certain tasks that he must decide in order to move to the next level. And they do not end up to the very old age. By the age of fifty, the task that the well-known psychologist Erik Erikson called "creativity-stagnation" comes to the fore. A man who safely passes through this crisis, shows indifference to other people and seeks to help them. He is interested in communicating and educating young people, because he seeks to leave behind people who have learned something from him. If a person stops in his development, then stagnation comes. It manifests itself in the fact that a man does not want to do anything and find out. Passivity and impotence roll on him. As a rule, all this manifests itself in chronic diseases, which begin to be perceived as a value and meaning of life, albeit subconsciously. It's the only thing that brings life to life. That's how human psychology works. This is if we talk about life in general. More specifically, however, they are manifested in three main aspects:

  • It is only natural that men in their fiftiescease to perceive physical strength as the main indicator of masculinity and solvency. It is replaced by the priority of wisdom, which is much more effective in finding a way out of difficult situations. And health no longer allows you to be just as hardy.
  • To overcome the crisis stage, a man shouldDevelop emotional flexibility as opposed to emotional poverty. With age, each of us can become almost insensitive, because the world is very cruel, but in life everything happens. But with this, there is a risk of losing the ability to love and rejoice, so you need to remain flexible and sensitive to emotions.
  • Mental flexibility is also important for men infifty years, as well as emotional. At this age, it manifests itself in the form of readiness for new experiences and knowledge. If a person is open to information and facts, aspires to learn and learn something new every day, it means that he successfully copes with the tasks of this period.

psychology of a man after 50 years

Middle age crisis

The psychology of maturity poses this problem as onefrom the most important. And it's not accidental, because many men face this crisis. Fifty years is the age when most of life is spent. There is a desire to look back and see if everything is done correctly. For a man it is very important to reconcile youthful dreams with harsh reality. And if at the age of twenty he thought that he would become the master of the world by this moment, then when this does not happen, a psychological error comes. Especially it is strong, if full of external achievements, but in the internal plan everything remains poor. A man of fifty years can begin to "go" crazy, and even more so than after thirty-five. At first it seems to him that he has reached a small one. This can signal a vague internal alarm, attacks against family members, increased irritability, a desire to divorce, change jobs, various extravagant deeds. In pursuit of a youth that has passed away, a man can begin to "grow old": go to night clubs, hang out with young people and even buy a motorcycle. But all this is the wrong way. The man has a choice that he must make responsibly: either go for that dream that does not give him rest, or learn to appreciate what he has - a normal family, an average salary, an ordinary dacha, etc. ... To do this correctly, it is necessary to abandon the anger and envy of those who live in a different way. If he succeeds, then the crisis is successfully passed. It is very important in the end to give a positive assessment of the past part of life, otherwise everything that awaits a person is a longing and disappointment.

Relations with women

As we already mentioned, after fifty years a mansomewhat differently builds relationships with women. It is not surprising, because the baggage of experience and knowledge can not go unnoticed. Of course, if a man has a family, then everything becomes more or less clear. The existing relationship with his wife by this time is normally close and comfortable, because behind him is the mass of crises and life difficulties that have lived together. Of course, this is not so lucky for everyone, and the world knows a lot of examples where the family is only an appearance, behind which irritation and anger hang. "Singles" differently communicate with women. Correct is considered such behavior, when a man in fifty years can build relationships that are not so closely tied to sex. He begins to understand and accept the value of communication as such. He is more interested in psycho-emotional proximity than sexual. That's why intelligent men at the age of fifty with a great desire to communicate with older women, rather than with young beauties. Such, unfortunately, not so much. Still, most choose the path of least resistance, which is often associated with hidden complexes. They are embarrassed by true intimacy and choose the path of sexual exploits. To prove their own masculinity, these men meet with hordes of young girls. You understand, the attitude to a woman in this case is appropriate - condescendingly-consumer. Since this rhythm is not natural for a fifty-year-old organism, men take Viagra or something like that. This is the psychology of a man in his fifties. Like any other, this age is full of surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant. Contact with this or not - it's up to you. In any case, the more in your life of communication with a variety of people, the more interesting and amazing it becomes. We advise you to read: